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ZebNet Backup For Opera Mail Free Crack + Registration Code [Win/Mac] [April-2022]

1. Make a backup copy of your Opera mail profile(Opera Mail.uxt files)
2. Recover from backup files(The backup files is zbx files)
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ZebNet Backup For Opera Mail Free Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code (Final 2022)

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ZebNet Backup For Opera Mail Free Crack+ Download

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What’s New In ZebNet Backup For Opera Mail Free?

zebNet Backup for Opera Mail Free is an easy to understand software solution that was designed with the purpose of helping you create copies of your Opera Mail profile, enabling you to reinstate it with minimal effort, in case something causes you to lose the original configuration.
Simple and compact appearance
The application features a small, non-resizable window as its main interface, comprising the two functions that it provides you with, namely ‘Backup Your Files’ and ‘Recover Your Files’.
As such, you can easily click on whichever you need to work with and follow the instructions to complete the operation.
Swiftly backup your Opera Mail profile or restore it from a previously created file
zebNet Backup for Opera Mail Free requires you to have the email client on your PC, otherwise it is unable to work properly. Not even the portable version will suffice, so make sure your system meets this prerequisite.
In order to create a duplicate copy of profile, you just need to pick the corresponding function from the main window of the program, then opt for a save location for the ZBFX file that will be created. Pressing the ‘Backup Now’ button starts the process, while a progress bar keeps you informed about the task’s completion level.
At the same time, zebNet Backup for Opera Mail Free also lets you restore a previously created file by opening the source ZBFX into the dedicated field of the ‘Recovery’ section. If multiple options are available, you can choose the most recent one, thanks to the timestamped name of each file. To finalize the operation, you can press ‘Recover Now’.
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System Requirements For ZebNet Backup For Opera Mail Free:

Version 7.0 or later
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Linux (32-bit):
Debian 4.0 or higher
Debian (64-bit):
I haven’t tested this out on Mac OS X yet, but I’m guessing it should work.
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