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Best Site for download COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker [Latest] 2022 🕴

The best of the best — at least for now. Mega is known for being one of the most popular sites online, and it shows in the easy and intuitive simplicity of their page. First impressions count, and there are some clear indicators that the average person will be able to navigate with ease. What about the non-trivial number of keys like a safe, a padlock, and a phone number for user verification? If you know about the confidence that you should have for banking, you should have even more confidence in downloading stuff.

Rupp has a wide variety of categories, including TV, Movies, Games, and Apps. Unfortunately, the format of the site tends to make finding and downloading anything difficult. The color coding is extremely harsh, and the download buttons are scattered everywhere on the site, making it difficult to locate a specific download link. To further complicate things, the site makes it seem like you can download games without choosing a category; you simply scroll down until you reach the download icon.

Hackers of the world, unite! Hackforums is the best game torrenting website for those who want to get their game on and have all the convenience of a single-domain torrent site. With a small footprint, Hackforums comes with all the bells and whistles you could want. You can filter search results by games, platforms, developers, or a variety of other criteria, and you can even sort results by newest to oldest. Once you have your torrents, you can download them and play them right away without having to wait for the confirmations.

Aurora Torrents is a fan-made site that offers nearly all the functionality of a stand-alone torrent site, but is free and requires no registration, making it ideal for those on extremely tight budgets. You simply put in the torrent URL and a list of tags to filter search results by, like I recommend in our best torrenting websites for 2020 guide.