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Git 2.8.2 gitk to display branches

I’m using gitk on Ubuntu 16.04.1.
When I run gitk in my project, it shows all branches and some old commits. But it seems that gitk doesn’t show new branches.
Why gitk doesn’t show new branches?


I just use this gitk –branch command and it works well.
You can visit these guys to know the best way to make branches for your gitk.


gitk not show a view on new branch when you just click on select branch.
Instead of clicking select branch, Right click on branch,

then use “history” icon right above the icon “select branch”

Top 10: Feat. AJ, Braids, Travi$ Scott


The start of a new year, new decade is just around the corner and that means a fresh new collection of new music, new styles and trends. Along with our top 5 tracks, we’ve got a top 10 that covers everything from Future’s new mixtape, to rap albums, to a new song from Travi$ Scott. A-Team is heating it up with our newest look into the Feat. AJ-Braids-Travis Scott mix. Enjoy the side.Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has been fined for violating campaign finance rules, the Federal Election Commission announced Tuesday.

The commission said in a statement that it had fined the Green Party candidate for a TV ad that violated two campaign finance laws. The ad, which ran in Iowa and New Hampshire, placed a telephone call to likely voters and asked if they would vote for Hillary Clinton or Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

But, the ad does not say what side the call is coming from.

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The Green Party has been fined $2,500 and other costs that total $8,100, according to the FEC’s statement, which was first reported by Fox News.

The party has been fined on previous occasions for violating campaign finance rules.

A different ad that ran on NBC, CBS and MSNBC earlier this year included a disclaimer that said: “This paid ad is paid for by the