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I actually have no idea how the files associated to the sound are configured. I found something like dpep.pcm but I was unable to find the sound files.

I’m just trying to set the default audio output to be through the monitor since my PC is connected only to the TV. If I go to properties -> sound and change the default device to HDMI-0 (TV) then I get sound (and the video on the PC monitor comes back on). If I don’t change the default to the TV, the video stays on but there is no sound.

I tried the solutions suggested by:

Create a new rule in Apps->Sound & Video->Sound Sources, and give it an ID of DVD @ HDMI, make sure it is checked.
Playing Audio through the TV
I have already been through this before as well.

I’m running Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS and my HDMI connection is a Acer Predator XB271HU. (I have also tried other HDMI connections and it does not work.)


The audio is usually routed through the HDMI output and in your case it is routed through the TV’s speaker, but if your video is connected to the TV as well you want to make sure the audio is routed through the HDMI.
You can do this by editing the default sound profile in System Settings > Sound. Click ‘Sound Settings…’ and then in the Output tab change the default profile to HDMI. I believe this is where the audio is then normally routed.
If this is already not working for you then you might need to compile a new custom alsa driver for Ubuntu 14.04 so that you can control the audio output individually at a lower level (compared to System Settings > Sound) and that might be the case that your TV is solely used for video and not sound too.

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