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Nocturnal Dreams is a horror-themed atmospheric 3D adventure game. Based on the novel by Vlad Dobrev, the game puts you in the shoes of an ordinary person faced with a mysterious supernatural phenomenon.
Key Features:
– A strange nightmare that could be true
– Protect your body and soul
– Survive in the dark night and face the unknown horror
– A 3D action survival game
– Horrific interactive story
– Mixing action, exploration, puzzles, and horror
– Modern graphics. No annoying pixel farting
– Simple controls and game design
– Unique atmospheric and chilling music

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“More than a mere survival horror game, the “Nocturnal Dreams” DLC is, as Vlad Dobrev himself describes it, “a haunting story about this particular human being’s fate in a parallel world.” “Nightmare: A New Dawn” is a game where your path to survival isn’t necessarily a direct one and instead, takes you into a haunting world of ghostly beings.” – Extra Bases

About This Game

In this DLC you find full soundtrack from the game.

Nocturnal Dreams is a horror-themed atmospheric 3D adventure game. Based on the novel by Vlad Dobrev, the game puts you in the shoes of an ordinary person faced with a mysterious supernatural phenomenon.

Key Features:

A strange nightmare that could be true

Protect your body and soul

Survive in the dark night and face the unknown horror

A 3D action survival game

Horrific interactive story

Mixing action, exploration, puzzles, and horror

Modern graphics. No annoying pixel farting

Simple controls and game design

Unique atmospheric and chilling music.

Two new weapons in the game:

Golem’s Head Dagger

Golem’s Head Dagger – Kills the enemies with all heads.

As a golem is a kind of creatures created by the alchemist, you can change their appearance with the Golem’s Head Dagger.

With the Golem’s Head Dagger you can break the objects with wooden heads and pierce the metal, even the thick walls, so it is very useful.

The Golems are a kind of monsters in the nocturnal world which were created by alchemist and are similar to the werewolf.

Golem’s Head


Third Exit Features Key:

  • 50 Game levels
  • 50 Game missions
  • Freeze the game
  • Visual modes
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    Apfel is a cute and lovable monkey in a story told through… you.
    At the beginning of each chapter, you wake up in the world of “Monkey Kingdom,” and you are greeted by your chattering and witty monkey-servant, Jack. You are then greeted by charming fish people and are asked to help these fish people solve some of their problems, while making the most of your life in the Monkey Kingdom. In this world, each day has a numbered chapter, with each chapter corresponding to a different day of the week. You have to gather different parts of beans to collect gold and buy important materials such as steel and stone to help you when solving some problems.
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    What’s new in Third Exit:

    There is currently a ninja mission that you have to complete to get an extra coin. You can’t spoil what is required for that mission because it can only be done in party. When it is revealed it is NINE party members required. Which means that all nine of you have to find the mission in the original PSP version, very few of which actually have that extra mission at this point. Also the party has its own difficulties and is never 100% probability of success. Anyway, on to the actual objective – There are 25 limbs in a row to collect. You can’t grab them until each limb is assembled or picked up. And if you miss the grab, you must assemble them within 10 seconds or you will fail. I got the chance to rescue a victim once so I can pass on this info – you cannot go back and try at later times. I think you can at a later point if you start again with no success at earlier times but who knows, I’ve only seen that one success. Anyway, if you are going to save a victim you must do one of the following. Below each connection is a brief description of what you must do after you grab the last bionic limb. If you fail to grab the limb, you will have to quickly assemble the limb when it falls down. Here’s how to start:
    1. #3 – #16 Is already known. If you already have the first 8 limbs, skip down to #17.
    2. #17 – #25 – You can do this for extra coins, but you need to go to #12 before doing so, then go to each connection next to the bionic leg you missed to grab.
    3. #32 – #33 – You will need to blast the attached bombs on 3 limbs up. Take a look here for an example.
    4. #34, #36, #37 – Go up the steps. Lots of extra coins.
    5. Go back to step 4 when the statue is in it’s completed position.
    6. #10, #11, #12 – Do NOT go to #10. You need to click #17 when you grab the last leg. Once you reach #17, go up the steps and do these then. In the process of grabbing #17, follow the green light. Once you reach #17 you must go up the stairs. The last monster is where you do this and the two bombs next to it. They won’t blow up unless you click on them.


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    Mac OS

    7.5 and up



    Supported OS

    Windows 7+/8+/10

    Xbox 360®

    Xbox One®

    Amazon Fire™ devices


    Minigames based on Way of Boy: Another Way OST are fully playable with the game

    Rebel Angel

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    How to Play

    Everyone has a chance at winning a Wild Card
    Players who are not in the quest, can challenge
    To win you need to get the Dragon Scales which turn into a Wild Card. The player can then choose one of his allies to send the in a quest with.

    Festival Charity

    Every Festival comes with a collecting game where players collect items. The more you do, the better your score will be. The highest score wins.


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    System Requirements For Third Exit:

    The game can be played on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 systems.
    Graphics card – DirectX 9.0c compatible.
    Processor – 1 GHz, 2.5 GHz
    RAM – 2 GB
    Hard disk space – 10 GB
    DirectX – DirectX 9.0c
    How To Install The Game
    Download the single file and run the setup as administrator.
    Note: If you are installing the game on a shared drive, you must be an administrator of the system to install the game.
    Note: If you


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