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In Memory Lost-Pairs-Christmas, you can play as a pair of people, and the pair will take part in the Christmas party.
When you are in the party, you can use your radio to communicate with each other. During the party, you can play an mini-game where you will have to take photos of food and drinks that they bring for you.
The photos that you took will be shared with your pair partner, and they can see the photos in real time.
The game only contains a small set of food and drink items, but all of them will be available in your store.
It’s suitable for all ages.
Complete all achievements in Survival Mode to unlock the Christmas time achievement.
For more details about this game, you can check here.
The Japanese word ‘Daichi’ means ‘Earth’, while the English word ‘Daiku’ means ‘Earth’. In essence, DaiCOM means the world of ‘Earth’.
In this world, there is a civilization that will be able to survive even after going through major disasters. We are humans that want to survive in the face of hardships.
When you look inside the planet, you can see that it is covered by water, but it is also inhabited by life-forms that can survive on the Earth.
We also have a unique talent to be able to survive even in the harshest of conditions.
We are humans that are living on the Earth.
DaiCOM is an online platform where people that have the will to survive can come together.
You will be able to take part in development of the game and also our production process.
If you like our game, and you want us to do better, you can also create an action account in the game.
You will be able to have your action account be included in Development Mode and Beta Testing.
For more details about this game, you can check the official website.
Sanvoids is the company that creates the DAICOM games.
Each game that we make has a different style and a different world.
The Sanvoids games are mostly stories where you can play as a character that you care for. You can be the protagonist or an antagonist, and the player gets to enjoy the story that the characters’ lives tell.
We also aim to let players experience the beauty and sorrow of the world.
You can enjoy the game in a completely different way.


Escape Initiative Features Key:

  • Mortal Kombat X is a MUST play, Xbox exclusive fighting game.
  • Story features the bloodiest and gutsiest fatalities ever seen in a Mortal Kombat game.
  • ​Predator mode is all about Hunter.
  • ​Every player has the ability to hide in corners to sneak up on opponents.
  • “Ultra Combo” features show off the new Ultra moves and are essential to win.
  • ​500+ unique special moves make for a game that celebrates fighting styles of the world.


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The game is an adventure, told from the first person perspective, with the player acting as the chief protagonist. The main goal is to find and destroy a dragon, the most dangerous enemy of the city.

We haven’t had too many Worms games in quite some time, so it’s always a treat when we get one out. We’ve been enjoying the new Worms Mayhem, and it looks like we have another new Worms game coming out. Worms World Party is a new entry in the Worms franchise, one in which you play the game in the form of a worm as well. Apparently the worms were designed by a real worm (no, really) named Worm. Oh, and there are some new weapons as well.

So in Worms World Party, you play as a worm looking to destroy different types of obstacles. You see the goal is to make it through all three stages of the game, but the stages are randomized each time, so it makes it just a bit trickier. And each time you start you only have a certain number of lives, so if you run out you have to start over again. And as you might expect, new weapons are added as well (previously your only choice of weapons was a fork, spoon, or stick). There are a few different types of weapons, including a mouth-watering mouth gun, a spike gun, a super powerful tube gun, and more. Each weapon has different effects such as increases to speed, size, or health.

I’ve only played the demo so far, but everything seems to be working smoothly, and the goofy humor is just as it should be. And if you loved Worms 3D, I have no doubt you’ll enjoy this new game as well. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new info we come across.

If you haven’t played Worms 3D on the Wii U yet, make sure to check that out now. It’s a new entry in the Worms series with some pretty sweet changes. The game features some new weapons and characters, and the graphics have also been updated and are quite nice. Of course, it’s going to feature local multiplayer, online multiplayer, and all the usual stuff, and it’s discounted as well.

If you’ve been a faithful Redditor, you may have noticed our few attempts to generate a buzz with our own weekly article on pop culture. We have a few segments on Appinions, and a segment on Ghostbusters


Escape Initiative

Product: Lost Caves6/10 Game

8/10 Gameplay

8/10 Gameplay

Game “Lost Caves” Gameplay:

The gameplay of Lost Caves is similar to that of Heavy Rain. For a platformer/adventure game, the events fall into the uncanny valley. The jump mechanic is pretty decent and the actions are varied. The problem is that the game wants to be an adventure but also a platformer and the controls are so tight that you’re almost unable to go anywhere. The barriers seem to be there to make you feel like you’re really in a hard game, not a platformer. The problem is that because of that, the game doesn’t let you go anywhere. Once you hit a wall and the level ends, you have to start all over, which could have been avoided by a little more versatility. It’s not enough to make the game unplayable, it can be fun, but if you’re at all familiar with any platformer games, you’ll find this inescapable.9% Gamer
Game “Lost Caves” Gameplay:

Product: Lost Caves6/10 Game

8/10 Gameplay

8/10 Gameplay

Game “Lost Caves” Gameplay:

it’s a simple little platformer, kind of reminds me of mario on the vineyard level, but with a story driven by the cerebral cortex of a computer, and the buttons where you move and jump come in a package that takes way too long to be intuitive, it’s easy to lose interest while “playing” the game, and easy to appreciate at the same time. it’s a fine little platformer with enough little hidden things to make it a definite worthy purchase if you’re into that type of thing, just don’t expect to replay it often, it’s short, I had to replay a couple of levels just to get the knack of moving to the button on the right, and the designers put in a few too many control barriers that don’t really add anything to the gameplay.If you like platformers or the cerebral cortex of a computer, then this is the game for you.

