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AutoCAD PC/Windows [2022-Latest]


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AutoCAD is a parametric software platform, meaning it can handle complex, multipart geometric models and their construction with the added advantage of linked tools. AutoCAD’s main purpose is to provide a user with the ability to quickly design and layout products, as well as manufacture them.


Autodesk AutoCAD is a powerful, feature-rich commercial CAD application. It has a sophisticated interface and modern, integrated tools.

AutoCAD is capable of designing many types of project documentation for drafting, presentation, and publishing, including:





Land development

Lighting design



Unlike most CAD programs, AutoCAD provides a simple, visual interface that is not cluttered with menus. The most complex commands are accessible through direct, keyboard shortcuts, and most functions are automatically customizable.

AutoCAD’s workspace is essentially a pre-designed form of paper, paper that is easy to draw on, easy to erase and rework, and easy to fold and unfold. A typical AutoCAD layout is very similar to drafting boards used by architectural and engineering drafters. It consists of six sheets: two layers, two bounding boxes, and two guides.

An annotative or parametric drawing (a drawing that is automatically generated by a computer) can consist of any number of sheets. All the annotation is contained within a box called a canvas and the drawing is shown on the uppermost sheet. The lower sheets provide “push out” viewports, which allow the user to explore the drawing, particularly on the inside of a box.

Drawing in AutoCAD is performed by using a system of annotative geometry called blocks. The blocks are classified into more than 60 types. The type is the building block of an annotative drawing, and can have any number of properties, including the ability to lock, unlink, or change color and shape.

Annotative blocks are distinguished from regular geometric shapes on a page by being enclosed in a box. Annotative blocks can have any number of properties. Blocks are organized into layers. Layers are similar to pages in a pre-printed book and can be turned on or off.

Annotative blocks can be annotated or parametrized. Parametrization is a more advanced method of converting a drawing

AutoCAD 20.1 Activation Key [Win/Mac] [2022]

Autodesk-AEC Architecture
AutoCAD Architecture

Autodesk-Civil 3D
AutoCAD Civil 3D

AutoCAD’s collaborative drawing environment

AutoCAD Electrical


AutoCAD LT is a subscription-based product which is only available through Autodesk. It is used for designing 2D drawings and similar. It does not have full 3D capabilities, such as designing a building, as Autodesk does not license the technology. It does have the ability to import and export DWG and DXF files. AutoCAD LT is not supported on Mac OS.


Autodesk 2D

In 1998, a group of students in Italy sent Autodesk a letter of complaint about Autodesk 2D; they argued that it infringed the Italian Trattato dell’architettura (1828) of Giuseppe Cerrato. In response, Autodesk published a short response. The Italian newspaper L’Espresso investigated the authors of the letter in an article in September 1998, naming the authors and citing their defense of their actions.

Autodesk added 3D capabilities to the product with Autodesk 3D, and has subsequently marketed a new edition of Autodesk 2D as Autodesk 2D 2016.

Reception of Autodesk 2D 2016
Autodesk 2D 2016 has been rated as “Outstanding” by the publication The CAD User Review.

Autodesk 3D 2015 has been rated as “Excellent” by the publication The CAD User Review.

In October 2010 Autodesk 2D (2015) received a “Certificate of Recognition” award from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) for the “Creativity in Computer-Aided Design”, for the “Revelation and Innovation” category.


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AutoCAD 20.1 For PC [Latest-2022]

Open the XML file from your registry folder and take note of the XML

Extract the XML using any ZIP/RAR tool.
You may be prompted for a password during extraction.

In Autodesk, goto Autodesk Acard, then Import.
Go to ‘Import –> From Other’.
From the select input file window, go to ‘File’, and browse to the
file where you extracted the XML file.
Select the XML and click ‘Open’.
Go to ‘File –> Save as’.
Save the XML file to your desktop.
You may be prompted for a password.
Click ‘OK’.
You should now have imported the XML file into Autodesk.

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Autodesk AutoCAD LT
Autodesk DWG


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AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT help page at Autodesk

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Work smarter and faster with Markup Assist, a revolutionary new tool that fills the missing gap in the ability to quickly and easily manage feedback and comments about your design. Whether you’re refining an existing drawing or creating a new one, you can quickly gather feedback from colleagues, customers and other users.

Once you’ve gathered the feedback, Markup Assist will import and incorporate the feedback directly into your existing design. Importing feedback from multiple file types, including: paper, PDF, PowerPoint and Word, no matter what format the feedback was originally in.

Markup Assist is incredibly simple to use. Just mark up the screen with your stylus, and you’ll receive real-time feedback as to what you did. The real-time feedback allows you to quickly and efficiently iterate your design, knowing that you’re working from an accurate and up-to-date model.

Significant performance improvements:

Improvements in speed and performance on all your drawings, from line to block operations.

Less waiting around as you add blocks to your drawing.

Reduce the number of filters, including the number of shapes to filter.

Edit layers faster and more accurately.

Better feedback while selecting group items.

You can now extend the editing zone up to the edge of the drafting paper.

Get creative with new “path” and “trace” features.

More options in Scaling and Clipping.

The ability to create three-dimensional views of a plan view.

Two-dimensional views of three-dimensional models.

The new Touch Creation Widget:

The Touch Creation Widget allows you to create, edit and place layers that can be edited with gestures.

When you pick a widget from the widget library, you can immediately use gestures to move, rotate and resize the widget.

With the Touch Creation Widget, you can easily move, rotate and resize the elements and you can edit the properties of the individual elements.

In addition, you can drag the widget to any location on the screen. The widget can be moved anywhere on the screen, including around existing objects.

You can reorder objects or layers in the Touch Creation Widget to create unique and personalized views.

The Touch Creation Widget can be used to create:

Custom Views, including custom elevation and

System Requirements:

IMPORTANT: For the best experience, this mode will only work on “high-end” configurations.
First: we need to check that your CPU has at least 4 cores.
Second: we need to check that your GPU has at least 8 GB of memory.
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