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Deep in the Lands Between, a ring of immense power is buried in the ground. It is known as the Elden Ring, the source of all magic. As legend tells, the great powers of the gods were once contained in this ring.
The ring was mined by dwarves during the Age of Triumph, the period when the gods possessed the power of existence. However, a great tragedy occurred in the Age of Specter, where a dragon devoured the entire population of the Dwarven Kingdom.
In this moment, the power that the great god gave to the dwarves was lost. The Earth cracked open, the humans of the ancient continent of Elden (Duelgard) were born, and a cult of magic and betrayal swept across the land.
As time passed, the cult reigned with the support of the imperial dynasty. Each year, hundreds of thousands of commoners were sacrificed in Blood Games, and their souls were offered to the gods. The cult absconded with the Ring.
After a long time, the Ancestor-worshipers, under the command of an Elden lord, dug the Ring out of the ground. The present hereditary lords of the rings are descended from the Ancestor-worshipers.
The role of each hereditary lord is to freely interpret the will of the gods, and the lord of the Ring is charged with defending the dominion of the great god’s power.
Every year, the lord of the Ring gathers many people from the capital and organizes the Blood Games, where many innocent commoners are sacrificed to the gods. When the Lord of the Ring welcomes his own daughter, his motives are unclear.

This would be the same girl in 2. A daughter of a lord, but he doesn’t seem to be running the cult. I have yet to see any evidence of the worship of the gods in Elbria. There is also that part where she mentions the reign of the curse of the gods in the Age of Specter. That can only mean that it happened before the Blood Games.

Given that the setting takes place after the great god was wiped from existence, it’s likely that the curse of the gods is connected to the cult, which is stated to descend from the Dwarven Kingdom in line with that. Elbria also mentions how the cult has absorbed the divine magic of the dwarves, which implies that they did have contact with the great god.

> Sennig says the cult is all about worshiping the great god


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Ballistic Awesome RPG Action Played From a First-person Perspective
    Use group support to form an elite group with other players.

  • Create Your Own Character
    Equip and customize your character to develop your character design, stat, and battle style.

  • Heroes’ Journey – The Multilayered Story
    The story that revolves around the members of the Elden Ring, unfolding, one book at a time, from within the setting of a mysterious, multi-layered story.

  • Fantasy Action RPG Details in Detail
    In addition to the main campaign, there is a “Race Condition Battle” system, where more than one player fights at once.

    Special Links
    MMO Real Time World
    This MMO will create a team based on the “Tarnished” world.
    Prologue MMO Real Time World
    This is a prologue and scenario of the above MMORPG.
    Introduction of the Elden Ring Story
    This marks the official introduction of the Elden Ring Story, which has originally been planned for “Tarnished”.

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    A mobile game developed by Gameloft and Elf Entertainment inspired from the fantasy movie. It is available for Android and iOS.

    It is a sword and sorcery turn-based battle RPG where you can assemble a team of up to 7 characters to conquer your enemies in fast and fun fashion. The main purpose of this game is to conquer the Continent of Derul.

    The Continent of Derul was long occupied by the monsters of this world. It is now recovering from years of constant wars, and the courageous people are now trying to recover the land, rebuild the towns, and live the life that would be peaceful once again.




    The story of the new fantasy action RPG is pretty unique. It is a turn-based action RPG where you can play with friends or strangers, such as multiplayer. You can also download the random map, which lets you be able to experience a new map every time you play.




    The game is compatible for iOS as well as Android platforms.

    The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other Apple devices. However, it is available only for iOS devices at present. Android is being developed now.





    The game is a turn-based action RPG where each character has their own unique skills, talents, weapon and character art. The system allows you to freely develop your character and learn new skills. Each time you gain a level, you learn new talents and skills. You can skill up to level 40. However, you can only keep one talent at level 40.

    You are also able to change your weapon set and combine different weapon sets to create your own unique weapons.

