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Tarnished is a fantasy action role-playing game set in a world between the northern lands of Jandusia and the southern lands of Vysha.
You step onto a world where elves, humans, and orcs vie for power. It is a world where the land itself is a treasure.
Tarnished is a game in which you develop your own character. Feel the freedom to create your own play style and explore an open world with no NPCs.
In addition to character development, the game features a rich history and intricate storyline.

(3D models are not included. Models for the game will be provided.)


RPG Maker MV! Fantasy Action RPG v1.1.0 + 28MB Patch + DLC

Check the changelog:

■ Adjustments based on your feedback

※ Main Features and Drawbacks
■ Features
• 3D models
• A world that is more than just flat
• A story that integrates with the game world
• Custom characters with sets of images
■ Drawbacks
• This is a game for Windows and this is a game where you can make your own type of game.
• In addition, there are restrictions on the size and the number of images of the characters that you can put in the game.
• This is a game that uses 3D models
■ Characters
• Change your character’s appearance
• Change the armor and weapons
• Change the magic
• Customize your character’s voice
• Create your own personality
• Customize the appearance
• Change the clothes
• Change the hair style
• Change the weapon
• Create equipment
• Weapon and armor enhancement
• Customization of party members
• Skill enhancement
• The enhancement of magic
• Customized voice of the character
■ Trailers
• Vignette and introduction
■ in-game character-specific camera
• “Story of creation”
■ Unique sound effects
• Way for communication
■ Graphics
• In-game map and information display
■ Display the amount of the characters’ stamina
■ Change the style of the display
■ Add subtitles

■ Content
• Around 50 story scenes
• About 450 groups of background pictures
• About 400 characters
• About 100 different items
• About 100 monster pictures
• About 50 unique monsters
• About 90 unique effects
• About


Features Key:

  • Devils Rebellions
  • The Era of the Elden Ring
  • New farming village
  • Tome of the Elden Ring

    Elden Ring Bonus

    * Magical power that scales up the strength of all levels.


    Developer’s Desk: Mark – Game Designer

    I’ve become known for my love for trees, so it came as a natural part of my character design to want to include a tree aesthetic in Elden Ring. As a frequent min-maxer, I would have trees and hedges in my games since there are a lot of places in which I felt players miss out on extras and hidden content if they didn’t have trees. With Elden Ring, the trees are not just mundane or background, but an important part of the play experience. I wanted to make sure that any fights and activities in the game had trees, lending a sense of calm and beauty.

    Letterbox 7: Elden Ring A Post-apocalyptic, RPG Made by Kugu
    Is a change of pace from engaging story-driven RPGs, and instead focuses on exploring, leveling up, and engaging combat. You are free to explore the world by all means, but you may be surprised as the characters become invested in the developing story line.
    Sprawling over four environments, you’ll have a wide range of choices to make as you adventure to discover the secret behind a dark world.


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    1. The battle system is brilliant!
    The battle system is a pleasure to play! Your movements are smooth and your attacks are like powerful strikes with such a sense of reality that they could be real attacks.

    This system is extremely difficult, but in order to enter it, you need to be clever. It is an excellent battle system that allows even players who have no experience in battle to enjoy playing it.

    2. There are lots of things to do and receive.

    You can go explore and collect various items, go to the upper world to meet other characters and engage in combat or go to the Underground World.

    There are times you encounter a monster or a strange place, and you meet a new character. The more you play, the more characters and items you receive.

    The game is blessed with a wealth of things to do, and you can spend all your time to collect as many items as you want.

    3. Your character is very lifelike.

    My character has a body color like flesh, and there are also 2D shadows in front of it.

    The body is very light, and the sunlight shines around him in a variety of directions.

    4. The background music is powerful, and the sound effects are very realistic.

    The background music is very powerful, and the sound effects are very realistic, such as the stomp of my footsteps and the sounds of my sword dinging.

    The sound design is amazing and provides a very strong sense of atmosphere.

    5. The world design is very complex.

    In the game, the upper world and the underground world are seamlessly connected, and there are many things to look forward to when you open a door.

    I am delighted to see so many places in detail, such as the outer walls of buildings, the inner walls and the open sky, and it is impressive.

    6. There are a variety of levels and things to do in the game.

    In the game, you will find a large number of monsters to fight, climb over obstacles, solve puzzles, and explore. In addition to that, there are three different stages for battles, so you can choose a stage that matches your level and enjoy the story in accordance to your level.

    7. The game has a fascinating story line that is well written.

    The game has a fascinating story line with a lot of twists and turns,


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    1. A Bird’s Eye View
    The left upper part of the screen shows the character’s current position in the game.
    2. The Camera Control of the Game
    A variety of camera movements, including a flip-type camera, are available.
    3. The Path Selection Screen and Map Screen
    Use the stylus to move the camera using the right touch panel.
    Right Touch Panel
    By pressing the right touch panel, it will be displayed on the path selection screen.
    By pressing it, you can change the scene to the map.
    Map Screen
    The display of the map can be changed by pressing the right touch panel.
    4. User Interface and Path Selection
    Use the stylus to select the path.
    5. The Item Pick Up
    If your cursor is in an area where it can be held, you can press the right touch panel to pick up the item.
    6. Character and Weapon Pick Up
    If your cursor is near an item that you can pick up, you can pick it up by pressing the right touch panel.
    7. Your Character
    Display your character’s details and equip items from the inventory.
    8. Character and Equipment
    The characters’ status, the items equipped, and the items equipped to the characters, can be displayed in various ways.
    9. Your Equipment
    Every item equipped to your character shows your equipped status, including the displayed name of the item.
    10. Item Information Screen
    Use this screen to view information on the items in your inventory.
    11. Scrolling
    Use this screen to read the content of the screen displayed in the game by pressing the A button.
    12. Statistics Screen
    Use the “Stats” option on the main menu to display the statistics of your character’s HP, MP, the amount of EXP you have gained, the amount of items you have equipped, and the experience points you have gained.
    13. Monster Spawning Location
    This screen is displayed when a player-specified monster spawns.
    14. Monster Information Screen
    In this screen, you can view the stats of the monster, the level of the monster, the character’s EXP to fight the monster, and other information.
    15. Character Selection
    This screen is displayed when you select a new character.
    16. Character Creation
    The display is the same as the general character creation screen in the mobile game.
    17. Title Screen
    Select the game’s title.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows XP Home / Professional SP2 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 processor or compatible
    Memory: 512 MB RAM
    Graphics: 1 GB VRAM
    Hard Drive: 300 MB free space
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Additional Notes:
    Movies are distributed on DVD-ROM discs.
    Those who like to watch their movies in high definition, please set the resolution to 720p.
    Windows 8


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