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New Take on the Kicking Game For the first time in Franchise Mode, FIFA 22 moves the ball back to the player as they take the kick. The newly added Revolve control allows for more and varied ways to execute a defensive block.

Referees are now equipped with a new “Wake-Up Call” system that displays alert messages to help alert players of the risk of a player leaving the pitch with an injury.

New Teammate Controls FIFA 22 introduces “Teammate Controls”, which allow players to tag and call-out for teammates from the sidelines. A new Match Atmosphere System reacts to the weather and reacts to the team’s performance.

Artificial Intelligence Revamped Player Traits: Inside and outside of the box, Opponent AI has evolved. They react and adapt to their game situation with more sophistication, and teams communicate in different ways.

New “Tactical DNA” sets players apart from their peers. Players with the “Tactical DNA” are constantly evolving on the pitch and adapting to how the game is played.

Enhanced Goalkeeper AI Possessing “GK DNA” allows players to come out and join the attack with more confidence.

Gameplay System Revamp: Play States Drives: Players can now split into groups and remain compact while possessing the ball (“dribbling”) and receive the ball in tight situations (“feinting”). Players can now dribble or pass to an opponent and follow up with a shot on goal or shot on target.

Rebounding System: In addition to new “Take on the Ball” and “Striker” play states, new “Strikers” can now combine and maneuver the ball with new “Double Taps” and “Double Turns” for goalscoring opportunities.

Offline Training Improvements Training mode has been redesigned with improved tutorials and a brand-new training playbook. Players can now build their offline fitness level to match their playing strength. Referee reverts back to the original decision after replay review. Training cooldown on any changes to the game settings in Offline Training Mode.

From the Back

Localized Updates The game is available in 20 languages including Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Indonesian, Swedish, English, Spanish, Polish,


Features Key:

  • Touch the ball and go!- A new “Tap-to-Pass” feature allows players to use natural, intuitive and easy-to-learn gestures to pick, cross and play the ball. Couple that with an evolved Player Positioning system and an all-new in-game shot gauge and you can be more precise and confident in your stiker/sidestepper, and use your short pass, long pass or through ball with precision.
  • Perform 3D dribbling, 3D flicks, and 3D one-twos! – An evolved skill system allows players to use their instincts and natural movement to deliver more skill moves, making you feel more in control even if you’re ranked lower than your friends.
  • Ball control runs, runs, and more runs! – A new defensive control system recognizes the need for increased defensive skills and tweaks the response of AI defenders using data collected from professional players. Be more creative in defense to take advantage of this.
  • The ability to win at altitude! – Take advantage of the increased ball speed available at higher altitudes with the all-new, FIFA 22 boots. Fly closer to the ground and control the ball at higher speeds with variable pressure responses to make off-the-ball movements easier to execute.
  • An even better feeling of speed in your sprint meter allows you to move quicker and closer to the ball to pick up those over-the-top passes.
  • Trajectory in your shooting – Know exactly where the shot will go thanks to FUT interactive shooting, which gives you the ability to adjust your angle to more effectively guide your shot. This makes it easier than ever for you to pull off the perfect strike.
  • Explore your options with thousands of FUT branded player cards! – Thousands of FUT branded cards come from over 100 different leagues across the globe, re-imagining players’ abilities to help you create the best team of your dreams.
  • Improve your control of the virtual ball with customisable Player AI – Play as your favorite player of all-time or let the AI take care of the dirty work and play with our improved Player AI and Player Control gameplay.
  • Control the entire pitch with brand new Player Positions – In addition to the existing Zone-based Play Calling, new movement-based Positional Play Calling gives you complete control


    Fifa 22 Free [32|64bit]

    FIFA is the most played club soccer video game in history. FIFA comes from EA Canada and can be purchased at retail, online and through the EA SPORTS™ LIVE STREAM family of products.

    What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

    FUT allows players to purchase players and use real world team information to build the dream squad.

    What is the FIFA season?

    The FIFA season is the season of the Year. The FIFA season features two types of seasons:

    Calendar Season

    Calendar Seasons feature a fixed number of top-tier games for a fixed amount of time. FUT Online only.

    Release Weekend

    A Release Weekend allows everyone to play through the game one week early. Offline and Online.

    What is the release schedule?

    The release schedule occurs in the following sequence:

    Week of Release – Opening Week of the Season

    – Opening Week of the Season Week of Release – Early Release Weekend

    – Early Release Weekend Week of Release – Season Week

    – Season Week Week of Release – End of Season Week

    Week of Release Schedule – Opening Week of Season

    Starting on July 25 and running through August 2, 2018, the opening week of the season will include four match days.

    Game# Day Time (EST) Match Day 1 16:30 ET Match Day 2 18:30 ET Match Day 3 19:00 ET Match Day 4 20:30 ET

    The release schedule is subject to change and will be updated on EA Sports FIFA site.