    This game has a focus on the action. You can�


    Elden Ring Product Key PC/Windows [Latest]

    ► Upcoming TRAVEL to the Realm of the Elden Ring:
    ◇ Exploration that gives you an adventure experience on your own
    ◇ Space-bar: Travel to new places while researching new items or striking alliances
    ◇ Travel to the Mine of Haz-to-tle: Haz-to-tle was once an Elden Land that belonged to a certain race. The mine is located in a valley, and everything on this land is connected to Haz-to-tle. You will discover the history of the land and people
    ► Final Fantasy XIII-2 Multiplayer Game
    ◇ Free and easy to connect to other people’s servers
    ◇ Being able to tell your own story through Online Shared Play
    ◇ And the same contents of the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 single player game
    ► Explore the Mines of the Elden Ring
    ◇ Map and Guidance in the World Map, First Act
    ◇ Find out about the history of the world
    ◇ Find out about the history of the planet that belongs to the Elden Ring
    ◇ Challenging dungeon exploration
    ◇ No part of the main story is simply a walk.
    ◇ Find a quest in the World Map of the main story
    ◇ Find a monster and a shop called Mad King
    ◇ Fight against a boss monster and receive a quest
    ◇ Adventure in every game world
    ◇ Explore the labyrinth of Act 1 and collect items and materials
    ◇ Explore the Labyrinths of Act 2 and 3 and find interesting stories and monster encounters
    ► Quest for the New Sphere
    ◇ Earn the SPHERE
    ◇ Find a combination of SPHERE that you can use to open the door to the new area
    ◇ The result may vary depending on the board and the item you used
    ◇ Clear the board to open the door
    ◇ You can find a SPHERE near the exit of each board.
    ◇ The SPHERE is an item that you will obtain during exploration
    ► Other Stages

    ◇ Mordred was once a knight
    ◇ A young man with a fierce visage
    ◇ A man filled with malaise
    ◇ An independent man who was reborn by the witch Cidalia
    ◇ The man reborn by the witch, “a shadow in the void”
    ◇ A ruthless man with a thirst for blood
    ◇ And the final one who reincarn


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



    I don’t know the stars….
    Perhaps lead by a mix of computers and primordial noisy noise of the cores of galaxies, so that after a long search you feel the big zenith of that zenith of that zenith unities outside.
    You see again… Have feeling for people or pets, worlds or even innocent animator portraits of characters who may lie hidden in a comic cave. He wants to rescue them from computers and cores, that they can step out of the servitude of their electron cages.
    This is an attempt to capture it all, the fantastic feelings of that feeling of the world.
    That… it sounds like an archive of the dreams of adolescent angst gone wild…
    Maybe… We must get on with this life, which pertains to al of us.



    I miss you because you are already there with a special smile and a hug of your own.
    I think you are there and look on the day we are happy around us on this earth.
    You know your boooom by heart and by face for a long time.
    You really have a good time and that gives a lot of fun during your every day on this Mother.
    You make the sun shine with the sparkles of your soul for the joy of Gods and men.
    However, the universe somehow wants to show you this special and only side of your life.
    I wish you continue this tunnel to take you into this balsam, and you will not reach your end of the tunnel, because then you will go other.
    Because your time is the golden chance to meet her in such a way, that you will not disappear.
    Well, I know you always wanted to be a visit and think yourself a friend…
    It cannot be that you wake up not you.
    You are on the right path.


    Hi everyone
    I am the creator in art parts of this game, if you have any question you can contact me through Discord
    I hope you like the game!


    Hi everyone,
    I am, Austin Randolph of Arbcon.
    I am a Digimon game developer, I work in games based in the scenes of Digimon and manga.
    I was a game developer of videogame of revolution in Brazil in the 90s, but I think that now I am more precisely in the world of fans, where the enemies are more


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    The World of The ELDEN RING

    ELDEN RING is the first fantasy action RPG ever made. Ever since its origins, the Elden races have roamed the lands to make their fortunes. The history of the races is shrouded in mystery, because the races no longer exist, having either fled or been wiped out. Meanwhile, the members of the last surviving races, who are deep in the lands of the East, are scattered, and their whole history and legend is forgotten. One day, a message reaches the last surviving race members from the Elden, which once ruled the world, and they are to return to the world. It is only after their return that the races are united, and the world is built anew.

    About the Release of ELDEN RING Patch 1.2

    I, the creator, am the version 1.1a release

    I will not continue making any further changes to the game unless I receive a significant amount of fan feedback.
    If I make any changes to the game, the requirements below are fulfilled.

    1. The game is available for a week or more until the end of the week
    2. After the successful week, the game will be updated. If the game is updated, then it will become version 1.1.
    3. With the update, the game will be available for one month after the update.

    Please write to me:

    @luffy6657 to inform about the successful release.

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