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For the sixth installment in the Astalon series, we decided to ditch the traditional impersonal 3D graphics and inject some life and soul into the game with a joyous chiptune soundtrack!
The game is a dark, deep, and emotional journey with no resolution, no end credits, and no need to ever play another sequel in the series.
It is time, once again, to turn the page and fight for your honor, your kingdom and your destiny, in one of the most tragic tales in gaming history. You must go beyond the comfortable confines of normalcy and explore the lands of the world of Astalon through the quests and bloodlines of those you hold dear.
• Thirty-four tracks original chiptune soundtrack, with sound editor and sound designer, Matt Kap (Ducktales, Shenmue, Shadowgate)
• Seven (7) Hours of gameplay (depending on save file), and multiple outcomes, choices and interactions, replayable, secret romhacks, and more!
• Easy to play and learn, but challenging to master (refer to the in-game help)
• Distinct chiptune sound and feel
• A beautiful hand-drawn chiptune animated intro with original, artist-drawn, pixel-art
• Original chiptune music, including:
– Blade of Abraxis
– Lonely Moon in the Sky
– Falling Star
– Brittle Stars
• Create and play your own chiptune songs, on a customisable 8-bit synth.
• Get help with items, weapons, abilities, quests, enemies, and more!
To get started, watch the Player’s Guide playthrough by Tim Drake!
The chiptune soundtrack has been developed by, and features several tracks provided by:
Mr. Wada (Astralon: Tears of the Earth)
Ted-O Betsu (Starblitz Epoch)
They’re both fantastic musicians and collaborators, with a passion for chiptune music and games!
Hope you enjoy it!
This game is going to be “free to play” so…
Have fun!
-The Astralon Games Team


Astalon: Tears of the Earth – Original Sound Version

The complete soundtrack to Astalon: Tears of the Earth, featuring 34 tracks by distinguished chiptune artist and guitarist, Matt Kap.




Quest Of Dungeons Features Key:

  • The SEK: IIS (Evil Eye of Ishtar)
  • An advanced mechanism for the placement of SEK which allows "clovers" to be placed for more SEK
  • A mode which lets you rotate the plane to the side, thus creating tunnels
  • Copies of the Omen and Omen Escape levels
  • An additional level: Plague of Baghdad.
  • A level with unique enemies such as spider-mites and jewel-ants

    Plague of Baghdad

  • The hunt for the Omen with the help of the Valkyrie: a demon that possesses the huntress. This is one of the biggest levels in the game and proves of the already impressive firepower that the game contains.
  • The catacombs where the jewel-ant stage comes to life: a truly impressive encounter. Needless to say that there is no shortage of gruesome enemies here and the catacombs are no exception.
  • A level with more SEK than usual, placed on the catacombs. It is a sandbox type of level where you have to dig out the SEK and use it in the right position for more SEK.
  • You can take over the catacombs in 2 different ways: either by a statue that lets you jump to the level above this way, or by a fat cat that jumps over the gap of the statue and lets you use the catacombs.
  • Plague of Baghdad is also the first level that contains a final room type:A man who read the names of clients last month as they were selected for jury duty between Michigan and New York, appeared in a federal court in Detroit on Tuesday.

    Elijah Packard, 35, of Garden City, cleared his throat before he began reading the names of the 100 potential jurors: Victor Burnett, Kathleen McMorran, Michael Driscoll, Alexander Smilie, Marrok Carraway.

    The judge whose name was picked by random computer selection said the process was over and he and the lawyers had finished.

    Mr. Packard, doing his best Falstaff imitation, declared: “No


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    The ultimate burger joint is a place to eat where you will learn about time management and the art of cooking
    and serving the burger with a great mix of charm and humor
    and with some love. The player makes the customer’s order and serves it to them as quick as possible. But
    this is no time for rest. Because the player will have to manage everything in the best way possible to make a profit
    and continue playing more levels. You have to collect ingredients and make sure you do not waste the resources.
    Avoid things catching fire to keep it going.
    60 levels in 4 locations.
    14 basic recipes
    No ads

    Please be patient and rate the game after finishing it on Steam. Any kind of rating will help.

    We are looking for professional voice actors to voice the customer. The voice acting will be English and will be the default language for the game.
    We will need around 10 minute of each voice acting. The voice acting is the amount of time required to read the dialog.
    When you read the dialog you will see a subtitle to the right. The length of the subtitle is the voice acting. If you write
    a longer subtitle the voice acting will be longer. We do not want any pauses in the voice acting to make it more legible.

    Must be able to record at least once every two weeks. If you want it for free, send us an application for free voice acting and we will
    tell you if you will be picked or not.

    We would like to work with you.
    If you are interested in our project, you can contact us via the following information:

    Since this is an E-mail, please make sure that you use the correct spelling of the names you see when reading the text.
    Please be sure to include the following information:
    Your name.
    Which role you would like to be voiced as.
    How well you can do voice acting (we will check your youtube channel).
    When you can do the voice acting.

    Role: Gurney Phone menu. Line 7 (“Buckets of fries” section)The order: Cheese fries with large friesPricing: $32 please.

    Role: Gurney Telephone menu. Line 4 (“Most expensive items”)The order: A burger and a shakePricing: $48 please.

    Role: Gurney Telephone menu. Line 1 (“Burgers”)The order: A special burger, please.Pricing


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    “Attentat 1942” is a historically accurate WWII simulator covering the events of the 1943 German Resistance attack on a conference in the French town of Vichy.

    It’s not a pretty game – with a fiddly camera and design driven by history as opposed to personal preference, Attentat 1942 is ultimately an experience that is inescapably historical and remote.

    It’s a fascinating little slice of historical programming, and well worth the £3.50 or so it will set you back – but we want more; much, much more.

