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Emulador Para Opus Cms Windows 7 64 Bits Fernandez Create Nav [UPDATED]


Emulador Para Opus Cms Windows 7 64 Bits Fernandez Create Nav


Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd





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piaza 14

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8139C T01

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.NET User control vs..NET Module

(I’m a.NET newbie, so there is probably a correct answer to this… I haven’t found it yet. Please help me find it.)
I understand that there are:

.NET User controls: a.NET DLL containing a public interface (more or less, they give you a namespace and a class and no implementation), which other.NET DLLs can use.
.NET Modules: a.NET DLL containing an implementation.

In my current development project, I have a requirement to use a User Control for a particular feature. My question is, can I just generate a new.NET DLL with a class in it that implements a public interface of a User Control, and keep that DLL in a location where all other.NET DLLs can access it (I have control over this)? I’d be fine with using a Module if that provides some benefits. I tried to find information on whether using a Module vs. User Control matters or not, but couldn’t find that.
If I’m going to do this, is it a good idea? If not, what should I do? Should I use the User Control instead? Or create a Module instead?
I think that a User Control could be a little smaller (bespoke) than an actual.NET Module, and could have fewer dependencies (but its spec could be messy). I’m also (almost) sure that it’s generally “okay” to have the impl on its own DLL if it’s created in this way.
The project in question is a SCORM LMS module which can be accessed over the web (SCORM means something to the e-Learning community, so this has nothing to do with Sharepoint or Office 365), and it will only be used by this one project.


I’ve found an answer to this already!
I assume that it should be ok to have the User Control in its own DLL because if you have two projects (two config files), each using the User Control, the two config files each require a reference to the User Control, so there are two entries in the GAC. If you have one project only, and it’s the only one referencing the User Control, how is the User Control being pulled into memory?
It is fine to have the User Control in