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In this article, we’ll go through the 10 best Photoshop tutorials for beginners, plus a few other resources to get you started.

10 best Photoshop tutorials for beginners

1. Photoshop CS6: A Beginning Tutorial

2. Photoshop CS6: Layers

3. Photoshop CS6: Straightening a Background

4. Photoshop CS6: How to Make a Color Sketch

5. Photoshop CS6: How to Create Transparent Raindrops

6. Photoshop CS6: How to Make a Wallpaper Background

7. Photoshop CS6: How to Create a Photo Collage

8. Photoshop CS6: How to Change Your Photo Background

9. Photoshop CS6: How to Make a Background Wallpaper

10. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Training Video Free Download

Prefer to watch videos? See also:

History of Photoshop

Here’s a quick history timeline about Photoshop.

Jump to Photoshop version:

Photoshop: The Easy Way to Create Great Photography and Illustration

10 Ways to Use Photoshop for Photographers

The 10 Best Photoshop Tutorials You’ll Ever See

How to Use Photoshop

The digital revolution has evolved the world of imaging. Photoshop gives users the power to create powerful and immediate images, which they can communicate in simple, direct and real terms.

Anyone can learn Photoshop using these 10 tutorials. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with many of the Photoshop’s different tool options and workflows.

Photoshop CS6 has a new user interface, which most users find easier than the older, thicker version. But whatever version of Photoshop you use, the tutorials are still beneficial.

Alternative Software

There are plenty of other software options for digital photographers and illustrators out there. Adobe Photoshop is indeed at the top of the food chain, but there are other solid options for editing images.


Google’s free image editing software is strong and easy to use.

GIMP is backed by a nonprofit organization. It was originally written in C, but has been rewritten in the Python scripting language. It uses an interface called GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), the GNU software development kit (GSDK) that enables image manipulation through a text editor.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop doesn’t just handle the basics of image editing. It is a complex and powerful editing program. There are so

Photoshop Free Download Apk Mod Free License Key

With over 50 billion downloads, there are many Photoshop alternatives out there, but Photoshop alternatives have a few significant flaws. They are slow, use more RAM, are less flexible, and require a more expensive Windows PC. If you work digitally and you don’t mind investing in a better solution, learn what I think are the best Photoshop alternatives.

Photoshop alternatives are great, but the tricky part is choosing the one that is the right one for you. For this article I’m going to walk you through the top tools I recommend. This is a great way to learn the basics of these tools, plus you’ll probably find it useful as a short-cut to thinking about some of the Photoshop alternatives.

Don’t forget, our ebook “The Digital Photo Book” will teach you everything you need to know about creating an album-style publication for your photos. The Digital Photo Book and include everything you need to do it, including books, templates, and more.

How to Choose a Photoshop Alternative

Choosing the right Photoshop alternative is somewhat important. If it’s going to do everything you need it to do, it’s a great choice for you. If it’s going to do what you need but nothing more, then you may want to choose a different Photoshop alternative.

Note that Photoshop alternatives all offer some degree of simplicity. They may be less feature-rich and more basic. While you get things done with Photoshop alternatives it is less likely that you’ll get them done with the power you need, or the speed you need to actually create images and documents.

If you want to do more than what Photoshop has to offer, you’ll have to learn a new skill, a new set of tools, or a new system. You may need to switch tools and systems. For example, if you use Photoshop Elements and you want to use Photoshop tools you’re going to have to learn a new UI.

That said, it is possible that the Photoshop alternative you’re currently using will work for what you need to do. For example, if you’re going to use this tool to edit a document and create a new one, or edit a photo, you may be happy using Photoshop alternatives, assuming the software is reasonably good.

The important thing to remember is that Photoshop alternatives work for tasks that Photoshop or Photoshop Elements doesn’t. You may be happy with the alternatives as a part of your workflow, but you’re likely to find that what you need them for, you can do better

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How to make a custom directive to connect to a Sql database

I have a component where when a user clicks on this button, the name attribute is sent to a function. The function is “synchronizing” the name with sql database, and then, the function is sending the updated value to the server.
The problem is that I want to make this function run each time a user changes the value of this attribute. For this, I use a custom directive. The problem is that this directive is only called in the first instantiation. If I click on the button, the value is sent to the function, and the function sends to the server, but the values sent to the server, are the values sent from the first instertion, and they should be from the second, and so on.
Can you help me, please?
Script in html:

Script in my component:
templateUrl: ‘./my-component.component.html’,
styleUrls: [‘./my-component.component.css’]
export class MyComponent {
@Input(‘name’) name: string;


connect() {


The directive:
selector: ‘[myComponent]’
export class MyComponentDirective {
constructor() {

@HostListener(‘input’, [‘$’])
getComponentName() {
//value from component

getComponentNameOnChange() {
//value from component

EDIT: I need to add that the function connect is tied to a WebSocket connection, and it sends the name to the server in each update.


The problem is that I want to make this function run each time a user changes the value of this attribute.

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August 11, 2011

Bleed for UTAH!!! and I have the chance to meet

A quick shout out to all that read my post “I’m a little bit late” sorry about that but I wasn’t the only that was late, it was more about the (shame on me) procrastination. Well next Tuesday I have a great opportunity to meet something very special it’s Nihon Kiko Kurogane, I’m a big fan and supporter of Kiko Kurogane, and he has a great second album “Summer Vacation” which is by far my favourite of his albums, so I’m really looking forward to meet him.

Right now I live in Amsterdam Netherlands and meeting him will probably have to do with getting on a ship, although I’ve been really lucky the last couple of years that I’ve been on a ship to meet bands before they go to play in Holland.

If any of you have a chance to meet him let me know, I wanna hear what he think about the crisis.I’m not a wimp. I don’t need a reason to act how I want. So, no, I’m not going to say that this isn’t a great song because the even though I would really rather see the title remain, these guys have made one of my favourite tracks ever. What I am going to say is that this song is the most controversial song to come out of the year.

The reason why I don’t like it is because I genuinely fear that it’s going to be marketed wrongly. Marketing this song as the ‘shitty side of our generation’ is going to give it the reach that this song does not deserve. As much as you can’t imagine everything that could go wrong with the song, the lyric below kind of sums up how I feel about this song.


I’m not going to say this because I want to feel better about my awful singing

It would be too easy to do what I’m doing

It’d be so much harder to take a stand

A simple conversation with the listener could destroy the band

Are they playing this song at college gatherings?

Are they playing this in their living rooms?

Are they playing this in big stadiums?

Are they playing it to as many people as possible?

System Requirements For Photoshop Free Download Apk Mod:

Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32-bit)
1GHz processor (Preferably processor speed, less than 500MHz)
512MB RAM (minimum)
5GB hard disk space (a significant portion of hard disk space should be available)
700MB of free hard disk space (roughly 5GB of space on a 1TB hard disk is recommended)
1-2GB Video RAM (AMD Only)
2050 or greater Video Card
DVD-R/RW drive