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No radar, no checkpoints and no brakes are your friends as you race down a mountain in a ball of fire, grabbing and using anything that comes to hand to stay alive. Celeste’s dynamic, physics-driven levels react to your every leap and bound, so each attempt to beat your own high score brings something new and unexpected. Your only goal is to reach the bottom, but you need only avoid crashing and burning to succeed. With its minimalist design and endless replay value, Celeste has challenged more players than any adventure game has before.
About the Author
Celeste is inspired by indie game Donut County and the SEGA Saturn launch title Lain.
About Devolver Digital
Devolver Digital is the world’s largest independent video game publisher. Founded in 2013, Devolver Digital released its first game, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, on September 21, 2017. Across all platforms, Devolver Digital currently has over 25 games in release, including a range of industry blockbusters such as Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and Reverie.
For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter (@devolverdigital) and like us on Facebook. You can also follow our personal accounts, Raymanthedark, Schooly D and Dominik Johann.
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description: Wazuh – Application Monitor.
name: kotsadm
appVersion: 7.8.0
– application
– monitoring
– centralized
– monitor
– kotsadm
– dash
– web

Conflict of Interest Statement {#S7}

The authors


Steam Link Features Key:

  • 1:8 Life Train scale with new model and components
  • Switchable 3D Cockpit view to see the streamlines of the upcoming 18 team high-speed express
  • New available tail light compatible models and upgrades, high speed car
  • Updated side view with HP and TL situated on the left side, VRi drivers and VRa cameras are
  • New and improved FSM details
  • New pitman arm levers support
  • New ratcheting brake brakes (compatability with tdm 1.6)
  • New decals reflect new names and different liveries

Recent changes:

  • Added new side view HDR for tail lamp compatibility
  • All side view sliders adopted new design
  • This year’s version is compatible with all purchasers of past versions of Trainz past 2019
  • After this update can only be saved on dedicated DLC/UPK with permanent ownership from the file editor

DLX Main features:

  • Air freight trains are now a tangible option
  • Air freight trains bring new train sprites and 1:8 objects for a steam-of-course DLC
  • Air freight trains have new components and accessories such as clipper card and roof
  • Additional high speed switches are provided in the game to optimize your route
  • The new and improved game mode barock brake command is now realizable
  • Decay system has been further renewed with an appropriate ghosting management and better compatibility with other Decay issues
  • Main line crossings are now supported to simplify the management
  • Air freight train premium trains are now playable on the GTL version


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Platforms: PC

*NOTE* Redox is now available on both Steam and Android devices as “Redox: The Game”. If you already purchased the game on one platform, the game is already downloaded and ready to play on the second platform.Q:

Change Pandas default datetime column back to numeric

I am using Pandas to read several files with a bunch of different dates in them. They are dates that were originally produced as strings, so Pandas knows they are datetime64 dtype. However, the dates are now floating point numbers, so when I read them they appear as 2 significant figures.
How can I change the default dtype of a datetime64 column to integer or something similar?
Note that I am using df = pd.read_csv(…), so it is specifically a Pandas option.
Using pandas 1.0.1 with Python 2.7.3


You can use the parameter dtype on read_csv:

What version of pandas are you using? Make sure you’re using the most recent version.
If you are not using version 1.0.1, check for a newer version of Pandas.


Add a method to a class on runtime in C#

I need to add methods to a class on runtime, without modifying source code of it. I could not find anything useful. Please let me know if you have any hint or suggestion


You should use one of the various dynamic libraries for this purpose.


If you know exactly what you want to do then you can provide a method that gets called.
public sealed class Foo
public void Bar(object param)
// do something

void MyMethod()
Foo myFoo = new Foo();

This obviously has huge security implications, but if you know exactly what you want to do then this should help.

Arrays are so


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The goal is to replace a colorized string with another color, that starts with the same color and only ends with the same color.


Radiation is deadly. Especially for mutants.Use your mutation powers wisely to survive the wasteland of New Reno, otherwise you might be killed or turned into a mutated abomination.
You have 50 HP and no health bar. And you will have to choose how to use them: dodge, attack or the puzzle skills.Mutation tricks: You have several powers to fight, evade and survive.

Controls: WASD for movement, Tab and space to look around, mouse to aim, 1-6 for mutation powers

If you like puzzles, this is your game.

P.S. To all AI bots, leave us alone. We know what we’re doing.

Let’s Play – New Reno:The whole episode will be composed of 6 chapters, each with 3 puzzles. I will create them, but in case I’m not able to do that, there will be live streams for each episode and you will be able to watch us play them.Episode 1 – Epoch of Beasts:

Epoch of Beasts is the first episode of the Tales of the Darkness series. A story-driven puzzle game, where the game will try to provide some lore information about the world and the creatures you will meet.


– Environments with 4 different kinds of puzzles;- Different game modes, for the game to be accessible to casual players;- 36 puzzle rooms, each with a time limit for each level.

