Do you attract potential business partners or people wanting to do business with you? Is it easy to connect with you?

How does your Mom play a role in who you are today?

Why did you move to Toronto?

How many African are in Canada?

What is your view on Clean Eating/ Clean Livining?

Why you don’t drink coffee? OR do you mean: Why do you drink coffee?

What do think this phrase means “People Engineer”?

Why you want to be most connected Africa in the world?

Why focus on Diaspora?

What are you successful at? Or another could be: What are you passionate about?

Are you single?

Who are your competitors?

How are you planing to connect the West and Africa to work together and better the world?

How do you deal with challenges in Africa?

What is your current return of investment in Africa?

What is HartNamtemah(HN) projection for Africa?

How do you view the world?

What is #BoundlessInspiration for you and what does that look like?

How is your day to day look like?

How long does it take to trust someone?

How is it  you invest in 6 countries and never meet you partner?  (*** Don’t quite understand this question – please explain)

Why invest in Africa?