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The Elden Ring is an RPG in which you, as a protagonist, are reincarnated in the Lands Between. You must align yourself with either the good or evil, and prepare yourself to embark on an adventure.


On the surface, the Elden Ring is an action RPG with a fantasy setting, just like the MMO game Ragnarok Online. But underneath this facade, there are more than enough fantasy elements, and the action RPG aspects of the game are one-sided and the gameplay itself is completely different from Ragnarok Online.


The Lands Between are a dimensional region in between the reality of the living and the mind of the dead. Those who are reborn in the Lands Between are called Elden (兒). Elden reincarnate in accordance with their life record, and they choose either good or evil. They can then act in one of two roles in the Lands Between: the Champion of Good or the Demon of Evil.

Champions of Good: Champions who choose to help the living and the dead. Champions wield the power of the Elden Ring to rescue living beings and liberate the dead from their lives.

Champions seek a newly reincarnated Elden who has not chosen good. They go about their dangerous mission.

Demon of Evil: Demon of Evils who choose to follow their evil instincts and destroy the living. Demon of Evils, who have become psychopaths, capture or kill living beings.

The Elden who are born during this era are also called Saints, while those of the previous era are Called.

The player can immerse himself in the Lands Between as a member of the called, but it is unknown how he will act in the future. In addition, his actions will also affect others.

The player can choose one of the two aspects to act in the Lands Between and join the world of the Elden.

The Elden Ring is a game that offers an unfamiliar fantasy world with a rich lore for players to explore. The Elden Ring is not a typical action game, but an RPG with unique action elements.


◆ Main Features

Action RPG that drips with fantasy, balanced gameplay, and free customization of equipment

A vast world with various situations and dungeons

A unique online component that allows you to feel the presence of others and


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Original Earliest RPG
    We have decided to refresh and bring out the original classic elements that dominate early RPGs. We have refrained from using the more recent RPG features and tuning our game design toward becoming one of the most enjoyable RPG games.
  • Online Play
    We support multiplayer online play through the Internet. We have not only tried to broaden the range of online multiplayer maps with various locations such as dungeons, towns, towers, and bridges for you to play, but also try to add more features such as character occupations that increase your combat ability and temporarily restoring them.
  • An Epic Adventure Stretched Across the Lands Between
    We have used the traditional RPG and simplified it to expand our imagination. We have refrained from expanding multiplayer maps and limiting the scope.
  • Customization of the Appearance of Various Items and Equipment
    We have tried to create the various kinds of weapons and armor for you to customize the appearance to your liking.

    This version of Elden Ring is supported for downloading and is not intended for be played online. It is supported for those who have created an account and purchased the game in the Playstation Store.


    Big Bang Ragdoll Version:

    The Big Bang Ragdoll version is a special version for Big Bang Ragdoll owners that provide BIG BREAK user interface ( Ragdoll).

    Big Bang Wizard Edition:

    The Big Bang Wizard Edition is a unique version for Big Bang Wizard owners that include:

    • Password Registration
    • 500 NP+M Points
    • All new items and features

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    Elden Ring [32|64bit]

    5.4, 19,264 (4/1)


    4.9, 3,839 (1/1)

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    Elden Ring

    ◆ All-new RPG Core System on a Previously Uncovered World

    The new RPG system is a complete overhaul of the existing system.
    From the start, the aim is to provide a new take on the RPG genre that brings a fresh, exciting experience to the RPG scene. From the start, we have seen the development of new gameplay concepts that we have never encountered before, including the existence of a complete world space, an all-new character creation system, and the introduction of a new job system.
    When I first approached the development of the new RPG system, I asked myself why I wanted to create a new system. Based on the fact that I had strong feelings for the game, it’s a game where the fans of FINAL FANTASY can enjoy the thrill of progress in a familiar setting, and the fans of other classic RPGs will enjoy a system that is unique. My idea is to create an RPG that is full of everything that has been absent in previous RPGs, including exciting content that would have never been a possibility before.

    ● All-New Character Creation System

    The new character creation system is a completely new system that is linked to the new game.
    As it is difficult for us to do something completely different from the traditional system we previously used, we took up the challenge of developing a system that connects to the world and characters with an outstanding setting. The system allows you to create a character completely on your own according to your play style.
    – Create a unique, three-dimensional character
    The new character creation system is like playing with the tools given by the developers of the game. You can freely choose the hair style, outfit, and hairstyle, and the body type, skin tone, and expression. You can freely choose the visual concept of the character. By creating your own character, you can fully experience the unique setting, dramatic storyline, and a strong sense of expression that is the hallmark of the new RPG.
    – Create a Character with Play Style, Each of Whom Has their Own Development Path
    The new character creation system allows you to take the essence of previous RPGs and expand on it. In addition to character creation, you can customise your character by selecting various attributes such as Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength, Constitution, and Vitality.
    Character attributes that have a positive effect on the abilities of jobs can be changed when you reach an attribute that is higher than necessary. Even after level-up, attributes can be changed, allowing you to fully express your own style


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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