    The prevailing consensus when it comes to the design and gameplay of WWII shooters these days is that the goal of the genre has shifted to being more about realism than the mechanics of large-scale conflict.

    The problem with this is twofold. Firstly, it’s true. Secondly, it’s also problematic.

    The True

    There have been a number of high-profile WWII shooters that focus on the mechanics of the conflict.

    Burning Skies was inspired by those games. The emphasis was very much on friendly fire mechanics and pinpointed accuracy, creating the closest thing we’ve had to a sim-shooter of its type in recent years.

    Then there’s the likes of Valor’s War: Pacific Tsunami, which equally takes aim at the mechanics of large-scale conflict, as does the brilliant Darkest of Seas.

    It’s true that there’s been a shift, and the rise of wartime shooter antagonists, that run over and mow down their enemies as well as they do each other is a strong indicator that for many, the realism is something that they’d prefer to take a back seat for.

    But at the same time, there is a lot of room for shooters that have more than just the mechanics of the conflict as an overriding focus, and Attentat 1942 takes a fascinating approach to the subject.

    It’s not a pretty game – with a fiddly camera and design driven by history as opposed to personal preference, Attentat 1942 is ultimately an experience that is inescapably historical and remote.

    The better WWII simulators have thrived on this historical fact, translating a powerful subject into reality in a way that keeps things as immersive as possible, but also feels personal, real and personal.

    That’s what Attentat 1942 does so well – it embraces the historical nature of the game and embeds


    What’s new:

    for release 2012

    DECEMBER 11, 2011

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    By: Kirchner, Sam // Editor 1

    The 2nd of the series of F-16XL Certificates of Airworthiness have been awarded to the manufacturer by Lockheed Martin. This was the 5th batch of F-16 jets to receive the new powerful engine.

    Dec 2011

    Los Alamos, New Mexico

    Northrop Grumman

    The Early Life of the F-16XL by: Kirchner, Sam // Editor

    According to John Mutzke of Northrop Grumman, the F-16XL is designed from the ground-up. In many ways the F-16XL is the successor of today’s F-16s. Taking advantage of the gas fuel engine, the more powerful weapons and some other key upgrades and updates for “effective, affordable and maintainable”:

    Cost and Power for the F-16XL When it comes to cost of acquisition and run-time, Lockheed Martin appears to have mostly kept the peace. Reports indicate that, when compared to the baseline F-16 fighter that we know today, the F-16XL is $500 million cheaper.

    Sources say that the F-16XL can drop the price of an existing F-16 for $180 million, and more savings are in the wings.

    In terms of power, the F-16XL will be able to carry an internal fuel tank (acquired from the USAF F-16) that can carry 35% more fuel capacity when compared to earlier models.


    SP, AC, BW or R+D Money can be saved by forgoing improvements in one area of the plane -such as the cockpit -while improving another. This would allow the F-16XL to be built at a rate about twice as fast as the baseline F-16, which would mean saving money in construction.


    On-board that the F-16XL will be able to fly for 75 hours on a full tank vs. an F-16-supposedly limits fuel endurance to a maximum of 30 hours. A 30% increase in range and – theoretically- 50% increase in on-station time thanks to the extra fuel.


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    “Classic books reimagined as a party game? Now I’m interested.” — Sam Mendes
    “It’s like a hipster’s dream: Jane Austen and mahjong in a chic downtown bar.” — Hillary Clinton
    “This is the first game I’ve seen in a while that’s really been made for me, by me. I’m very glad that I bought it.” — Lena Dunham
    Explore the Austenverse in Austen Translation. Drag your own Jane Austen characters into a tale rife with enemies, confidants, and social climbers. Get to know the finer points of Austen’s world. And witness the ultimate competition: the 500th Chapter Invitational Tournament!
    Some of the Austen characters you will meet:
    • Lady Austen, earl’s amiable but headstrong sister. Has second thoughts about her nephew’s choice of bride
    • The Earl of Lucas, the dude who’s never wrong
    • Mr. Darcy, the most famous Austen character ever
    • Lady Elizabeth Firth, plain Jane with big standards
    • The Spiteful Twins, the two main rivals for Lady Elizabeth’s hand
    Designed by:
    • Alan White (aka Auntedrabbit)
    • Zachary Sambella
    Music by:
    • Mark Arbeiter
    • Jason Scott Wright
    • The Radost Punk Quartet
    Planetary FTL
    Continuation of the story, featuring 45 more chapters to tell and 22 more music tracks, including the brand new song, “Cosmic Hitchhiker”! ​
    Special version of the game includes all-new narration by the voice of one of sci-fi and horror’s leading ladies, Tippi Hedren!
    Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey with the special edition of the game!
    Explore the past, look into the future, learn about the nature of time: we’ve got all of that and more in Planetary FTL!
    Game features:
    • Four game modes: Novels, Organized by Timeframe, Chrono Games, and Unique Sectors
    • Intermittent time travel
    • Continuously extending timeline
    • Musical portraits of the characters and setting
    • Fully customizable avatars
    • Three additional music tracks
    • 45 new chapters
    • 20 additional music tracks
    • New narration by Tippi Hedren (Special Edition)
    Cheers and applause
    Team Penguin

    Matilda’s revenge is coming…
    As the heir to


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    System Requirements For Quest Of Dungeons:

    OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later, or later Windows
    Vista or later, or later Processor: Intel® Pentium® III (1.8 GHz or faster)
    Intel® Pentium® III (1.8 GHz or faster) RAM: 256 MB or more
    256 MB or more Video: DirectX® 9.0c compatible video card
    DirectX® 9.0c compatible video card DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, or newer
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