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Name Elden Ring
Publisher kadwil
Format File
Rating 4.13 / 5 ( 6518 votes )
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The Monolith has long been tapped by the Masked Ones, a secret organization that has assumed power in the world. Enemies have appeared from all sides, and the conspiracy has expanded to the reach of the entire world. The battle must be waged, the world must be reclaimed, and you must become the true Lord of the Elden Ring, the hero of the Lands Between.

What is the Elden Ring?
The Elden Ring is the shared fantasy action RPG of the Tarnished Prince, original author Kazue Kato. Following the story of the original Monolith Saga, you are Tarnished, who is unable to leave the test lands that the Masked Ones have taken over. You must collect the pieces of the Monolith to expose the conspiracy, save the world, and join the Elden Ring.

The world of Tarnished
The world of Tarnished is an open world fantasy RPG where you can freely move from field to field, and from region to region. You can advance the story by exploring the fields and dungeons, and you can freely combine a variety of weapons, armor, and magic.

• Fields
Fields contain dangerous monsters and various decorations. The monsters chase after Tarnished, and upon defeating them, you will receive the scattered pieces of the Monolith.
– You can hunt the monsters with a bow, use magic spells, or use a long-range weapon to attract them to fight.
– Field decorations let you enhance the scenery, and serve as power-up items.
– Upon leveling up, you can exchange the equipment and increase the number of slots in your inventory, skills, attribute points, and the like.
– Collecting items from the field also allows you to enhance your equipment and magic.

• Dungeons
You can freely progress through dungeons of various levels by clearing the floors with the attributes that you have. Every floor has various challenges.
– Dungeon floor decorations have various effects.
– Dungeons contain the monsters that you hunt in the fields, and some of them are much stronger than you can face in the fields. You need to create a strategy to defeat them.
– You can take items from the floors upon clearing them, and take a chance on clearing the floors of monster’s resistance.
– In addition to the floors that are linked together, there are also some large dungeons with monster proliferation.
– For a strong attack that poses a high difficulty, you can freely enhance your level,


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Dozens of flavors of powerful equipment that can be equipped and enhanced.
  • Three classes per class. A Fighter, a Knight, and a Mage among Fighters, Knights and Mages. Each has a unique sub class which you can select at the beginning of the game.
  • An Ever-Improving World.
    There are 2 types of dungeons. Dungeon bosses include fearsome creatures that require no prior input.
  • A vast world with a vast variety of dungeons.
  • A vast world with a vast variety of trainers.
  • Many items and gold pieces that you can own.
  • Tons of equipment that you can change through transmutation. This offers a variety of options.
  • Colors, shapes, and plenty of variousness in customizing your equipment.|
  • Special attacks you can equip.
  • Battle Against Monsters. During battle, your equipped equipment and items are displayed in front of you.
  • The unique online gaming environment that is like having a large guild in which your character interacts with others.
  • Be prepared for action!


    EDGE OF THE WORLD: Journeys of Two Kinds

    As a new Lord on the Throne of the Elden Ring, you have beaten countless monsters, but a new phenomenon has begun plaguing your land. An adversary who spurned your challenge is rising to the top of the kingdom!
    Join your own band of heroes and strike for glory. As a new Lord on the Throne of the Elden Ring, you have beaten countless monsters, but a new phenomenon has begun plaguing your land. An adversary who spurned your challenge is rising to the top of the kingdom!
    You’re not the only fighter fighting monsters.
    There are two kinds of journeys, and they are just as thrilling as battling monsters.

    • ‘Normal’ Journey
    Normal journeys are where monster skill progress and the knowledge of monsters, dungeon layout, items, and play style for each class will be experienced together.

    • ‘Battle’ Journey
    Battle journeys aim to allow everyone to


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    “…a fantasy RPG with no flaws, Just pure game. The character creation is another big plus to the game.”

    Trion Online

    “…the screen quickly fills with strong and varied enemies, and your life bar never drops, forcing you to take risks in combat.”

    Geek China

    “…the game is incredible. The graphics are really nice and it looks like it has been polished very well. The voice acting is really nice too.”

