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WAPT Pro is a Web Application Performance tool that makes testing your site’s performance easy and fun. Now anyone can launch a fully customized load test on a variety of platforms and browsers and quickly and easily gather valuable data. WAPT Pro includes over 50 prebuilt tests that help you get your site running at its best, and allows you to:
– Select any page of a Web site
– Configure the test variables
– Visualize results
– Export results and log files
– Run multiple tests simultaneously
WAPT Pro Features:
Fully customizable for load and stress testing
Run tests on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix
Converts server load to client load
Support for browsers, desktop apps, REST/SOAP services, and native apps
Capture and Analyze Net Traffic
Support for HTTP, FTP, MySQL, MSSQL, and File Sharing protocols
Capture and Analyze Website User Experience
Support for E-commerce, Forms, Hybrid, and Flash
Includes a Free Trial
More about WAPT Pro:
WAPT Pro is a full-featured performance testing and monitoring software suite for your web projects. One can use it to perform load and stress tests, get stats on performance, and compare different browsers and platforms.
WAPT Pro is a web application performance tool. It can perform website load test using various protocols like HTTP, FTP, MySQL, and MSSQL. It records all the activity, including time-outs, error rates, and even supports chats and instant messaging protocols.
WAPT Pro can run multiple tests at the same time. It supports over 50 prebuilt tests that you can pick from the gallery for detailed testing. The application is cloud based which means it can test websites hosted on multiple cloud servers at the same time. It runs on windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix.
WAPT Pro can convert server load to client load for better results. It can also identify differences between client requests and server responses. It can generate charts, reports and graphs. It can also capture and analyze website user experience. It can perform benchmarks on web crawlers, user agents, and web browsers. It can test against cookies and session management. It can compare security options against cookies, URL paths, and IP address. It can even capture which AJAX requests are being made and what the URLs are for.
WAPT Pro supports over 35 different protocols including HTTP, MySQL, REST, FTP,

WAPT Pro Crack + [2022]

WAPT Pro gives you the power to test the performance of websites, applications and servers, anytime, anywhere, with unlimited iterations and remote tests with clients. It is an all-in-one software test tool for browser and web app tests, benchmarks, load tests, stress tests and capacity tests on all supported platforms – Web, iOS and Android.
With more than 150 settings and options to customize you can turn the software into a multifaceted application suitable for developers, testers, and even end users.
It’s simple. No need to be a coding genius to develop web pages, iOS or Android apps. It’s straightforward and fast. Have the power to test without limits, run unlimited scenarios, emulate users, add real data, automate test execution and get results in real time.
WAPT Pro is built in from the ground up for performance testing. Test locations are distributed by an in-memory distributed database, there is no lag when switching between web testing, iOS and Android testing. The main screen has a quick access button for directly opening the most frequently used test scenarios and tabs for automating the test execution and defining the necessary variables. It’s fast. The average response time is less than 3.2 seconds, and 99.86% of the tests passed.
WAPT Pro can run unlimited iterations. No waiting for results. Tests can be executed remotely without downloading the software. The software has two test modes: the Standard Mode for normal tests and the Low Performance Mode for very low-load tests.
You can define any number of scenarios and test them until completion without the need to stop and restart the test. New scenarios are integrated into the database as and when they are created. The interface is flexible, intuitive, and responsive. WAPT Pro is simple to use and provides a feature-rich set of test capabilities for web, mobile, and server applications.
What’s New in Version 2.0.1:
• Fixed some issues related to automatic copy and paste of items in the Windows Taskbar
The software can now be downloaded without the trial installation option.
The Welcome window is simplified.
WAPT Pro Key Features:
• Automated app testing.
• All browser and web application tests in one easy-to-use software.
• Load test.
• Capacity test.
• Stress test.
• Analysis report.
• Unparalleled testing flexibility.
• Unlimited iterations.
• Runs tests remotely over


