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Increasing the browsing speed and being able to achieve faster downloads and uploads are some of the goals that many users strive to attain. Especially when on a dial-up or DSL connection, a boost in these matters is actually a big deal.
One of the many specialized utilities that claim to be able to perform impressive improvements, insofar as Internet speed is concerned, is called TCP/IP Optimizer. With a simple interface and packing loads of customizable settings, this program makes optimizing network parameters a rather simple job.
The first thing you can adjust from the main window of the application is the connection speed. Then, in case you have several adapters connected to the system, you can choose the one which you wish to tweak.
With TCP/IP Optimizer you also get a series of settings you can select and apply. These are 'Windows Default', 'Current' and 'Optimal'. In case you prefer to adjust anything by hand, simply go for the 'Custom' mode.
While performing the modifications manually, you have at your disposal quite a few options and among them is the possibility to make the changes available for all the network adapters. You can activate MTU discovery and also set the desired value, or let the program provide it, while taking into consideration the usage of a PPPoE network protocol.
TCP/IP Optimizer comes with a set of advanced settings, some of which impact directly on Internet Explorer. Thus, you can set the number of maximum connections per server for IE, the host resolution priority as well as other LAN tweaks.
If the 'Enable Registry Editor' feature is activated from the 'Preferences' menu, yo will be able to modify manually the TCP/IP, Internet, DNS cache and other registry settings from the dedicated tab of the main window.
To conclude with, TCP/IP Optimizer manages to provide an impressive array of customizations that can help anyone make their connection a bit faster without too much efforts.


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TCP IP Optimizer

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CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or better
Windows: Windows 7 64 bit or better
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