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SenCalc is an extremely small integer arithmetic calculator that is capable of performing functions, as well as converting numbers into different base formats.
The design of SenCalc is intentionally minimalistic, while users might confuse it with being basic, that would be a mistake. Instead, the program tries to cram as much information as possible into a small space, so the application can be used in conjunction with its “Always on top” feature.
Ideally, users would have SenCalc displayed while they are working in another program, checking SenCalc whenever it’s necessary to do what another application could not. All the different results are all copy and paste compatible, although there is no quick copy to clipboard button which would be useful.
Several advanced functions that make SenCalc quite versatile, but no additional settings.


Support for: Add, Sub, Mul, Div, Mod, Pow, Sqrt, Log, Tanh, Ln, Exp, Sin, Cos, Tan, Hyper, Int, Int2, Int3, Int4, Int5, Int6, Int7, Int8, Int9, IntA, IntE, IntH, IntY, IntB, IntT, IntR, IntC, IntV, IntS, ToHex, ToBin, ToChr, ToDec, ToInt, ToLong, ToOdd, ToRnd, ToStr, ToStrB, ToStrC, ToStrH, ToStrV, ToStrS, StrLen, Print, Eof, Input, ClipboardRead, ClipboardWrite
Base conversions: Decimal, Binary, HEX, Chr, Asc, Bin, Bin2, Asc2, Chr2, Chr2B, Dec2, Dec2B, Hex2, Hex2B, Hex2X, Hex2XB, Hex2XC, Hex2XE, Hex2XH, Hex2XHB, Hex2XHC, Hex2XHE, Hex2XHXE, Hex2XHXH, Hex2XHXXE, Hex2XHXXH, Hex2XHXXHB, Hex2XHXXHC, Hex2XHXXHE, Hex2XHXXHXE, Hex2XHXXHXH, Hex2XHXXHXXE, Hex2XHXXHXXH, Hex2X

SenCalc 1.10 Activation Code With Keygen [Mac/Win]

This application is designed for users who need to get quick answers for numbers, pretty much, and the main way to do so is by using the “calculator” feature.
While the main issue with this application is the “minimalism” of it, being a tool that would be very useful for certain circumstances (i.e. being displayed on top of another application). SenCalc Cracked Accounts also fails to perform additional functions and instead focuses on number conversions, hexadecimal code and the concept of base 10, base 2 and base 16.

SenCalc Crack Mac Features:
# 2 modes of calculating a result
– “Calculator” mode, to be displayed in the front of the screen, allowing users to input values for numbers, operators and mathematical symbols.
– “Results” mode, to be hidden from user’s view, that would display the answers to be inputted, similar to a calculator.
# Base conversion (7, 16, 2,…)
– All of the different bases are convert to base 10, allowing users to input a hexadecimal code, or a binary code and see the results.
# Provides functions “sin”, “cos”, “tan” and “abs”
– The result of these functions are implemented in an intuitive and simple way, as the application does not ask for user’s values, letting the number or symbol act as the return.
# Base 2
– Implementations of base 2, giving users the ability to input numbers and have them convert into numbers in base 2.
# Base 10
– Implementations of base 10, allowing users to input numbers and have them convert into numbers in base 10.
# Decimal
– Implementations of base 10, allowing users to input numbers and have them convert into numbers in decimal.
# And much more…

The SenCalc Character Set
SenCalc is aware of the current character set, allowing users to input and display correctly.

A user can input numbers and they will be displayed in base 16.

A user can input and display hexadecimal numbers.

A user can input and display binary numbers.

A user can input and display negative numbers.

A user can input and display positive numbers.

A user can input and display floating point numbers.

A user can input and display decimal numbers.

A user can input and display imaginary numbers.

A user can input negative characters.

SenCalc 1.10 PC/Windows

SenCalc is a powerful and functional calculator for integers. The calculator offers maximum performance, precise results and quick conversion among other features. The application is extremely useful to programmers and coders for quick and easy conversion to and from binary and hexadecimal.
SenCalc lets the user convert numbers to base formats, and it has a wide variety of calculators with advanced functions, precision settings, and shortcuts for easy conversion of numbers and codes.
SenCalc is compatible with Windows and Mac OS systems and includes iOS, Android and Windows Phone versions. It is available for immediate use on PC, tablet, and Android, using the same interface and is available for free download on all platforms.
SenCalc Features:
• \ – Hexadecimal conversion
• + – Addition
• – – Subtraction
• * – Multiplication
• / – Division
• % – Percentage
• – Greater than
• ? – Universal question mark
• !! – Integer infinity
• ! – Integer complement
• & – And
• | – Or
• = – Equals
• > – Property greater than
• < - Property less than • ~ - Not equal • - - Negation • = - Property equals • =~ - The same as • === - Same as • !== - The not same as • -- - Decimal point • =( - Property as a function • ) - Property as an operator • (), - Property as an open parenthesis • ) - Property as an open parenthesis • ) - Property as a close parenthesis • || - Logical OR • && - Logical AND • ||= - Logical OR equals • &&= - Logical AND equals • or - Logical OR • and - Log

What’s New In?

An application that provides users with an integer arithmetic calculator that is capable of performing functions, as well as converting numbers into different base formats. Some of these functions include conversions from decimal to hexadecimal and binary, and a variety of operations such as functions, sub/division, inversions and conversions to bases besides decimal.
There are 5 functions that the user can choose from, each with a different “Try It” button that will be greyed out until used. Each button activates a specific function, so users can switch through the different options to see what the program can do. Though there is no such button to switch the conversion into base other than decimal, those who need to convert decimal to binary or hexadecimal could easily do that.
The application also has a “Volume Down” button to control the level of output, this can be done either on the button itself, or pressed a few times. If users are concerned about cluttering up their desktop and having too many programs open, SenCalc could be used as a reference tool, as it only occupies a small window and is always “on top” even though it’s not currently being used.
There are 5 different numbers that the user can input in either a decimal or hexadecimal format, depending on the type of information needed, and it automatically converts the number to the correct format. The number formats include Decimal, Hexadecimal and the 4 different character codes for each.
The difference between the decimal and hexadecimal conversion are their respective output, the decimal one just gives a result as text, while the hexadecimal one will print the hexadecimal value for the user to see, ready for writing into other programs.
The user can perform simple arithmetic operations on the decimal and hexadecimal values, such as -, +, *, /, and it will give the result in either decimal or hexadecimal format. Subtraction works in the same manner as addition, but in reverse, subtracting from higher values and adding from lower values. And division works in the same manner as addition, subtracting from lower values and adding from higher values, except that the result will have a decimal format instead of hexadecimal.
The output of the different arithmetic functions is formatted either as decimal or as a number code, depending on what is needed for the program’s other features. The number codes that are displayed include hexadecimal, binary, decimal, octal and asci

System Requirements:

Windows 10 Anniversary Update
60 FOV
STEAM Account
Collect all of the achievements below and you’ll be rewarded with a shiny gold trophy!
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