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It is one of the best resources for free Mp3 music downloads and torrent downloads. It provides free Mp3 songs and other music downloads like software and e-books of all kinds. It allows you to explore music even if you have no idea about the artist or anything about the album itself. Being a popular site, you will find all the latest music videos, news and other interesting stuff as well.

This is a good site to visit to download free mobile games. This site is run by They update the site everyday with free mobile games and applications. So, you can always come here and play games that are fun, and not to mention free. The best thing about this site is it is more of a platform for game developers to share games. So, the mobile games are all created and developed by game developers themselves.

It is one of the best sites to download free mobile applications and games. This is a huge repository of applications and games for all the platform, Android and iPhone. They update the site everyday with all new applications and games. However, they have these restrictions:

Miscreants is a torrent website that hosts thousands of software and games in the form of torrent files. It has a user-friendly interface which allows users to search for and download software of all types like movies, books, and music. The only drawback of Miscreants is that it doesn’t store very much information about the users like passwords, and their IP addresses, but this doesn’t mean that miscreants is unsafe as the site has good anti-spam and anti-virus measures in place.