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Simple, fun, and addictive! Play Airport Madness 4 on iOS for free now and discover the best airplane game ever made. Airport Madness 4 is a game all about the fun of flying. Your plane is…

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Mobile Game Reviews
Title: Pocket Legends
Developer: New Zealand Studios
Genres: RPG
Available: iOS
Airplane Games
Game Overview
Game Description
What is it about?
Pocket Legends is a beautiful RPG that took me back to my childhood. It takes you on a different travel…

This is a fascinating simulator. You will travel around the world, see all major tourist spots, with beautiful scenery. You will get a great air simulator to enjoy.
Game Features:
• Free download the app and start enjoying!
• Travel the world to complete your missions
• Unlock exclusive planes, skins and themes
• Over…

Key Features:
• 38 worlds
• 567 missions
• Varied airplane models
• Various cities and countries
• Beautiful scenery and graphics
Do you have what it takes to become a pilot in the aeronautics? Well, don’t be afraid to experience your thrill that comes with flying through our…

Default is always on those occasions when you are hunting down the latest in the air travel business. The suspense is all around you as you hear the sound of a distant engine from the raging stormy skies. It is thus evident that you are in a plane and not on a houseboat or a yacht. No, it is more serious here on than in a natural…

Hundreds of miles away in a hidden location in the snowy mountains of Utah, members of the “Pure Flight” team have been training for this life-altering journey. The only thing that stands in the way of the next generation of fighter pilots being born to become the first-ever aviators to perform solo flight across the…

The first aviation school is going to open now, but only one will be considered for the school’s first class. Can you cope with the responsibility, or do you think that you will lose the special chance to be a real pilot? In this game, you are going to witness the impressive phenomenon in which one of the…

FlightMatch is the ultimate destination for professional flight simulation enthusiasts. Get ready for the most dynamic and versatile air traffic control app ever on the market. Fly as a commanding officer in


Miska Features Key:

  • 33 Hard-to-Find Tokens (or Chests) of items to find in the game (full loot)
  • 3 random colour spheres to find from the game (random)
  • ”Bomb”

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    Legal Challenge To Crowdsource Drone Detectors – rslatkin

    I haven’t seen unmanned drones in person, but as a hiker I’ve faced a number
    of flight hazards: cliff faces, bracing vegetation, the bodies of fallen
    trees, missing mountain passes. The obvious non-violent solution to all of
    these is to automate the detection of these hazards and return immediately if
    cautious altitude is reached, potentially stopping in an emergency landing.


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    Devastating planetary-sized robots are a threat to every human in the Nine Spheres. Dubbed ‘avatars’, these giant robots are getting bigger and stronger – and able to perform cybernetic augmentation. You’re the ‘antagonist’ in the first-person-shooter game Raycast, the lone defender of the human race!
    As you make your way through the Nine Spheres, you’ll run, jump and climb, whilst trying to avoid over a dozen types of deadly robots, including hunters, traps, overseers, wreckers, ratbots, air-scooters, and plasma annihilators.
    The series of battles is the key to victory – you’ll need a good mix of strategy, good aim, quick reflexes and luck, as well as use of special abilities, head-to-head, full force and take-downs!
    Thirteen years ago, the world was invaded by extraterrestrial robots. In the time since, the human race has been driven to the brink of extinction. Desperate, several people are experimenting with ‘cyber-augmentation’ – the advent of giant robots and advanced cybernetics. But some are aware that they’re damaging the integrity of the’soft’ mind – the organic component of the human brain. They have created the ‘True AI’, but it has plans of its own – plans that threaten to destroy humanity forever.
    Play a self-taught hero: you’ll have to help uncover the truth about the True AI, and stop it – at all costs!
    * First person shooter gameplay – Raycast is the first first-person-shooter game to feature dynamic, atmospheric, 360°-spherical lighting and shadows, as well as a series of new features for the overall game experience.
    * Never before seen graphics – Raycast will have the most stunning game engine ever created by today’s leading development studios.
    * In-depth, physics-based actions – Fight, run, jump, climb and dodge through the Nine Spheres of the human-occupied solar system.
    * Local and online multiplayer – Play with your friend, or fight against them online.
    * Realistic physics and graphics – Raycast uses an advanced, physics-based algorithm to allow impressive destruction and player feedback of limbs.
    * Accurate sound – Perfectly reconstructed sound effects, voice-overs and original music from the real-life game.


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    Explore the whole map, find plenty of hidden objects to discover and find out what happened to the past.Build a city of your dreams with no limits, draw it at your discretion, place car shops, fuel stations, construction sites and go your own way!Inspect the places you visit, find them interesting? Open them up, take care of them and place new buildings on the map!Play the game, choose the game mode. Do the in-game event, which you see in-game. You can play the game in two modes – Explore and Complete. In both there is a city with lots of people on it.Players can leave in many different ways: per map or a map is created randomly in the city. After choosing the way you want to go: normal, normal with boosters or extreme mode.Key Features:Character Animation: Very cool. Game is so open, you can do whatever you want.Events: You will find many things to look at and do, as well as mini games.Car-Tuning: Car-Tuning and tuning should work when players enter an update. If your car has not been fixed, it has a chance to break. Do not forget to do its car-tune.Roads: You have a whole map to travel, you can explore as much as you want. But watch out! Watch out for the things that crawl on the ground and in the air, be careful! Random Events: Some things will randomly happen in the game, as well as in the city, if you take part in them. They are random, and it depends on many things.Everything you do will be counted. Stats: When a game starts, some stats are set to certain numbers. And some stats of the game will work. In stats, you will find the number of players, there is a total number of points of the game. In other stats, you will find the information about a certain car, or that much time of playing the game.City Details:

    The game has a lot of details about the game. On the map, you can see all the details about the city, its people, architecture, businesses and the economy. It also has all the cars, fuel stations, pharmacies, and shops. A small map opens up, you will see a small piece of the city. You will see the details. Features:Decorate your city! You can create many features in the game.You can make your city more beautiful and bright, put shops


    What’s new in Miska: