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Remember the Disk Operating System (DOS), that ancient command-line OS with no GUI? It only took a diskette's space to boot and make use of a PC presenting a corrupted Windows installation. It was magic back in the day and it really did wonders. For the nostalgic in you, a range of tools has been created in order to re-live those unforgettable moments. You may also need it in your line of work and then you can really take advantage of MS-DOS directly from your USB flash drive.
BootFlashDOS is one of those tools and makes use of files from your Windows XP / 2003 installed operating system. It extracts them from your system and transfers them to the provided USB stick in no time at all. Thus, the application does not require any boot diskette or CD. It doesn't ask for a specific minimum drive size, so you can use any flash drive you want.
BootFlashDOS comes with a classic interface and no hidden options. Its simplicity adds to the small amount of hard drive space it takes. The program provides a handful of options starting from the USB drive selection menu and ending with the `Start` button. Once you select the target drive, you can able rename it in the `Label` field. You can also opt for `Quick Format` as well as `Force Volume Dismount` if you are in a hurry.
For those of you that don't want the MBR (Master Boot Record) to be rewritten, you have the appropriate option at hand. The `Enable LBA (Fat16X)` operation refers to the “Logical block addressing” scheme that is implemented in storage systems and it also formats your drive to the FAT16 system for better compatibility. After you pick your desired options, the job is almost done. One click of a button completes the task and you become the owner of a newly-created DOS bootable flash stick.







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Run from USB flash drive (UFD) of any size, 16 MB or more.
Virtual Box or VMware images of XP, 2003, 7 or Vista are fully supported.
Used disk space approximately around 500 Mb.
Supported operating systems are Windows XP / 2003 or Windows 7.
Used Microsoft resource is freeware.
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Sebastian Duttenlaan

The average user may not be aware that Windows Vista comes with this software installed. TechEd 2010 in Las Vegas held many interesting sessions, one of which was held by John Myles of Microsoft. John Myles, a Senior Program Manager in the Windows Vista Platform Group, presented the new features in Windows Vista and how the standard startup applications can be customized.
John Myles gave examples on how the new startup editor functions. After installing Windows Vista, there is a new application called the Start Menu Editor (SME), which can be found in the All Programs folder. John Myles demonstrates how this application can be used to remove unwanted applications from the Windows Startup.
For example, if you find a program that you don’t use, it can be added to the Startup Editor and removed from the Start Menu. Once you open the application in the Startup Editor, you can open the menu editor by clicking on the Applications folder.
If you want to remove a duplicate startup application, you open it and remove the duplicate startup entry. Afterwards, you close the menu editor. It’s not recommended to remove an application from the Start Menu and Windows will automatically reset the entries to the correct order. There is also a search tool to search for all installed programs on your system.
SME can also be found on the Start Menu. The Start Menu editor can be opened from the Start Menu by opening the File menu and then choosing Open. From the Start Menu, you can also open the application and remove unneeded Start Menu applications. After you remove the application from the Start Menu, you need to restart your system and reinstall the application in its original position.
John Myles demonstrated that the Start Menu Editor can be used to remove applications from the Start Menu.

Vista has a bunch of startup applications already installed on your system. There are a variety of regular startup applications that can be found in the start up menu. For example there is

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Booting from DOS or any other bootable media has always been important. The modern booting environment is different from what it was back in the day. The necessity of booting from a dedicated media is still highly demanded, especially for the people who only have a USB flash drive or a CD-ROM drive. With BootFlashDOS Cracked 2022 Latest Version, booting from your flash drive with DOS is a thing of the past. With this software, you’ll be able to create a bootable flash drive of any size and use it right away. You can also use BootFlashDOS Activation Code to create a bootable CD-ROM. It won’t require the installation of any software. Just follow the instructions given in the software and you’ll be set!

How do you like that? The update package I released yesterday fixes a crash in the game. I’d like to thank everyone that tried it and let me know if it worked well.
Keep your eyes on this site for future updates.

A new version of RPSwapper has been posted. It fixes a crashing bug.
Update your RPSwapper and enjoy your copy of RPSploit.

Here you can check out the new update
This also fixes a crash bug.
To update just type RPSwapper-1.0.1.exe
No need to do it from the RPSwapper Update Site

RPSwapper is a graphical boot disk maker and management tool for Windows XP and above. It was originally made to boot and repair a faulty PC, but in my new version of it you can change your boot disk to be a USB drive, CD drive, or even floppy disk.

“BootFlashDOS” is a boot disk and installation tool for use with MS-DOS.
It basically allows you to repartition an empty USB drive as a usable DOS boot drive in seconds and even includes an option to create a DOS bootable CD that you can use to repair an invalid boot drive.

BootFlashDOS does not require you to have MS-DOS installed on your computer or to use an MS-DOS CD or boot diskette. It makes use of files that your Windows XP operating system is already using to allocate hard disk space, and copies them to a standard USB drive. It also includes an option to create a bootable CD drive that you can use to repair a problem boot drive.

You can use BootFlashDOS on any USB drive in your system. It does not require you

BootFlashDOS (Final 2022)

• BootFlashDOS is a MS-DOS bootable flash drive, you can use it to boot any computer from a flash drive, even if the computer has no floppy disk.
• BootFlashDOS is a specific file format that can read any files including FAT32, NTFS, ReFS.
• BootFlashDOS can clean unwanted files, recycle the free space in your flash drive.

• Auto format: the operation can format USB flash drive at once.
• Quick format: format USB flash drive automatically
• Force volume dismount: the operation can format flash drive automatically

1. It can be downloaded from
2. The Flash Drive is not required.

VirusTotal is a malware scanner, which allows you to check URLs and executables for viruses. Moreover, the service, which is similar to Google Safe Browsing, can warn you about malware.

VirusTotal uses an advanced detection algorithm that allows it to create a database of downloaded and analyzed malicious files. This information is constantly updated. As a result, if a new malicious file is found, you will be informed as soon as possible.

In order to use VirusTotal, download the application from the official website. You may also do this using an alternative download manager, such as uGet.

After that, register using a valid account. Once you create a free account, you can upload a file or an executable, in order to get an analysis of the detected threat. You may also configure the service to analyze URLs or executables automatically, but doing this, you may miss information about new threats.

You may then decide whether to send the file (if you add it to VirusTotal) or not (if you decide not to), or perform a manual analysis. The results are shown on the screen.

If you want to analyze files anonymously, you may disable that option. Furthermore, you may decide to specify the level of confidence as well as whether you want to apply a manual or automatic analysis.

In order to detect new threats and perform updates, you may opt for the monthly subscription.

VirusTotal has been receiving a lot of criticism, claiming it can interfere with your computer’s normal functioning, in turn making your system prone to exploits. For this reason, it’s recommended not to use the service during the working hours. However, if you want to experiment with it, be sure not to

What’s New in the BootFlashDOS?

BootFlashDOS is a free and open-source tool that serves as a low-level bootloader used to extract and create MS-DOS floppies from any installed windows environment. You may recall that the ISO (Read only) floppy format is actually the way to boot MS-DOS machines back in the 80’s, bootlabs, an older instance of the dos, is not outdated, it is merely a different way of booting.
Works with
BootFlashDOS is an open-source DOS operating system. It also requires the following hardware for the installation process:
– A USB flash drive with at least 2GB of space.
– A computer with an installed copy of Windows XP/2003
BootFlashDOS Requirements:
In order to properly install BootFlashDOS, you need to run it from a Windows machine and it requires the following software:
– Autocad
– Bootable DOS disk
– Dosbox
– Formatting drive
– USB flash drive with at least 2GB space
– Source code
Overview of BootFlashDOS Features:
– Create a bootable DOS floppy and extract it from a windows installation
– Two different methods to start the DOS application:
o Traditional by reading the first 8035 of your floppy disk directly
o A soft bootable floppy is created within dosbox and supplied directly to the target USB drive.
o Supports FAT16 and FAT32
o Supports LBA (Logical Block Addressing)
o Hard Drive and Floppy Drives may be selected for extraction
– Larger hard drives may be used as an alternative to floppy drives if required
– Changes to the Master Boot Record (MBR) and Master File Table (MFT) are not required for FAT16, but may be used for FAT32
– You can use two boot drives simultaneously to extract two floppies from the source installation disk
– Will extend the MBR sector for the boot drive with the FAT16 record required for booting the floppy
o Create a bootable flash floppy using the first 8035 sectors of your USB drive
o Supports FAT16 and FAT32
– You may configure the MBR and MFT of your flash drive
– Will extend the MBR sector for the flash drive with the FAT16 record required for booting the floppy
– You may use both of the previously defined boot drives simultaneously
– Windows XP and XP32 are supported
– Supports command-line and

System Requirements For BootFlashDOS:

Please note that this mod does require a restart. If you experience issues with the mod, please use the “Update to v4.6.0” button below.
Download the latest installer from here
For the full v5.0 changelog check the Updates tab!
Developed by:
~General changes~
Added the ability to access the “Brass Cannon” recipe (7.5×7.5) by hacking the “Peach Cannon” (7.5×7.5)