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Download Xl Miner for Windows 7 from reliable source with 100% safe and fast download.In my EUCv2 adventure, a lot of memory is spent during region parsing. The idea being that it’s OK if regions are available after the 2nd command and parsing is fast enough.

That in turn means that what must be parsed is strictly limited by the amount of memory available.

Meaning that the more 1st level commands there are, the more memory is consumed.

Heck, I even tried to read my input file starting with linefeeds, but that made parsing even slower.

Well, things are about to change a bit thanks to CMake 2.8.3, which adds region support in CMake 3.0. That said, I figured it’s time to release a little utility to help us use it.

It’s called cpnf.cmake and it adds the following variables to CMake 3.0:

CMAKE_REGION_PARSER_PATH defines where CMake is looking for the region parsing

CMAKE_REGION_PARSER_DEBUG is used to activate verbose output when running the region parser

CMAKE_REGION_PARSER_PATTERNS defines a list of files containing patterns which

should be the first line of a region (or should be ignored altogether)

CMAKE_REGION_PARSER_REGION_SCAN_DEBUG set the behaviour of the region parser when it finds a region line (default is in turn to show it)

An example of usage

cmake_minimum_required ( 3 ) add_executable ( corec “main.cpp” “corec.cpp” ) target_sources ( corec PRIVATE “corec.cpp” ) target_link_libraries ( corec PRIVATE cpnf c ) include ( cppcmake / cmake_defines.cmake ) cppcmake_defines ( ) ; # We could also use a CMakeLists.txt in this directory: cppcmake_defines ( ) ;

And that’s it. It’s also available as a git submodule of my EUCv2 project: If you

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