7/10 GamePitt

5/10 Gameplay

7/10 Gameplay

Game “Lost Caves” Gameplay:

In many ways the gameplay of Lost Caves is like that of Heavy Rain


What’s new:

.NewColor(“Test ” + arcol, True, []graphics.RGBA{rcol}, Nothing),
font = new Font(“Open Sans”, 10),
It(“enables autoscroll”, func() {

Why does the autoscroll work the first time but not the second time?


It is because you are losing the control of the roatation after calling ScrollTo, that’s why, it is possible to get (e”, (0, 10, 10, 59)) in the first test, but in the second it can be a (0, 10, 10, 80)
You can put a condition like this if e := GetMouseXY(window) then, and then use e in the ScrollTo, this way you can control your coordinates, but this isn’t the more optimal way.
If you want to maintain the control of the position you have to use a *Cursor.Position, but then this will be another test, because it is the Position of a different element, so maybe you need to make a custom test with Cursor.Position because can be a different behavior (e”, (0, 10, 10, 80)) still with the same control of the coordinates you have in (e”, (0, 10, 10, 60))


crontab job for dowloading data from server

I have crontab like this:
10 * * * * wget -r -k -c -np -nd -e robots=off -w %C

This wget is responsible for running my script that downloads source code to
I want the following:

the wget should always run in the same time on the same day,
the output file(s) should always be the same size as the input,
this wget should run on the server, that means root (the user) should not login in and run this command, it


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“Fullmetal Alchemist” is the global anime phenomenon with over 36 million copies sold since its debut in 2002! Now the famous manga and anime is BACK, and this time, FULL METAL ALCHEMY REAL is coming to the West for the first time!
The same award-winning original game returns with all-new elements, gameplay features, and a huge open world map!
Discover and claim regions that form as you explore the vast environments of the Americas. Craft unique weapons and armor to push your loyalties in all directions. Harness the power of “Fullmetal Alchemist” to battle powerful enemies and destroy them. This isn’t a replay of the original series, it’s an all-new and entirely thrilling game.
Introducing Fullmetal Alchemist: The Game
– Fullmetal Alchemist: The Game is powered by Unreal Engine 3
– A new open-world environment brings the Americas to life for the first time!
– New 3D characters and battle system offer dynamic ways to adventure in uncharted lands.
– New playable characters and customization options will help you to survive in a hostile new world.
– New quests and side quests will continue to provide a dynamic gaming experience.
– Multiplayer and local Co-Op modes will be introduced.
– Fullmetal Alchemist: The Game is also available for iOS and Android devices in Japan.
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Game Debuts at G-Revolution on August 29th in Japan, August 30th in North America and Europe and August 31st in Australia.
Players in North America can pre-purchase the Fullmetal Alchemist: The Game from G-Revolution at a 20% discount. Fullmetal Alchemist: The Game is available at other retail outlets or through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in the rest of the world.
About Marlina Griggs
Marlina Griggs is a writer, anime obsessive, and independent game developer who has worked on both traditional and mobile games. She is also the artist behind the fan art and fan fiction portal, where fans can create, share, discuss, and even showcase their own original comics and original stories.
AQUAPLZ, founded in 2010, is one of Europe’s leading development studios for mobile games and today publishes a range of fun games on mobile platforms and PC.
We’re on Twitter: @AQUAPLZ
All of our updates are on Facebook:


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  • Q:

    Is it possible to regenerate the activation token after a page crash?

    As the title says, I have an (ASP.NET) application where I am authorizing the user with a login form.
    However, when the user hits the back button and the URL is changed, or if the user clicks the back button for a different website, they are logged out. To fix this, I should reauthorize the user using the current token received.
    For clarity, I am using Forms Authentication (based on the cookie rather than Windows Authentication), so I would typically add something like this to the web.config file:

    The issue is that the loginUrl only works if the user goes to the website via the website’s main domain. If they go to the home page of, say, a test instance of the site, they will be immediately logged out. To do this, I would need some functionality to tell the system that the token needs to be regenerated because of a domain change.
    Just some quick testing shows this to be the case for forms authentication – if you authenticate from one domain and you’re redirected to a different domain, the token is invalidated.
    Is this possible with forms authentication, and if


    System Requirements:

    Requires an internet connection.
    OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or Windows Vista.
    Processor: 1.8 GHz processor.
    Memory: 1 GB RAM or more.
    Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics adapter with a Shader Model 3.0 compatible video card with at least 256MB of video RAM.
    DirectX: Version 9.0c or later.
    Hard Drive: 10 GB of available hard disk space.
    Additional Notes:
    This edition of the