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Hd Raajneeti 2 Movies 1080p Download

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How to remove NaN and negative values from a large dataframe (Pandas)

I am new to using pandas and would like to understand the best way to remove NaN and negative values. My df looks like:
0 1 2
0 0.8392851 0.000000 0.000000
1 0.000000 0.978050 0.000000
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3 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
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I would like to remove the NaN and negative values from the dataframe.


Use replace:
df = df.replace(to_replace=np.NaN, value=None, regex=True, inplace=True)



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Raajneeti. Theatrical poster of 2009 Hindi film, set in the era of the Mughal Empire with Devgn (AKA Ajay Devgn) in the dual role of Raja Pratap Singh (1734) and his two sons. Raajneeti (2009) is an Indian epic film directed by Rakesh Keshav. Set during the era of the Mughal Empire, it is based on the life of Raja Pratap Singh of Amber and his two sons. The film is the biggest blockbuster of 2009 in India with a record of over 20 crore collected on its first day. It was the first Indian film to earn a record of a billion-rupees on its first day itself, with it subsequently breaking the previous record of 22 crore by Prakash Jha’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan and the first Indian film to hold the running NRI and GCC record (North America, Guam, and China) at the box office.

Screenplay: Raajneeti is a historical biopic about the life and times of the Mughal emperor, Ranjit Singh (1780–1839), who belongs to the Khalsa army from the Sujanpur (Hapur) village of modern-day Pakistan. His mortal enemy was the British Government who captured and executed him as a rebel, ruled by his sister– in-law – Maharani Jindan Kumari, while his wife, the reigning Empress Akbar-Nahin, left him and fled to India for her sake and Ranjit Singh’s mother–in-law, Empress Jindan Kumari, demanded compensation from the British. The British Government, on the other hand, refused to pay any compensation to the Sujanpur village, in which the Khalsa Army ­ held political power. It only considered the Khalsa Army as outlaws and did not recognise their legitimacy. The movie though has many historical and social inaccuracies.

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan as Ranjit Singh, Akshay Kumar as Maharaja Sher Singh, Ajay Devgan as Maharaja Amar Singh, Tiga as Narbada, Vidyut Jamwal as Padmaheera, Dharmendra as Teja, Poonam Dhillon as Harkhali, Kanwaljit Singh as

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