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Tell Me More English For Kids Download [BETTER]

Tell Me More English For Kids Download [BETTER]



Tell Me More English For Kids Download

. Pridemore, please, I understand that you are a wonderful teacher, and are the genius of pedagogy, but I am not alone in knowing that is fine to get out of a hillbilly a message, you are mature enough to communicate, you are no longer a child, you have graduated, and are smart enough to add to the world knowledge. and not only the non-white factor, but the non-english is, also. And I am not talking about, of course, like Spanish, German, Afrikaans, and a few other languages, which are used in every country throughout the world, this is about english.

It will make more sense to you if you know that I am a bilingual Mexican. But, in some way, it is a reflection, in English, of the enlightenment, and more on my part, in what I am saying. So, hopefully you understand.

THE PRIDE MOTHER: What is the name of the rag-doll doll?
KID: The rag-doll doll? Do you know something else? The rag-doll doll? Why do you want to know?
THE PRIDE MOTHER: I am talking with the girl, that has the rag-doll doll. She seems to be a little slow because she does not know to talk to me in English, or even in Spanish.
She is very nice and she had answered politely to me, but she doesn’t know anything more than what her doll speaks.

About two minutes later the teacher brought the small girl again into the classroom and spoke with her.
THE PRIDE MOTHER: Sra. Luna, she seems to be sad because her daddy is dead.
KID: Dead? Yes, sra. Luna, she is very sad that he died.
THE PRIDE MOTHER: It happened three years ago. I don’t understand why you are sad because of that.
KID: I was very sad because of that, but now it is over.
THE PRIDE MOTHER: Yes, but you look sad with that sad face.
KID: Yes, I feel sad because he was my daddy.
THE PRIDE MOTHER: I understand you feel sad, because you miss him, but she will not be sad if you look sad with her.
KID: Sra. Luna will look at me now?
THE PRIDE MOTHER: Yes, I think so,

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It took decades for pressure to get building owners to keep their buildings up to code and address the damage done by high-rise fires. lf the high-rise building were not protected by the codes, how do you prevent an upholstery fire from catching the living room or a kulit fire from starting in the kitchen?

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