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Trebuchet is a TCL cross-platform GUI MUD client, specially designed to be powerful and extensible, yet easy to use.
This client also has support for advanced features, such as SSL encryption, and allowing the server to request custom GUI dialogs.







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Trebuchet is a TCL cross-platform GUI Mud client.
Trebuchet allows you to communicate with your mud server using a very basic set of commands, which can be learned in a matter of minutes.
Apart from the Mud commands, there are about a dozen Tcl extensions to the core, which allow the user to create features such as custom Mud scripts, IRC bots, IRC awareness, two-way private discussions, text-to-speech and much more.
Some of the features which are not included in the standard are available to the Advanced users.
Therefore, it is very easy to make advanced Trebuchet client by compiling or installing the source code.

Slick is an advanced Point of View (POV) and inventory system for role playing games such as MUDs, MMORPGs, CCGs, MMOs and others. Slick was originally developed as an Open Source plug-in for the text-based MUD client called EVEmud. A later goal was to continue development as a stand-alone program.

Taint – Live code execution protection (based on Taint Analysis)

Taint allows you to prevent certain operations (such as deletion, creation, or moving objects) from taking place, depending on the set of rules you define. For example, when an object is created or deleted, you can set up a Taint rule which blocks this action based on the type of object being modified. Similarly, you can set up Taint rules that limit what actions can be performed (such as changing the color of a block) on certain types of objects.

Vima – A Cross-platform GUI MUD Client
Vima is a MUD client, based on the C++ SDK for the Teeworlds engine.
Vima has been developed as open source, in order to make it easy to make your own version of the client for your own MUD.


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Direct3D9 – How to Destroy an IDirect3D9 Device?

I’m working on a project using Direct3D9, which has a set of IDs – a camera, a lighting effect, a lighting effect shader, etc.
Currently, I’m able to successfully create a IDirect3D9Device and create a shader using the CreateShaderFromFile(). However, I’m not sure what I have to do to free

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Trebuchet allows you to connect to any MUD and receive a set of messages,
similar to a traditional text-based MUD client.
Trebuchet is available on the following platforms:
– Windows
– Linux
– Mac OS X
– Z11 (Tcl/Tk)
– AmigaOS4 (Tcl/Tk)
– IRIX (Tcl/Tk)
Tk is a widget toolkit which provides an integrated development environment. It also provides an integrated development system. Tk is a toolkit that provides a framework for building graphical user interfaces. This program is available for a number of computer platforms, including Acorn RISC OS, IBM OS/2, Apple Macintosh, SGI IRIX, Sun Linux, Sun Solaris, and others, and has been ported to other platforms.
Tcl is a general purpose programming language which was developed at the University of Tennessee and has evolved over many years, with the latest version (Tcl 8.5) published in 1995. Tcl is a language which handles command line interfaces. Tcl and Tk are similar in a number of ways – both are powerful and compact languages for writing small programs, both encourage rapid development and are fast and easy to write in, both have interesting and occasionally obscure features which can be used effectively in a language with limited power, and both can run and be used on a wide variety of platforms.
Tcl/Tk is a cross-platform toolkit (the name stems from Tcl/Tk running on any platform) of utilities and an interpreted language written in Tcl/Tk, which is similar to the C language with features such as dynamic arrays, class inheritance, and access to C routines, including the standard library. Its syntax is quite similar to C with an additional namespace, the Tcl language, and a small number of keywords of user-defined data types. It is considered to be a high-level language, although to be more accurate it is a compiled scripting language.
Tcl/Tk adds a number of keywords to the C language and adds support for functions, classes, and structures; the package structure is similar to that of the C language. Tcl/Tk is designed for the Unix programming environment, but it can be ported to many systems, including Windows. Due to its object-oriented nature and the strong integration of its language with the interpreted language that is Tcl,

Trebuchet Tk Free

Trebuchet is a TCL/TK cross-platform GUI MUD client. Its specialized to be fast, easy to use, and has a powerful extensible architecture.
It uses the tcl/tk framework, and combines the power of an advanced full-featured
3D client with a simple and elegant interface and a comfortable environment to play with your
Trebuchet is designed to be a great cross-platform client with a very simple and sophisticated GUI, but don’t let the GUI fool you: this is a full-featured MUD client.
Trebuchet is quite special to the point that it can not be called only a GUI client. It has also advanced features such as:
– main window dragging, resizing and moving
– full keyboard control, including multiple keyboard layouts
– multi-resizable windows
– customized colors and fonts and more.
Trebuchet is designed to be as powerful as a cross-platform GUI client can be, specially designed to be very extensible and flexible.
Trebuchet can be customized to suit the user’s needs, as many things are configurable through a Tcl/Tk DLL and a series of API’s.
This aspect is very important, as it allows players to make their client as they like, no matter how powerful it is.
Besides its extensible design, you can even make your own interface, or completely redesign the GUI interface that looks ugly and messy to you.
1- Auto-refresh
2- Showing the current user name, title, action bars, etc. when it is the correct one.
3- Changing the background in screenshots
4- Complete theme changer. Theme means a different look for your mud. You can change the font, the panel colours and many other things.
5- An option to hide, move and resize windows.
6- Complete custom skinning, you can make a skin as you like and make your mud look exactly how you want.
7- A customizable engine plugin, giving the capability to the user to insert custom code in the server to achieve the kind of tasks he wants.
8- Fully multi-language support
9- Can save any picture in any format.
10- Screen capture during the game.
11- Align windows in a grid.
12- Supports MUD scenarios running in a virtual machine.
13- Advanced configuration, allowing you to set many

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Trebuchet has been built to be robust, yet flexible for use as a…

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Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015 (including Visual Studio Community Edition)
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Windows 8/8.1/10 compatible display with at least 1024 x 768 resolution
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To install and build the software, you must have a good knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015 (including Visual Studio Community Edition).
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