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published:06 Mar 2018


The doll maker in Best BoyfriendEver has a new creation: Kathy, a sexy blond in a pink bikini. But Johnny is worried that Kathy is too sexy and he gave the project to Ken on a bet, so Ken has to test drive Kathy. But when Johnny comes to pick up Kathy, he finds his way blocked by Ken and the guard dog, Oliver.
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The doll maker in Best BoyfriendEver has a new creation: Kathy, a sexy blond in a pink bikini. But Johnny is worried that Kathy is too sexy and he gave the project to Ken on a bet, so Ken has to test drive Kathy. But when Johnny comes to pick up Kathy, he finds his way blocked by Ken and the guard dog, Oliver.

I have been having some good times with girls. I have been on a “best boyfriend” quest for a girl called Jaclyn to be my girlfriend, but it is not looking like it is going to happen. I have been playing with different girls in the freeplay of Roblox but it is all fun and games where I don’t get much in return, but then again I have


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published:23 Mar 2018


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published:24 Jun 2017


Top mobile strategy game for iPhone is now called ROGUE WARS and its here!
ROGUE WARS by Gameloft |
UPDATED REVIEW 11/2018: Now also available on iPad.
I’ve been playing around on the trial version of ROGUE WARS, and on this video, I’ll be showing you how it’s played and give my thoughts on the game, as I play through a few of the missions. I’m beginning this video by playing one of the tutorial missions and the game seems like a blend between X-COM and the mobile Mafia series.
Let me know if this game has been any good and what if the missions are enjoyable enough to continue playing to level and unlock the rest of the game.
If you would like to read more about ROGUE WARS, then visit

published:28 Apr 2017


A game that has a good balance of survival and strategy, Third ReichNation is an awesome game to play and is also fun to watch.
Winning a mission gives you Producitons Points, which increase the flow of points and resources to you. You can sell these resources but the majority of the game is paid in-game, for the ability to use up to three vehicles.
The game also allows you to research all available options of vehicles, ranging from least expensive (turbo hovercraft) to most expensive (player choice). The research cost is less of a concern in this game. These things all cost money, but the game is nice enough, that it’s not a major issue.
Player 1 (the left screen) focuses


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Kukinu is the most popular browser based video game, where you play as a penguin jumping from iceberg to iceberg to reach the open sea. Play as a 2D platformer, with controls similar to Super Mario Bros.

Kukinu is an easy to play board game you can play on your mobile device, PC or Mac. It’s awesome multiplayer and single player mode. Play as a bug, a fruit or the worst monster you can imagine.

This week we’re releasing a new game in the Monster Playshop. This time it’s a 3D game called “Monster Race”. The Monsters Race is a multiplayer game where the players race to the finish line. The winner receives the most points in the race. If you become

Ingress is an open world free-to-play multiplayer game, allowing players to create their own portal and become an adventurer as they explore a variety of locations. Create your own portal, join one of the 50+ cities, discover new experiences and

Gamers around the world are playing a classic and favorite puzzle game, Tetris. The game can be played in various modes and landscapes.
The best multiplayer games play is to be played on iOS & Android devices.

It’s free MMORPG that is fun, fresh and unforgettable, where you can enjoy heroes, monsters, quests and more than 10 different types of weapons that can be used to slay the enmies. It’s a free to play game and all the players can play for free.

Welcome to a great puzzle game Tetris where you play as a cube, and have to fit falling blocks on the blocks that are already on the play field. Once your blocks are matched your cube will disappear and move down the screen, you then have to match

One of the greatest games online, and one of the most fun online games with a solid community, easy to play and will keep your adrenaline pumping for a long time to come.
The best free to play, fast racing & shooting game with more than 50 vehicles.

“The best game in the wild!
In Wild Gladiators, you must use the skills of a warrior to fight deadly enemies and capture the open world of dungeons, capture points, and mines to become the greatest warrior.

The Best Arcade, Shooter, and Sports Games for Android.


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System Requirements:

If you don’t know what roblox is you may not want to download this application, if you do please read the notes on how to install before opening the application.


-Download-Follow these instructions to use with your PC and to the best of your ability. – Try not to use emulators and stuff that don’t let you use hdmi, if you don’t then use it on the device. – I have been tinkering around with java, in the old days I was an expert in this game world so I know a thing or two about java. So I say i tried but there is nothing guaranteed. -If you get stuck see what’s going on in roblox even when you are getting Error 3. -If that does not help then post in the comments section. -If there is any sort of question about the application let me know. -Nothing will corrupt your device if you mess up. -A message in roblox chat about how you use this still has to be done. -There is also a sticky post to this in the forum. -Remember to send this in the thread about it so I know where to post it (the post in this is not stickied until I do that).



As of Version 0.4.5 you should no longer need to be connected to ROBLOX to change overdrive status. A new file has been added named “overdrive.txt” that needs to be opened with your favorite text editor. The ROBLOX ID number is also need to change overdrive status from the file that is on the ROBLOX API folder. Just change that one number to the current ROBLOX ID (e.g. if your ROBLOX ID is 80 and you want overdrive to be 100 make your number 100.) Even when you upload a file to ROBLOX it must also be changed to the current ROBLOX ID. This is to ensure the game does not have any file restrictions. If the overdrive status is incorrect or if you want to use it with a different ROBLOX ID please message me that you used this or visit the website. The latest version of this App includes a small page called ‘Overdrive Guide’. If you want to download the GPX file needed to manage your GPX settings or move between


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