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Review for girl followers of the devil

Review for girl followers of the devil

The trailer for “The girls Follower of the devil” remains frankly inconclusive for me.
So I went to the cinema without a lot expectation for this movie directed by Rako Prijanto. furthermore, his previous work, “Magic infant”, became rather unsatisfactory.

Synopsis / Storyline

Sumi (performed by using Mawar Eva de Jongh) lives inside the village together with her father, Karto (performed by means of Derry Oktami), who is significantly unwell.
Even Karto’s leg needed to be amputated by means of physician Freedman (performed through Hans de Kraker) because of decay.
Sumi herself absolutely would not feel comfortable there. He wants to visit the city to locate his mom who left them.
The most effective one who is aware of about Sumi’s scenario is handiest her satisfactory pal, Saber (played by Ravil Prasetya).
until sooner or later, Sumi, who’s aggravated with Karto’s impolite attitude, is instigated by the devil (played by Adipati Dolken).
The satan persuades Sumi to technique the pieces of her father’s leg which she still maintains within the refrigerator as food for Karto. He promised that this step could heal Karto and that Sumi might now not have to attend to him again.
Ningrum (performed by way of Anindya Arioni) is located lifeless. he’s the younger brother of Sari (performed by Hanggini).
After Ningrum’s frame became buried, that night time the satan ordered Sumi to take over Ningrum’s frame and reconnect with the Karto gule stall the usage of Ningrum’s flesh.
Later, the devil also succeeded in instigating Sumi to kill Saber and use his meat as a gule aspect.
movie evaluations / critiques for girl followers of the devil
okay, i am no longer surely guessing. And i’m glad.
The great of this Visit thenunmovie turned out to be a ways above my preliminary expectancies primarily based on the trailer.
interesting, frightening, and sadistic.
The performing of the gamers is way above average. Little things like body gestures and facial expressions are too much interest.
For a movie this is greater towards slasher than horror, the bounce scare in “The women follow the satan” is pretty right. no longer much, however everything is right on the right track and well carried out.
as well as diverse sadistic scenes that spit blood.
The talk and waft as an entire is not there to whinge about.
except for 2 scenes that are hard to make experience of.
this is even as Saber rushes into the warehouse to check the fridge for no apparent cause.
And while Mawar dragged Karto’s body out of the house, even though in the courtyard there have been several people ingesting at their stall.
talking of stalls, despite the fact that Sumi’s intended human gule dish made by Sumi tastes delicious, the faces of the clients inside the following stalls are not very convincing.
more burdened with the flavor than feeling accurate.
what’s difficult to ignore are the similarities some of the members proportion with the storyline of the meat Grinder movie.
thankfully, non secular factors may be stuffed nicely into the script. So the resemblance may be fairly forgiven.
by means of the way, there are several moments in which the image on the screen comes out a bit blurry or out of consciousness. I don’t know whether it truly came from like that or coincidentally there has been a problem on the cinema studio wherein i used to be looking.