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Multiple languages will be supported in all regions.

Collectors, artisan lovers, and fans are waiting with great anticipation for the return of ELDEN RING.

With a thorough re-design of the game’s sprite and graphics, we have enhanced the range of characters and items.

Whether you’re enjoying the game as a solo dungeon-crawler or as a co-op team, feel free to draw your favourite character on the back of a wandering Elden.


The new concept of ELDRIN and HEALLAN allows you to play with a sense of power and grace, and to enjoy the massive world of Tarnished Depths.

As an ELDRIN, you can learn new skills by equipping the Vastamancer Class Skill Perk, allowing you to enjoy a strategic, powerful presence with grace.

As a HEALLAN, you can enjoy a surprising, unexpected power-up when you use certain items or skills that provide you with various buffs.


Eldrin’s Discovery is an interactive story that allows you to experience the development of the story.

By finding the lost treasures scattered around the world, you can craft more powerful items. You can even use the chest to create epic gear.


There are many new events and challenges throughout the game. As you gain more power in battle, you can acquire the new items, which you can use to destroy new structures such as castles and dungeons.

There are many new items, so be sure to collect all of them.

A new phenomenon known as Tornados can occur when you equip items or skills that have different tiers of effect. There is also the possibility of being overcome by Tornados.

A Quick Guide to Tornados:

1. Use items and skills with different tiers of effect.

2. Successfully kill monsters that have a high level.

3. Be careful when attacking at close range.

4. Avoid consuming the influence of Tornados when using skill.

5. Level up skill for easier Tornados.

Using Tornados

Tornados occur in the game due to the increase in the cost of skills and items


Features Key:

  • Rise, conquer and come to your destiny.
  • Full customization of your character, from appearance to weaponry and magic.
  • Experience an epic drama of parallel stories told in fragments and come to your own conclusion.
  • Engage in an exhilarating asynchronous online gameplay where players can come together to travel through the Lands Between.
  • Easy to play, easy to enjoy.
  • Additional content available at no additional cost.

    This game will be released for iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, with Xbox One, and Windows 10 anticipated.

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