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Young Samurai The Ring Of Sky Epub Free [BEST] 179

Young Samurai The Ring Of Sky Epub Free [BEST] 179


Young Samurai The Ring Of Sky Epub Free 179

WikiGiraffe Young Samurai The Ring Of Sky Epub Free 179OH MY GOOOOODDDDDDDD
I had this pinned for almost a week, and I finally caved because I wanted to comment on this!
The hat makes it look like OP’s lashes are doing an extra-detailed “pointed out look”, like it’s supposed to be REALLY pushed forward and outwards and not just the end of her lashes.

This is a very cute look, like how I would draw OP.
What you need
– You need the eyeshadow pencil in black, it’s called Liquid Eyeliner, by Priscilla \B\C ( It’s a pencil eyeliner, not an eyelash pencil. You may think that you can use it as an eyelash pencil for some sort of “push your lash outwards” look, but it’s not, so don’t try that.)
– You need this cream eyeliner in black(obviously, any black eyeliner would do)
-A black makeup sponge
– A Beauty Blender or a cream blender
– A brush that you don’t use every day, or else you’ll use it to blend your eyeshadow, because it will get messy (I recommend a Beauty Blender. It’s pretty much like a pancake blender, but it can be used with eyeshadows and creams. You can get one at target)
-A container
-Eyebrow gel
-Your favorite primer
-You need to primer, or at least use a primer


Step 1: Apply the eyeliner pencil all over your eyelid, making sure it’s a point at the lash line.
Step 2: Use a creamy or sponge eyeliner to build up black all over the area, or smudgy it, whatever you prefer.
Step 3: Once your foundation is on, and your brows are set, find your favorite primer, and apply that over your eyelid.
Step 4: Using a darker eyeliner pencil, make sure to go right up to the lash line, which should be easy to do, since it’s a pretty thick eyeliner, and then smudge it with a brush and the cream

So a young boy should not be expected to spend all day putting together this puzzle to get a reward he is only entitled to .
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