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Photoshop is not just for commercial use; it is also for professionals, teachers, student photographers, and digital artists. This chapter takes you through Photoshop basics to help you work with the program to learn how to create, apply, and manipulate various kinds of photographic images. However, as you work your way through the chapters of this book, you may find you have to expand your knowledge. The newer features of Photoshop are there to help you obtain new and creative ways to create artistic images. So remember: the best way to learn any program, including Photoshop, is to use it. If you want to use Photoshop for commercial or experimental purposes, get a copy of Photoshop Elements, which is a simplified version of Photoshop.

Understanding the basic concepts

Photoshop and other modern graphics programs are relatively easy to use, but you still must have a basic understanding of a few important terms and concepts to work with the software effectively. This section guides you through the basics of creating and manipulating images.

Understanding colors

Color theory is the study of the interaction of light with a color’s spectrum (the range of its varying hues and shades) to determine which hues the colors of the spectrum appear and how colors mix with one another. Understanding this aspect of color is important in creating pictures and in playing with color in various images. You can read more about color and color theory in Books I and II.

Creating images

Photoshop has four main editing tools: Move, Crop, Fill, and Edit. These tools let you create, edit, and manipulate images:

• Move: This tool moves the active (selected) object or area relative to the background. The Move tool allows you to drag and drop object or area in the screen.

• Crop: This tool lets you cut or trim the selected area (represented by a box in the image) to remove parts of an image to isolate the area.

• Fill: This tool is used to change the color of the entire image or certain areas within the image. You can fill in an area with any color you want.

• Edit: This tool is used to modify the characteristics of an image, such as its brightness, contrast, or color balance. You can create and apply filters to your image, as well as use other image-editing features.

Adding layers

A layer is the group of pixels that makes up a single unit in an image file (a picture). When you work in Photoshop,

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Download Photoshop Elements 2019, which comes with many freebies along with commercial ones. Some of them include:

Adobe Photoshop is considered the most powerful photo editing software in the world. It has features that other apps don’t have. It is used to edit and manipulate photos, create special effects, add color to black and white pictures, create composites, edit RAW photos, and so much more. It has become the go-to software for most creative professionals.

But getting accustomed to the feature-rich software can take months for most people. If you’re just a casual photographer or graphic designer who needs quick access to basic photo editing tools, you may want to try Adobe Photoshop Elements, which is powered by Photoshop and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a great app for beginners and amateur photographers. But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. It’s no Photoshop, and you can’t use all of the advanced features, but you can achieve awesome results.

It’s most commonly used for simple things like splitting images and removing noise from pictures. More advanced users can edit RAW files, but that’s a dedicated chapter for an article of its own.

This article will explore the basics and advanced features of Adobe Photoshop Elements. We’ll be discussing each feature and how it works. You’ll also learn how to use some of the Photoshop Elements’ many tools and how to create some cool effects and perfect images with them.

Further, you’ll find information on how to get the best from your images and how to enjoy Photoshop Elements as a creative tool rather than a photo editor.

Is Photoshop Elements Worth Your Time?

You can download the software for free. But you can also get a full version that will keep you using the software for years. You can choose between the following:

Photoshop Elements 15 – Full Version $89.99

Photoshop Elements 15 Special Edition – Full Version $79.99

Before You Begin

Before you begin, it’s important to know that most of the cool Photoshop Elements tools are reserved for the paid version.

Though Photoshop Elements doesn’t have the majority of Photoshop’s tools, it does have lots of them. That means you can still use a tool in Photoshop to edit photos while you’re editing photos in Elements.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Version 19 With Serial Key

The **Eraser** tool allows you to slowly remove pixels from an image. The Eraser Tool can be helpful for removing minor blemishes or edits that you didn’t like.
* **Layer Palettes:** The Layers Palettes make it easy to keep track of all of the layers in your image. This will allow you to edit different areas of the image without having to do additional work.
* **Magic Wand Tool:** Sometimes when you’re retouching or making minor edits to an image, you may want to remove a certain area of pixels without having to mark the selection first. The Magic Wand Tool allows you to easily select a region of pixels by clicking the tool, and then moving around the image to select a specific area.
* **Layer Mask Tool:** When the layer mask is shown, you can see the area that is being masked. When you apply a new image, the layer mask will reflect the changes.
* **Layer Options:** The Layer options allow you to control things such as the order in which layers appear, the Blend, Screen and Opacity settings and RGB or CMYK color mode.

**Type tools:** These tools allow you to select different text styles that can easily be applied to a text layer.
* **Magic Wand:** This tool allows you to select an area of pixels based on the thickness, spacing and color of pixels.

**Zoom Tool:** The Zoom Tool allows you to use magnification (or reduce the size of an object) by pressing and holding your mouse button and moving the cursor over the area. It’s a great way to review small details in an image and to zoom in on specific sections of a picture.

The Best of the Web

If you need to find out more about the Photoshop tools, go to `` and click on the Photoshop section, then scroll down to the Photoshop tools.

A tool you may want to check out is the **Guides** Tool (see Figure 5-4). It allows you to specify the exact horizontal and vertical pixel position of the text or image you want. Use the Fill Option to specify the color you want to use. To find out more about the Guides tool, go to `` and click on the Guides tab, then click on the Guides Tool.

Figure 5-

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Version 19:

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2.3.3 (or later)
Special thanks to Rapha and TehTeb for their help with this build!
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