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Elden Ring is an online fantasy action RPG game where you fight monsters and advance your character through combat, and become a powerful Elden Lord.

Elden Ring uses the world of “The Lands Between”, a world full of freedom where different dungeons, over 100 types of monsters, and a variety of items are united. As an Elden Lord, you take a form of the Elden Crystal; a gift of a star where the light of wisdom shines.

In Elden Ring, your character will be unique in the sense that you can freely customize your attributes, skills, equipment, and appearance. By playing your way, you can learn your own play style and develop your character as you want.

In terms of gameplay, as you explore the vast world, other players or monsters will appear, and depending on the situation, you have various choices for your actions.

Let the journey of an epic fantasy unfold as you ascend to become an Elden Lord. Let your passion flow, rise, and become the hero that you want.


SEGA VAIO M Notebook PC (CT2372/CT2373) Turn your imagination into reality with breathtaking beauty

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The SEGA VAIO M notebook PC delivers precision of design that will make your imagination even more vivid.

The timeless design with beautiful black-toned screen feels in harmony with your surroundings.

Besides, with high-definition (HD) wide viewing, you will never want to miss a detail in your anime or manga!


The SEGA VAIO M notebook PC consists of a touchpad and keyboard.

You can use them for PC operations, game play, and other PC services.


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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Effectiveness -* Tasteful posing * Non-disconnection from online service

  • Abandoned Woods -* A wrecked eastern town with technology left behind* A legend of the dark lord

  • Challenging Dungeons -* Three-dimensional dungeons with a variety of environmental elements* Features to advance the game story

    Contents of this update:

    • New mystery quest and public event: “The Brother and Sister”

    • New character’s costume set: “The Husband-And-Wife”

    • New monsters: “Pounds”, “Fairies”, “The Twin Brothers”, and “The Witch”

    • New rare monster: “The King”

    • New weapon: The Bindweed Blade

    • New ability: Multicolor Slash
      New talent tree: Variant 2 of Voice of the Sky (Blast)

    New Features of the last update:

    • New abilites: The Stepladder Talent and the Arcane Scepter Talent
      New types of attacks: Wind Blast Ability
      New moves: Slide Step Ability
      New monsters: “Marsh and Flowworms”

    Plans for the future:

    • We’re looking forward to your thoughts.A video showing what the game is like in action will be released soon
      More information will be released soon.
      Thank you.
      Developer ” JAM™
      Formerly: code name “Fate” Developer: Team “Fate” Made in Jam IndustriesDofus
      Wed, 01 Jun 2016 20:13:41 +0000TechlandBundles That Will Give Crap A Run For Its Money
      >Despite an abundance of online action games, there are several developers


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      【4/5 stars】

      They say adventure never repeats itself, but it’s easy to see that times have changed and new stories that echo the previous ones keep appearing in the world. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is a good example of this, as it is the sequel to Trails in the Sky, a game that was released way back in 2014. The main protagonist, Crono, had experienced all the suffering and joy that comes with being a hero, until he finally returned to his village to rest and heal. Now it has been 25 years since Crono left the Rondo of God and Crono has no reason to return.

      Trails in the Flash is an action RPG that sees a much darker tone than its predecessor. The story is almost unbearably tragic, with Crono suffering at the hands of an oppressive government and constantly fighting to return to his village. It is a story that could have had you pulling the trigger before you even see the enemy. The main baddies are almost immediate, and the story has no time to waste. Even though the world is a dark and oppressive one, the game retains a certain light-hearted fun to it with its humor. The story is an absolute masterpiece, but at the same time, it does have a few serious issues.

      Trails in the Flash employs the same mechanics of its predecessor and adds on the game’s second brother in Arms, Crono’s son, to the battle. Crono is older than he appears and is actually the son of the hero of the previous game, Zero. Zero was always using Crono as a pawn to fulfill his goals, and now Crono wants his son to be more than just a replacement for him. It’s a nice plot twist, but there are some issues with this transition. Due to Crono’s age, his son, Remiel, starts at the lowest level. This means that every single battle is basically a hopeless endeavor for him until he improves his stats.

      Every quest and interaction is seen from a first person perspective, and to complete certain objectives Remiel needs to use his magic skills. These are randomly allocated to either the attack, defense, and movement skills for combat or to the magic casting for the other side. There is a reason why Remiel starts at the bottom, and it isn’t due to frustration. He is supposed to be the weak link in combat,


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      What’s new in Elden Ring:



      jue, 20.07.2018 10:09:20.976Z –

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