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Photoshop Elements is a subset of Photoshop aimed at the beginning user who just wants to be able to crop and resize photos and apply basic effects. Both programs include a host of photo-editing tools, including crop, resize, and special effects filters, though Elements includes fewer controls and more limited tools than the pro version.

Starting with the About Photoshop box on the left side of the window, at the bottom, is the Help menu. It lets you access a number of different online sites and utilities for more information about Photoshop. This is a helpful way to get information when the documentation isn’t available in print on the page, as you can usually find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by visiting the help page.

The Extensions box tells you what additional packages have been added to Photoshop since it was installed. For example, you might see the name of a plug-in that lets you add other effects to photos. (For a quick tour of the panel layout and command set, see the box on Panel Layout.”)

The Windows icon (Windows means Windows on both Mac and Linux) is a shortcut to the Adobe Photoshop ColorSync color management utility. ColorSync lets you synchronize color settings—including lighting, spot, and gamma—across your computer and into an image.

* **Photoshop CS4**. This introductory guide teaches you to use the many features and tools of Photoshop CS4 on both Windows and Mac OS X. It covers all the basics of the window layout and provides a complete set of hands-on exercises. It includes all the steps you need to create a basic photograph, a simple image-editing job such as cropping and straightening photos, or even a complex image, such as a digital painting, retouching, or compositing.

You can download the tutorial from the book’s website. It’s also available on DVD from _www.sybex.com_.

* **Photoshop CS5**. This guide takes you through the interface and various tools. It also walks you through some advanced techniques, such as creating a composite image from two different photos. You’ll also find out about the new Undo option and various command-dialog boxes that make it easier to

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This article will show you how to create and edit images in Photoshop Elements using keyboard shortcuts.

View the original image.

Save the original image.

Use smart filters to add multiple effects to the image.

Add curves to the image to lighten or darken it.

Apply basic adjustments to the image.

Blend the image by combining multiple images.

Blend it again to combine the selected area of the original image.

This short tutorial will cover both image editing and smart filters.

The image is opened in Photoshop Elements.

Create the Title Image

Use the Eraser tool to erase the greyscale image.

Select the Eraser Tool.

Use the Brush Tool.

Soft Brush.

Lighten the Background.

Press Alt+E and the image is saved.

Create a New Image

Click File > New to create a new image.

Select the Fill Color for this new image.

Click OK and close the dialog.

Type a title in the text box.

Change the color of the text by clicking on it.

Change the size of the text by using the slider below it or pressing Enter to set the size to the maximum.

Save the image and close it.

Import a Stock Photo

There is a variety of stock photo websites available online.

These websites have an extensive collection of stock photos categorized by different subjects.

Some of these websites have Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Click Open in Photoshop.

Open the image you would like to use in the right-click menu.

Drag and drop the image into the left-click menu to load it into Photoshop.

Click File > Save to save the image.

Activate Smart Filters

We will now add various effects to the image using Smart Filters.

Click the File menu and select Open.

Select a Smart Filter from the left-click menu.

Click Apply to apply the filter.

Save the image.

Create a New Artboard

Click the artboard to the left of the layer list window.

Click the New Artboard icon.

Type a size for your new artboard.

Select a pencil or pen color for this new artboard.

Click OK.

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As we saw in the previous chapters, you can create hundreds of interesting effects through the various tools in Photoshop. And these tools can be combined to create a variety of effects. One of the most common compositing techniques uses three or more layers and a layer mask to create an effect.
Flash is a popular web effect, but it’s also a great tool for many different types of images. Like Photoshop, Adobe Flash has many different features and tools. One of the most useful tools in Flash is the type tool.
If you’ve written a book like this, you probably know a little bit about previsualization. Here’s where virtual previsualization comes into play.
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to write custom brushes in Photoshop and learn some other useful tips.

# **Brushes**

_Brushes_ are one of the most important tools in Photoshop. Brushes can be applied to a variety of objects in the way you paint. You can use them to paint, erase, trace, color, scratch, blend, and much more. Brushes are extremely versatile, and every Photoshop user has a favorite tool.

These days, most Photoshop filters have a brush engine, so even filters create brushes that you can use to paint a result. Today, brushes are available for nearly every graphic effect you can think of. This section focuses on some of the basics of brushes, along with some advanced topics.

## **What’s a Brush?**

A _brush_ is the most basic of the available Photoshop tools. You can use it to paint, trace, erase, scratch, blend, smear, sketch, stencil, and so on. This means that there are a lot of possibilities to create various effects. For example, you can use a stencil to paint a geometric pattern on a city street. Or you can use a graphic pen tool and a black brush to trace the inside of a window to create a modern weather effect.

Instead of just choosing one effect, you can combine a number of tools and affect layers to create many different effects. You can start with a clear white layer to get a clean result. Then you can use a layer mask to selectively paint colors, patterns, or areas of the image.

As you paint, the changes you make to a layer are instantly reflected in an _underlying layer_ (on which the layer mask is applied). Your next brush stroke will

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System Requirements For Photoshop Cs2 Free Trial Download:

The minimum system requirements for this game are:
OS: Windows 7
Windows 7 RAM: 1GB
1GB HDD Space: 2GB
2GB CPU: 1.2Ghz processor
1.2Ghz processor Video Card: 512MB
For the full list of system requirements and compatibility, please refer to the manufacturer’s website.
Follow the onscreen prompts.
For the best experience, play with the headphones connected.
1. Follow the onscreen prompts.