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Firebase database is not updated

I am trying to update a value in my Firebase database.
But the value isn’t updated.
This is the code I am using:
public void manage(final String word) {
databaseReference.addValueEventListener(new ValueEventListener() {
public void onDataChange(DataSnapshot snapshot) {
if (snapshot.exists()) {
DatabaseReference rootRef = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance().getReference();
DatabaseReference currentUserRef = rootRef.child(“Users”).child(FirebaseAuth.getInstance().getCurrentUser().getUid());
DatabaseReference currentWordRef = currentUserRef.child(“Words”).child(word);

Also if I just write the word to the database it is working fine.
Can someone help me? Thanks.


You’ve already said the answer, but just in case it helps anyone else, here is a minimal example, without using any additional libraries, that shows how to add a new value to an existing node.
It seems that you don’t need the databaseReference.addValueEventListener but you should be retrieving the “Users” reference from the database.
private void updateValue (final String word, final int value) {
final String root = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance().getReference().getRootReference().getPath();
final String currentUserRef = root.child(“Users”).

R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger 10.16 Crack + Keygen For (LifeTime)


R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger Download With Full Crack is a lightweight tool designed to open more instances of the Yahoo! Messenger on the same computer. It allows users to use more than one account in order to communicate with their friends.
Since Yahoo! Messenger is one of the most popular means of communication by using instant text messages, many users have more than one account for communicating with friends or business partners.
Unfortunately, the Messenger does not provide you with the option to launch multiple instances in order to use both personal and business accounts simultaneously. However, the application can open multiple processes and there are a lot of tools or tutorials that can enable the feature by editing the Windows registry.
While the experienced users might prefer to tweak the application with the Registry Editor, the casual users can find this operation too complicated or risky. This tool allows you to patch the Messenger installation by creating the registry entries with just one click.
The interface of the program is simple and allows you to quickly enable the multiple instance feature. Unlike some of the tools that you can download from the Internet, this app also enables you to change back the registry to the default value.
In our test, the program successfully added the required registry key and changed its value in order to enable or disable the ability to launch multiple instances. Since it is not required to run in the background, it has no impact on the computer performance.
If you frequently use multiple accounts with Yahoo Messenger and want to avoid tinkering with the Windows registry, the R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger provides you with an easy to use alternative.

Select the account that you would like to use;
Choose the settings in which the application will launch;
Make the necessary adjustments and click ‘Apply’;

Also, you can select the ‘Always on top’ option and ‘Stay on top of menu bar’ option as well.

How to Use R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger:

1. Uninstall R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger:
1) First you need to find the installation directory where the installed application is located;
2) Right-click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties’;
3) Click on the ‘Shortcut’ tab and find the ‘.msi’ file;
4) Rename it to a.exe file, take note of the path to the file;
5) Open the folder where you are going to keep the R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger;
6) Delete

R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger 10.16 Crack+ (Final 2022)

The idea behind this application is quite simple. The tool is designed to add the registry entries to the current Windows registry in order to enable or disable the multiple instance feature of the Yahoo Messenger.
Therefore, in order to use the account, you just need to launch the corresponding process and click on the button to enable multiple instances. You do not need to edit the registry by hand.
During the installation of the application, the default registry value is changed so you need to replace it with a higher value in order to disable the feature. You can just replace the default value, which you can find with the trial version, by using the “Customize” button.
Upon installing the application, it is added to the context menu as an alternative to the Run dialog box. Therefore, you can launch the tool with just one click. You can also manually add the icon in the taskbar.
R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger has an easy to use interface which allows you to quickly add the required registry entries to enable or disable the multiple instances of the Messenger. However, we do not recommend you to remove the default value, as it allows you to access different accounts simultaneously from the same computer.
Although, the interface is quite simple, we have noted a few more changes that you should be aware of before applying the value in the registry.

R.W. Multi Messenger is included in the download section of this page. It is a free download. It is available as a zip file, which you can download directly to your computer. We have provided a tutorial in the article for the downloading process.

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R.W. Multi Messenger User Guide

How to download R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger

To download R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger simply open the link below. The link will start downloading the ZIP file immediately. Once the downloading process is complete, it will automatically extract the setup file and run the application setup program.

R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger User Guide

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R.W. is a guy who likes

What’s New In R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger?

The “R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger” is a lightweight application designed to allow users to access more than one account simultaneously. The program allows the user to run multiple instances of the Messenger in order to interact with their friends and colleagues.
The “R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger” is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.
The “R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger” is designed to be the easiest way to manage multiple Yahoo accounts. It is not necessary to go through complicated settings or configuration. The program does not interfere with the operation of other applications and does not get into the way.
With R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger, you can manage multiple Yahoo accounts while you are signed in to the online application. The program allows you to click on the New button in the toolbar to create a new account.
However, when you need to use several account, you can easily sign in to the application. Since the program does not get in the way, you can view multiple messages, chat with friends, and make other communication tasks.
You can edit the messages or forward them to another account. In order to send instant messages, you have to enable the settings by clicking on the “New settings” option from the menu. This will change the primary window of the application to the instant messaging window.
You can also change the page of a window. While this changes the tab of the application, it does not change the content of the window. By changing the page of a window, you can view a different message or chat with a different person.
The program also allows you to open multiple tabs for opening different accounts. You can launch the program in this way by clicking on the “New Instances” button.
“R.W. Multi Yahoo Messenger” is an easy to use tool and does not have any irritating ads. It is a simple tool that does not have complex settings and no user data is collected.
What’s new in this version:
– Stability update with fixes

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