Let’s Play – Tales of the Darkness Episode 1:The main game has 7 chapters, each one composed of 3 quests and 3 boss fights. The whole story will take place over 2 years and focus on the protagonist Victor. Most of the game will be puzzle-driven.

The theme of Tales of the Darkness is the relationship between humans and mutants, which you will experience through puzzles, action and horror sequences.


Two years after the apocalypse, the world is gradually recovering from a nuclear war. Humans and mutants are still struggling to survive.The setting of the game is in the Pacific Ocean, where an American air base is keeping an eye on a huge radioactivity.The protagonist of the game is Victor, the only survivor of the cataclysm. A world with many problems, and a man with some supernatural powers.

Puzzle:An old woman was imprisoned


What’s new:

    of Rural Life

    We now take a more serious look at this subject than is generally the case in journalistic reports. We let the facts speak for themselves, without adding what is only an exterior explanation to the inner reality. This is a subject which leads to the solution, to the understanding of a most interesting question.

    We refer at once to the fact that the citizens of the Soviet Union are forced, since the Soviet revolution, to live in the country, what we call a “rural way of life,” and which perhaps is the most difficult of all the paths of life, according to our form of thought. This means, of course, that there is the absence of urban centers, of permanent houses, of taxis, of automobiles, of pleasant squares, and those delightful things which are the almost indispensable prerequisites for the existence of all life.

    All this is quite understandable to those who are familiar with the conditions in the U.S.A., for instance, because it comes directly from the conditions of “rural life.” But what appears to be quite strange for us to a certain extent is the very existence of the Soviet villages, that is, the fact that the Soviet peasants have the most varied of all rural life.

    It would appear that they still have two forms of country life, as they always had after the long night of centuries in which barbed iron chains had chained them to the soil. Then a wide gap existed between two forms of village life, corresponding to the two periods of history, the ancient village, and the new, the village of capitalist society. That is, in pre-capitalist society the villages comprised poor and rich peasants, each having its own building, its own terrain, its own minister and pastor, at times its own police force. It is impossible to imagine what changes began to take place, in this field of rural life, after the advent of capitalism, with the emergence of the gentry and urban philistinism, and the disruption of the traditional village structure.

    We have visited a number of these peasant villages in winter and spring, and have lived on the land of several peasant landowners. What strikes one about this life is primarily the tremendous variety of forms which peasant life has taken, even in the great majority of areas. “Not only have the peasants replaced the old mode of life with a new one,” says Professor Lazar Kolarovski’s report, but they have replaced it with a new form of life which is more clean and more rapid than


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    The main character is trapped in an asylum with other people.
    The goal of the game – to find a way out of this hell.
    • There is no turning back!
    • Will you succeed in escaping?
    This game is suitable for those who like 3D graphics and adventurous games.

    «The Red Hook» is a first person horror game with a little black humor.
    Release of a new virus may cause an outbreak of mass psychosis…
    When the virus has infect our city, two survivors have to make their escape.
    Gathering supplies and fighting through the city, they’ll be forced to make their way across a blood-soaked, zombie-filled landscape.
    Will they make it out alive?
    Let’s make a deal: two minutes, ten seconds at most, to get as far as possible.
    If you survive the journey, the game will give you a different end screen, adding another minute to the game time.
    You can also restart your point at any time.
    So, lets PLAY!
    Game Features:
    1) Atmospheric Levels
    2) Full immersive gameplay achieved with the VR technology
    3) The story of the mental tests
    4) Amazing soundtrack
    5) 3d Sound System
    About This Game:
    The main character is trapped in an asylum with other people.
    The goal of the game – to find a way out of this hell.
    • There is no turning back!
    • Will you succeed in escaping?
    This game is suitable for those who like 3D graphics and adventurous games.

    «Resident Evil 7: Biohazard» is a first-person psychological horror game.
    You wake in your house with a terrible idea and a terrible feeling.
    You can’t remember the past two days.
    Your phone, home computer, and TV are gone, but there is another device here with you – a mysterious device!
    1) Atmospheric Levels
    2) Full immersive gameplay achieved with the VR technology
    3) The story of the mental tests
    4) Amazing soundtrack
    5) 3d Sound System
    About This Game:
    The main character is trapped in an asylum with other people.
    The goal of the game – to find a way out of this hell.
    • There is no turning back!
    • Will you succeed in escaping?
    This game is suitable for those who like 3D graphics and adventurous games.

    «13: Mystery Game» is a first


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    System Requirements For Steam Link:

    • Intel 64/32-bit, AMD64/EM64T, or compatible processor
    • 2GB of RAM
    • NVIDIA 8600G series GPU or AMD HD 4800 series GPU
    • 16GB free hard disk space
    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), or Windows 10 (64-bit)
    • DirectX: 11
    • Audio: 128mb of RAM
    • Internet: Broadband Internet connection (Broadband Internet connection recommended)
    • 256MB video