    “…the story is a wonder. Even without knowing any Japanese or Chinese, I still understood it completely. And the scenes, especially after the boss battles, just give me goosebumps.”

    Game Republic

    “…a game that combines RPG with action, but it is not action RPG. The story is original and the characters are nice.”

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    “…the game has everything. The world, the characters, the story, the music, and more. Everything you can think of is done right.”

    Podcast Street

    “…the game plays like a real RPG.”

    Geek Heroes

    “…I got pulled into a fantasy RPG and I couldn’t stop playing it.”

    OMG News

    “…the moments were really meaningful and exciting. I couldn’t get enough of it.”


    “…the story was interesting. I love the characters and the cast of characters in the game were rather interesting.”

    Game Talk

    “…the game’s overall atmosphere is very action oriented, while the character, world, and story are very RPG-esque.”


    “…the game is top notch, it has very interesting story, an engaging world, and they executed all of it with perfection.”


    “…a game that I could sink my mind into.”


    “…the acting is great and the cutscenes are good.”

    “…the world is the main draw, in particular, the Lands Between.”

    Golden Otaku


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    The battle system and RPG elements of RISING are combined with the action and adventure of fighting games for an exciting experience.
    ▶ Action and RPG game
    ▶ Action game with a cast of heroes and powerful enemy, and RPG game with a character and equipment system.
    Mechanics of combat
    ▶ Move to an adjacent space, cast an ability, and move to a new space.
    ▶ Talk to NPC’s, equip armor, and cast spells to strengthen your character.
    ▶ Dodge, block, parry, and attack enemies in combat.
    ▶ Learn spells during missions. Use strong runes that grant large EXP bonuses.
    ▶ Find various weapons and armor to create the most powerful character.
    ▶ Weapons increase your strength and special move power.
    ▶ Equip and equip armor to increase your defense.
    ▶ Craft runes to give you special skills and items.
    ▶ Equip weapons that increase your attack power.
    ▶ Cast powerful buffs or perform special moves.
    ▶ Gain an EXP bonus by fighting well.

    What’s New
    We have fixed various issues for the PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch versions.
    The PS Vita versions of the game have been moved to the PlayStation Store in Japan and Korea.
    We have added the Trial Version section and adjustable difficulty for training purposes.

    To use the Trial version of the game, the ORIGINAL version of the game is needed.
    We hope you will enjoy the game with the Trial version of the game.
    Please make sure that you download the ORIGINAL version of the game.
    Make sure you have downloaded the game patch or fixed the game from the PS Store version.
    Please make sure that you add the downloaded game to the list of games on your PS Vita.
    New items
    The following content has been added to the game:
    ▷ ITEMS
    Korrina’s El Dorado
    The legendary sword that was brought out of the sea.
    You can search for the special attack “Sweep to Win” if it was lost in the adventure.
    ▷ EVENTS
    Daily Event
    Challenge Mode II
    Complete one of the Daily Events, and you will receive a gift box!
    Change your class
    After obtaining the Keeper of the Flame God gear, open your Diablo Wallet to change your class.
    The Keeper of the Flame


    What’s new:

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    If you encounter any problems while running the game or when you launch the game, such as characters not loading properly, unresponsive game screen, black screen, or crashing game, please go back to the previous screen, reboot the device, and then restart the game. If the game still doesn’t work properly, please contact our support.

    Please set the Android Operation System to Android 8.0 (API level 27) or higher.

    If you’re going to run the game on an emulator, please make sure that the graphics configuration of the emulator matches the graphics configuration of the device. We recommend using CPU: EMULATOR, RENDER: 1080p, and memory: 4GB. This was found to be the maximum recommended configuration for running this game on emulators. If the game doesn’t start properly, delete and reinstall the game using an installed apk file.
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    In the future, the game can be updated to support support devices.
    • A limit was imposed in accordance with Google policy to prevent errors that can occur as a result of performing excessive operations during processing. If errors continue, please contact our support.

    – It is not recommended to use emulators.

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    You may obtain a copy of the License at

    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: AMD FX-9300 Eight-Core Processor
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Video: AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury Series Graphics Card
    Disk Space: 1 GB available space
    Pricing and Availability:
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