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If you are one of the common people who is just curious about the world of sites like USENET, torrents, p2p networks, etc and you don’t even know what is a P2P network or torrent is, forget all that. We will just list the following websites that we frequently visit as it is quite useful for us. If you are curious about who created it, well, they are a group of pirates that loves to have a lot of fun, spend their time in hacking, collecting information and cracking software, among other things. We are also confident that you are a regular here.

You will find a wealth of software at Bahamut, a member of the Pirate Bay team who were busted by the Swedish authorities and closed down. It is the platform that we at frequently use to download and test out some of the cracked softwares. If you are a fan of hacked games, then you can’t miss this site. is a person you can look out for as he is a part of the Family who loves to take a ride on the wild side and has a special passion for the PC games. He cracked the games and delivers them as a perfect package to users.

He is a long-time friend and had given a lot of exposure to us at Now we are going to take you to this website that consists of countless different cracked versions of software. To be honest, I have found it much useful and was surprised to discover it. Maybe it will be useful for you too as you have never heard about it before.

You know that we are a software testing website and we conduct a lot of softwares on different platforms. We have partnered with a lot of people and therefore we recommend the websites that deliver the best results for our users. One of them is It is a place where you will find downloadable cracked softwares and PC games absolutely free of cost. You will find various types of softwares like game softwares, budget software, multimedia softwares, etc. It supports almost every platform known to man. You will also find games for all ages and conditions. This is an excellent website.