    What do I get by buying in-game items?

    A Season Card gives players access to the FIFA Ultimate Team Store. The Season Card for Ultimate Team is dynamic. A player’s card can change based on their performance in real-time, affecting the overall quality of their card in addition to giving them individual card boosts. They can also invite friends to join their FUT or Spectate another player’s matches.

    FUT Points are earned throughout the year for each game played. These points can be redeemed for Gold, an in-game currency, and for Unique Player Cards. In addition to redeeming your earned points, these will also be awarded for achievements. Points and achievements can also be earned from random items and challenges.

    Player Card – Points/Gold are earned based on gameplay performance. Players can earn Gold by completing Challenges and winning FUT Tournaments. Points are earned for winning


    Fifa 22 Free Download [Win/Mac] (Latest)

    Play against the most exciting teams from around the world and put together the Ultimate Team with more than 10,000 unique players. Create your dream team from a collection of player cards that expand your team’s ability and a deep roster of legendary players whose boots you can actually try on and select from your video library.

    FIFA Online – FIFA Online returns with an all-new LIVE MATCHMAKING system. Players can now pick from any number of Online Leagues (O.L.) and compete against peers from all over the world in popular tournaments such as Weekly Cups and Monthly Challenges. Players can also play Online Friends matches with their Friends, and with both LIVE and SOCIAL leagues, the experience has never been more competitive.

    Live Events – Relive the best moments from this year’s FIFA World Cup™ in the FIFA World Tour. Live Events highlight some of the best moments from this year’s FIFA World Cup™, with the aim of rekindling the competitive spirit that was released just as we all really started to love the World Cup.

    World Cup Special Events –
    How does a penalty taker manage to get a card? Or how does a defender react to being struck in the face for the second time in the same game? The FIFA World Cup™ World Tour will run concurrent with this year’s FIFA World Cup™ and provide the answers.

    Lots of new features and gameplay as well as FIFA Ultimate Team and Online leagues. I can’t wait to play it.


    04-03-2011, 09:57 PM

    Looks pretty good from the videos and screenshots.


    04-03-2011, 11:45 PM

    Sounds great. Hopefully this will feature in FIFA 11.


    04-04-2011, 12:44 AM

    Sounds great. Hopefully this will feature in FIFA 11.

    Ahh, don’t worry. I’ll be sure to let them know.


    04-04-2011, 12:45 AM

    Thats nice but is it better than 11?


    04-04-2011, 01:05 AM

    If you enjoy the game play, which you have, then it’s a plus.



    What’s new:

    • Legendary Thierry Henry returns to make his first full appearance in FIFA for the first time since helping Real Madrid reach the FIFA Club World Cup final in 2011. Receive a boost in FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22 with new Thierry Henry cards that are ready to call to action.
    • The new Generation of Play introduces 3D fully-animated fantasy players to FIFA — a first for the franchise. Fight to unlock and equip these new fantasy characters with new brand-new cards that are infused with motion, so players feel more connected and connected to their virtual superheroes. They’ll be available at launch in the FIFA 22 release.

      MSL – The Statue – video trailer.

    • Riding a new wave of innovation, FIFA 2K20 brings high-intensity player celebrations and celebrations merged with reality. For the first time in a FIFA title, players can score and celebrate in the final third, while FIFA Ultimate Team players will play out the moments in your own personal mini-stories.
    • For those who crave a full-blooded soccer match, in-game and career transfer rumours expand to cover the world’s best leagues and competitions for both men and women players.


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    FIFA™ is the EA SPORTS™ FIFA franchise of interactive sports video games. The FIFA name is used for the video game franchise, which encompasses a variety of sports in association football, rugby and other sports. The series has sold more than 125 million copies worldwide and generated more than $8 billion in retail sales and more than $1 billion in net revenues. The first FIFA game, FIFA 2001, was released in September 2000 and is the best selling sports video game series of all time.

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    Dream Team of FIFA Creators

    SEGA, PES and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 creators join FIFA to collaborate on an all-new FIFA experience. Meet the Dream Team of FIFA Creators.

    DICE, creators of Battlefield 3, promise to deliver an enhanced FIFA Experience. The FIFA 2017 soundtrack is composed by Bruno Mars, featuring songs from artists such as Post Malone, Tyga, and Banks.

    DICE are the creators of the revered Battlefied franchise. The FIFA soundtrack for FIFA 2017, featuring the original songs by artists such as Bruno Mars, Marina and the Diamonds, and Kanye West, is a pop-music masterpiece.

    the creator of Need for Speed is bringing his dynamic action racing to FIFA.

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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
    Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible with 512MB graphics card. Any DirectX version is supported.
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    Hard Drive: 50 GB free hard drive space
    Additional Notes:
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