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• In the Lands Between, adventurers who attain the five-star hero’s ring and the five-star sage’s ring forge five-star rings and transform their characters into five-star heroes or five-star sages. However, many races and classes have been lost by the treachery of the Eyes of the Elden, ancient evils which once ruled over the Lands Between. Now, a new era of the Elden Ring is dawning, and the Elden Ring that appears on the surface of the earth is called the “Elden Ring”. The “Elden Ring”, which was forged by the heroes and sages who previously wielded the five-star rings, consists of five axes, five swords, five clubs, and five axes. The axe that is wielded by the heroes is called the “Iron Axe”, and the axe wielded by the sages is called the “Silver Axe”. In addition, five arms with different weapons are revealed. In order to become an Elden Lord, you must use the “Iron Axe” and “Silver Axe” that you have obtained by smashing the Five-Star Rings.

• The “Elden Ring” game content also includes action games, and a game that develops the higher skills of the characters in addition to the “Elden Ring” game is also coming.


• In a fantasy world filled with numerous dangers, such as darkness, beasts, diseases, and evil wizards, some who rule over these dangers are wise sages. In addition, some who assist the great hero, who as a guardian angel of the innocent people, are also great sages. However, the two are different from each other. The sages who rule over the dangers are great sages, whereas the great hero is a great hero.

• The game allows players to construct a visual simulation that aids players in their journey through the game content of the great hero. The sages are the guardians of the game world and watch over the dangers that are inside the game world. The great hero and sages watch over the gates which allow the adventuring party to enter the great hero’s territory in the game world, and guard the routes they traverse. These sages and heroes, who have different names, offer different kinds of assistance. For example, dragons and great sages are different from bad sages. As a result, the great hero and his party encounter various types of sages in game


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Field Bounded by Mythology

    In a world full of gods, the numerous characters representing the gods live their days in a mythological manner and interact in the lands between. How did this happen?
    You play as the protagonist, Tarnished, whose life spirals out of control when his servants are sacrificed during his rescue. He will set out on his journey to the Lands Between, where he will meet a girl and be thrown into the labyrinth of a land full of beasts and gods. Tarnished will, in the process, find a lord that will save him.

  • Metaphysical Experimentation

    As the action RPG genre is said to be dying, the talent of a new staff member was brought in. Moreover, a person who had previously achieved success in the real world was also requested. The result was a new fantasy action RPG that breathes new life into the genre.
    With the goal of combining aspects of real-time multiplayer tactical RPGs in the vein of FFX and the 4th generation, we have created an RPG action game full of lore that envelops you.

  • The Divine Art of Role Playing

    The action RPG genre is based on a seamless system of of dynamic action and role-playing elements, but role-playing games are in a tight off-limits situation that leads to stagnation. In our action role-playing game, we have added a combination of action, role-playing, exploration, class skills, and enhanced dialogue, and we hope to achieve similar levels to dynamic and immersive gameplay.

  • Hybridized Technology

    An interface has been developed using a combination of DirectX 11 and Unity technology to create a new UI. Furthermore, graphics engine developers us photomapping techniques to increase the realism of battles in the world of Elden.
    We have also implemented a unique system that produces game sound effects called playtribes, that makes it easy for players to experience a game full of sound.

  • A New Fantasy Come to Life

    Possessed of a large world with a variety of situations, a vast world, and a novel setting, we pushed our hand at the action RPG genre, creating a new fantasy RPG that


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    “Nova, known as a game with ultra amazing characters and super fun, twists the player’s direction and strategic control into something unexpected,”

    “The game has an incredibly high level of gameplay compared to other games of this genre that I have played”

    “The gameplay is rich and deep”

    “With the new Tarnished story, the story is coming to life. It makes an outstanding gameplay, and it’s no wonder that the game has good reviews.”



    Release Date




    iOS, Android



    iOS, Android



    iOS, Android



    We share the dream and vision of the game and have a deep respect for the work of the developers, so we are always open to hearing feedback, discuss the development of the game, and offer recommendations.

    We have the best customer support staff in the company. If you have any questions, please come contact with us.

    Thank you.