WAPT Pro is a fully featured load and performance testing software, useful for the users of Web applications and websites. It is meant to be a complete multipurpose benchmarking tool, in addition to the well-known Selenium and WebScarab load testers.
WAPT Pro combines test scenarios creation with the automation of realistic user interactions with Web applications, and the option to automate background load generating techniques. It is also a sophisticated JavaScript code analyzer, and its results can be graphically visualized via high performance charts and reports.
WAPT Pro was awarded with the best Server Product by one of the top ten IT companies, it is highly rated and recommended among other WAPT users.
Components included in the package:
WAPT Pro is a product consisting of the following components:
1. The Wizard for creating scenarios
You can select a “Trial edition” of WAPT Pro and run a scenario creator wizard to create tests. A typical scenario creator wizard will look like this
The main window will contain the following elements
1. Startup:
– Manage servers and load agents
– Define startup parameters for a specific host
– Create a new scenario and select a server
2. Scenarios:
– Launch a performance test scenario
– Open the settings window
– Create, edit or delete a test scenario
3. Manage results:
– Preview and export a test scenario result
– Define a new result with a new name
– Define a result path
– Add result to the scenario results
– Transfer test results
– Transfer test results to clipboard
– Create a new result
– Define a new result
– Add result to the scenario results
– Transfer test results to clipboard
– Transfer test results to clipboard
4. Reporting:
– Export a report
– Create a report
– Define a report and path
– Export a report with provided path
– Export a report with desired path
– Export a report to clipboard
– Open a CSV file in Word or Excel
5. Running:
– Automatically run a scenario
– Automatically run a test scenario
– Start a performance test scenario manually
– Stop a test scenario
– Close a scenario
– Run a test scenario for a specified number of seconds
– Continue a test scenario
– Stop a test scenario
– Run a test scenario for a specified number of seconds
– Stop a test scenario
– Start the test from

What’s New In WAPT Pro?

WAPT Pro is a software tool, which can run benchmarking, stress, endurance and other performance tests in many popular browsers on servers, web applications, and websites. WAPT is based on unique technology, which allows simulating real users’ activities using virtual user sessions. WAPT Pro contains all necessary features for launching the test scenario, controlling the load agents (load emulators) and analyzing the results.

Key Features

1. Proxy: – IP Spoofing, HTTP Authentication
2. Adaptive: – From HTTP/1.0 to HTTP/1.1, SSL (TLS/1.0, TLS/1.1)
3. Test in Any Browser: – Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera
4. Simulation of Real World Usage: – PHP – NGinx, Apache, Webmin, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, CCK, MySQL, and many others
5. Rich Results: – Full-Page Profiles, Dynamic Ajax-Enabled Profiles, Page-Load Profiles, Mutation Profiles, Memory Profile, Latency Profile, Server Health Profiles, etc.
6. Real-Time Observation: – Logs, Real-Time Charts, Exported Profiles
7. Split Profiles: – Distributed to Multiple Servers, Multiple Profiles on Single Server, Multiple Profiles on Separate Servers, Profiles on Different Platforms, etc.
8. Powerful Control Over Agents: – Agents can be started, stopped, restarted
9. System Information: – IO/CPU/Memory/Network/HTTP Traffic Graphs
10. Enterprise Agnostic: – Any Server, Any Web Application, Any Browser, Java, Ruby, etc.
11. Mutation Testing: – Unperformant DOM Elements, Unperformant CSS Styles, Unperformant Images, Unperformant Scripts, etc.
12. Hardware Independent: – Automatically pick appropriate Load Agents for the given device

Web Application Performance Toolkit (WAPT) Pro 4.4.15

Web Application Performance Testing Tool (WAPT) Pro is a web application performance testing tool that automates the task of performing and validating performance tests on web applications and servers. The web application performance testing tool eliminates the need to individually perform the tasks of downloading a page from a web server, running a browser and performing the performance test on the page. WAPT

System Requirements For WAPT Pro:

Vulkan – support Vulkan API, AMD GPU family 14.x, NVidia GPU family 12.x.
Minimum OpenGL version: 4.0
Petra is a new and fresh open-source 3D engine that was developed at the beginning of 2017 with the goal to provide an independent engine that fits all kind of requirements.
Petra is not another clone, but a completely new 3D engine with a completely new philosophy, a completely different architecture, and the promise of lots of different features, open-source of course.