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Boundless Inspiration

Boundless Inspiration

For a long time now, friends and acquaintances have told me I must create a blog. I must share my knowledge and my skills online. I must tell my stories to a global audience. At last, I have decided they are right!


This blog gives me the unique opportunity to do so many things: share what’s on my mind, offer my world view, and express my thoughts about world issues and how we can all lead a better life.

But even more than that, on this blog I can expand my life-long goal to learn from others. You see, I want to both share and receive. I want to learn from people across the globe as much as I want to help people all over the world.


I also receive a great many emails from people, and I hope to answer many of the questions in these emails on this public forum. (Have a question of your own? Email me at

In addition, I, as an African, want to give back to Africa by helping the world focus on her – and find boundless inspiration.

Let us open our minds to each other!


Africa – Her Time to Inspire