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    Elden Ring Download PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

    ▲Real Character:



    ▲Absolute Rhythm:






    ▲Step By Step です!!!!



    What’s new:

    Mobile updates inspired by feedback to improve the game
    Group Raid in the mobile version

    Vanilla Update:

    Update Version: 1.121
    Release Date: July 26th, 2015
    Added the ‘Ressurection’ (Lv.100) and ‘Shadow’ (Lv.100) skills.
    The ‘Infernal Blessing’ has been improved so that it will increase a player’s ownership of 12 different types of items, and will no longer be destroyed when any characters die.
    The ‘Virtual Realm’ and ‘Virtual Chronicle’ have been added. The latter has expanded greatly. Various related sub-quests have been added.
    Changes have been made to the ‘Blue Chests’ in Ghost difficulty.
    Vanilla gameplay has been improved.
    The special attack effect of certain weapons has been improved.
    Various limits have been removed to allow for your new and power-up raider to attack even in the open world.

    Update version: 1.0
    Release Date: June 9th, 2015
    New Game :
    Class : Crusher

    Class : Wielder

    (A new model for the multiplayer font and battle scene), members’ skins, new UI effect, and the faction icon have been added.

    Order Skill : Powerful Offensive

    Skill Effect

    (Increases the damage output, recovery speed, and max HP of the wearer by 15%)

    UI & Features:

    ☆ Customized core configuration

    ☆ The player’s current location and the members’ current locations have been displayed on the menu screen.

    ☆ Note: non-members are not able to see players’ locations in the other country.

    Multiplayer :

    ☆ Notifications will be sent when new battle, game notifications, and various other information is sent.

    * Depending on the rank of the sender, one notification might contain a text, and might also contain messages from specific players.
    ☆ The ‘Reconnect’ function, where you can connect to another player in the same multiplayer, has been added.
    ☆ A verification function has been added for the third party server implementation


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    3.Once downloaded, double click on eldenringsetup.exe.

    4.You will be asked to install the game. Once that is complete, run the game.

    5.Use the following setting options to create a new world or choose one from the list:
    – Creation
    – Auto
    – Manual.

    Auto is a great choice when you just want to start playing the game. Manual is best used when you want to create a new world when you want to play solo. The rest of this guide will assume you have chosen manual.

    6.For the settings type a name for your world. For the region choose Europe, America or Australia. The region helps the game choose where to place items and monsters. If you don’t put it in the right place, you will probably get some strange happenings.

    7.Next you need to create a timezome. For the settings leave the first choice alone. You don’t need to change the other two.

    8.There is a huge list of other settings available. We will now go through the most important of them.

    – R8rank: This is the skill rank of your character. You start with a base of 300 and as you level up your ability goes up too.

    – R8: As you level up in the skills, you get the first six digits of your skill rank. i.e. if your skill is 70, you get 70 and you can call yourself a level 70.

    – R8,1: The next eight digits are based on your experience. Every 1% increase of experience in the skill can increase this two digits. i.e. if you have 20 experience in your skill, it will go from 70 to 72. So when playing the game, don’t be afraid to let the rank go up to 80 if you feel confident that you will be able to keep your skill under 80. Once your experience goes above 40, you will only be able to use the first six digits.

    – R8,2: These two digits are also based on your experience. Every 1% increase of experience in the skill can increase this two digits.

    – R8,3: The last two digits is based on your affinity. Every 1% increase of affinity in the skill increases the


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    Makarawataya II (,, ) was a Cambodian king who reigned for a relatively long time, from 1126 to 1151. He was of Thai descent, and the son of Ki Engket, his father was a Thai general that settled in Cambodia.

    Regnal timeline
    232–239 – his rule
    240 – 593 – his successor
    594 – 593 his father Ki Engket’s rule




    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Please install the game with at least a 1.5Ghz CPU (Core 2 Duo, 2 Core i3, 4 Core i5, 6 Core i7).
    NVIDIA GTX 560 or ATI HD 5870 or better
    Minimum of 2.2GB of RAM
    15GB available disk space.
    Who is this game for:
    On the one hand, this game is for those that want a good and smooth game with large maps and plenty of vehicles with very entertaining combat. On the other hand, this game is also


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