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Portable Snap Backup Crack + Product Key

Portable Snap Backup is a simple, yet powerful, application that allows you to create backups of your various files and folders to the USB flash drives. It’s bundled with the option of creating multiple user profiles for convenience, and requires only Java to work.

Download and install Portable Snap Backup on your Windows PC. After the installation is done, launch the utility and it will ask you to create a username and password for creating user accounts. Navigate to the destination where you want the portable backup to be saved and click on the “Create backups” option. There are three options to choose from: name the backup, create a folder, or create a profile.

After you click on the option you desire, a pop-up shows you the destination for the backup. Choose the items you want to include on the backup and click on the “Create backup” button. If you select the “Create backup to folder” option, it’ll create a folder that contains the backup. If you chose the “Create backup to profile” option, the utility will create a portable backup in a user profile.

The setup is simple and all you have to do is point it to the folder where you want the portable backup to be saved.

Make sure the drive space is enough, or else it will give an error. In case you are having problems in accessing the settings, make sure you open it from the application menu. To view the backup options, choose the “Open backup settings” option and you will be presented with the parameters for using the backup.

When you are ready with the backups, click on the “Save logs” option and it will save them in the file chosen. The backup process is user-friendly and simple, once you are done with the settings.

13 Mar 2018

Dion LeBoeuf – Taking Advantage Of The Popularization Of Cloud Storage And Encrypted Backup Is Easier Than Ever Before.How To Use Mirror Images: Mirror Images can be created using software or hardware. Software backups can be created using a free, universal backup software program. You can keep the original on your computer and the backup on an external hard drive or other device. Hardware backups can be created using external hard drives and even USB drives, which can be plugged into any computer. With both software and hardware, backups are preserved in a safe and secure location, giving you the assurance that your important data will always

Portable Snap Backup With Key Download For PC (April-2022)

Save money, time and data by backing up your data

Create a backup every day, save the information, and schedule them

It supports all portable devices, files and folders

Backup Folders, E-mails, SMS, etc

It is very fast

Supports all operations, including drag and drop

It saves your files

It keeps them in one place

Various themes, search and filter options

Professional, reliable, and portable

The biggest plus: doesn’t cause any programs to be installed, such as SpyHunter – Portable

It’s quick and easy to use and has an intuitive interface

All the settings can be configured easily from a single-screen interface

Backup information, such as files and folders, data, and more

Cleaning at a click, even after you have backed up your data

The storage capacity and space required to back up files and folders

A simple and simple UI

Organize and archive your data

Regular updates and improvements


Two kinds of portable backup are supported. The full version allows for background jobs, while the light version can only be used while it is running. Both versions offer user-friendly interfaces with easy-to-use buttons and commands.
The portable Snap Backup detects the drives connected to your computer to backup items, and all the folders in your selected locations. This is perfect for backing up different devices, and even desktop drives, as well as external hard drives.
This utility can read data, which is saved by FAT, NTFS and exFAT drives, as well as Linux, Windows, MAC OS, and more. Plus, it supports ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAR and other formats.
Backups can be scheduled to run whenever you want, or on a timed basis, and you can also run it in the background. As it needs Java, it can only be used in the computer that has Java installed.

Portable Snap Backup Uninstaller

Portable Snap Backup


If you’ve installed this software you can uninstall it with the help of our specialized uninstaller:

Uninstall Portable Snap Backup without problems.

How to uninstall Portable Snap Backup from your PC

1. Double-click Uninstall.exe and follow the instructions.
2. Delete the folder and files related to the program you want to uninstall

Portable Snap Backup Crack+ Product Key Full For Windows

When it comes to backing up your files, no one should be left out, and if that’s you, I have good news because Portable Snap Backup has been designed to cover every aspect of the job. From your internet browsing history to the photos on your camera, there is no place that is excluded from the utility.
Portable Snap Backup Key Features:
– Full backups – All of your documents, photos, videos, and music are saved separately.
– Emails – Backup your email accounts, too. This is a great and quick way to ensure you have an identical copy of your account.
– Personal/ Business – You can backup your personal documents, including private information like passwords, and also non-business files.
– Internet Browsing – It’s also possible to backup your browsing history and bookmarks for future reference.
– Built-in Scheduler – Create automatic backups that will occur on a specific date and time schedule.
– Compression – Combine multiple files into a single file for faster and less-risky backups.
– Backup to USB Drive – Easy and fast, backups are stored on your USB drive instead of your computer.
– ZIP – Export files as zip files for universal file-sharing.
– Import – Import old backups to be reused, or import files that haven’t been backed up.
– Built-in Scanner – Backup photos and documents directly to your computer.
– Built-in Scheduler – Set system backups to run on a schedule that will ensure you have the fastest and most secure backup possible.
– User-friendly – A step-by-step wizard guides you through the process, with three main sections for backup, storage, and scheduling.
– Undetectable – Comes in a portable package that requires no installation to work.
– Fast & Easy – Takes less than one minute to complete a backup and transfer.
– Cost-effective – Keep your computer up-to-date with the computer’s hardware and software for the least possible cost.

Portable Snap Backup is a reliable and straightforward tool that comes in handy for everyone who needs to backup their documents, images, music, or other related files, quick and easy.

Portable Snap Backup Description:
When it comes to backing up your files, no one should be left out, and if that’s you, I have good news because Portable Snap Backup has been designed to cover every aspect of the job. From your internet browsing history to the photos on your camera

What’s New in the Portable Snap Backup?

Create backups of your computer in a few easy steps, with

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System Requirements For Portable Snap Backup:

Minimum Requirements:
Intel Dual Core CPU, i.e. i3/i5, or higher (Skylake or later)
20 GB available hard disk space
OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1/SP2, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Recommended Requirements:
25 GB available hard disk space
OS: Windows XP–Crack–.pdf