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The battle system is based on the well-known MMORPG “Bilz: the Eternium Chronicle”.
You can perform actions during the battle based on the combination of actions selected. Also, you can move around by clicking on the screen.
The battle starts when all the enemies are lined up in your front row. Depending on the type of enemy, you can use a variety of special attacks and attacks from your equipment in addition to normal attacks.

In addition to your character, you can strengthen your allies using the Magic Stone that increases your level or by using the equipment that you enhance.
If you are defeated, you can rest on a field or in a town, repair your character, equip your equipment, and then continue to battle.
In addition to this, you can increase your experience and augment your equipment during offline gameplay.

In the field, you can use the map to change from field to field or go to the dungeon from the map screen.
You can buy equipment at the store or combine gear that you equip to a group.

-Play Style

Based on the strength of you and your allies, you can play as a strong warrior, a magic-user, an archer, an enchanter, or a cleric. You can define the role that you want to play.
You can freely combine your tactics from the different types of magic, in addition to automatically constructing a party.

You can use the Magic Stone to increase your level by connecting with it at a Magic Stone Shop.
In addition to acquiring the Magic Stone, you can equip Magic Stone in your inventory and use it to increase your stats.

You can change the appearance of your character, equip equipment, and perform other character customization using the “Customize” function in your interface.

The real-time battle action is interwoven with the storyline based on the treasure “Golden Rhythmic Pendulum.”
The story is set in the Lands Between.
There are places where the real world and the magical world meet.

Based on the traits of the Rhythmic Pendulum, a player gains a piece of the Rhythmic Pendulum and gets transported to a fantasy world. The player who got transported to the fantasy world gets transported to another world and so on.
The action starts when all the players get transported to the fantasy world of fantasy.

The six heroines, as players’ party members


Features Key:

  • High-quality graphics
    • A simple, crisp, three-dimensional view of the game world
  • A vast, big world
    • A vast world that is full of variety in its visual design. Open your eyes to a huge, vast, and diverse world in which you can freely roam
  • An action-RPG where you can freely find new challenges
    • A high quality FPS-like action-RPG that allows you to experience intense, fast-paced battles
  • Immersive single-player system
    • A system where you can fully enjoy the story as you progress in the game world.
  • What kind of game is this?
    • A fantasy action RPG unlike any other games. The most intriguing part of this game is that the story about the Lands Between unfolds as a drama with three channels: dialogues, sprites and events. This system allows us to create a unique action RPG experience.
  • Play with unlimited characters
    • Rise, change your fate, and become an aspiring Googan. The versatility of the character system will allow you to develop the character that you want to play as.
  • Fulfill your dreams
    • The Lands Between belongs to those who can rise above their limits. People who are strong-willed and resilient must be born here. We expect those who will be born with the characteristics of those who live and work in the Lands Between to grow, become more vivid in the world, and change. We will work hard for the growth of the Lands Between, as we will be prepared to take the lead.
  • A challenging game that supports as many as four players
    • A high quality FPS game that can be enjoyed as a multiplayer action game for all styles of players.
  • Music: 

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    The Legend Awaits You!

    A role-playing game set deep in the skies


    Elden Ring For PC 2022 [New]

    Provides information and services regarding the game.

    The Lands Between are a world where the Elden, a race of humans, live in harmony with elves, goblins, and other creatures. The two races have two different structures of government. The Elden, with the power of light, are leaders of the world, and the Elves, with the power of dark, serve as advisers to the Elden. The Elves, whose rule has been destroyed, war against them and a dark machine, “Anima,” has emerged. This dark machine has the power to perceive the thoughts of those it battles against and knows of the Elden Ring’s existence. For the Elves, the existence of the Ring is a threat to their existence. In return, an agent of Anima, “Sparda,” has attacked the Elves.

    “Lorelei’s Daughter”
    Owing to a mistake, a young man who was entrusted with guarding a city in the middle of the frontier suddenly disappears.

    With the appearance of a young woman who fell into the depths of the Deadsea, a man known only as Kyopu Koovein suddenly appears and captures the girl. What’s more, the city she was guarding fell.

    “The First”
    After watching over the girl for a long time, Kyopu Koovein suddenly appears and takes action. After capturing the girl, he gives her the order to escape.

    “The Snipe Hero”
    Nameless siblings who used their swords to protect the base city, Tortuga, had a sinister rendezvous in the frigid mountains.

    “The Family That Arranged Work”
    Lakinos, the clan of the researcher that was entrusted with the study of the Deadsea, is attacked. In the midst of the chaos, a pair of siblings appear.

    “The Second”
    “The one who killed…”
    “The one who killed…”
    A pair of siblings that possessed a mysterious power suddenly appear.

    “Hair of


    What’s new:

    Finished Kingdoms Overview Kingsrow screenshot

    Finished Kingdoms Review – EGS: Online’s RPG Server

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download and extract the game archive
  • Run the setup.exe and follow the instructions
  • If you encounter any issues with the game, try to find the dll files (saved in the CCC folder of the game) and tell them to WAD for the Bugfix
  • After successful installation go to CCC folder (Right click on ”Install.wad” file that still resides after installation, click on ‘properties’ and click on the ‘t’ tab. Select ‘run as administrator’)
  • Common Known Issues:-

    • Players will be unable to log into the game after being assigned an inter web number, the intranet will work fine.
    • There are technical issues with a few characters being able to change their hairstyle when the lag spikes happen.
    • There are some patches being made but they are not 100% final. They may appear offline after some time.
    • If there is an error when trying to load a dungeon from Domanica server, there is a known fix that might fix the issue. (this fix will be available soon)
    • Ranked Battles can be affected by long lag spikes, the issue is being addressed and will be fixed as soon as possible.
    • Players that visit certain areas of the game may find the experience to be slightly corrupted. The reason for this is that the servers are not stable at all times and to give better user experience, some areas of the game have been disabled.