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Elden Ring is a brand new Fantasy Action RPG developed by FromSoftware Inc.
In addition to various online RPG games, FromSoftware has a long history in the world of game development.
In the late ’90’s, the Legend of
Gotha was born.
Gotha began with Dark Souls but grew to become a genre of its own.
The legend grew even further with FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls.
In the past few years, we’ve seen a momentous
upheaval of grandiosely beautiful games like Dark Souls.
Elden Ring draws its source of power from this glorious past of FromSoftware, the developer of FromSoftware.
Throughout the many years from the very start of Dark Souls, we’ve been cultivating the faith and trust
of countless players around the globe.
[Voice] Light from the East will be the light in your hearts.
[Voice] The void ahead is as uncertain as the unknown.
At dawn, everyone stands before a great obstacle.
[Voice] We await as the sun rises.
[Voice] We’re a family.
[Voice] Elden Ring.
In our quest for the world of Elden Ring, we never know what lies ahead.
[Voice] We may face lonely challenges.
[Voice] or a face-to-face confrontation with your enemies.
[Voice] Our quests are full of many surprises and unpredictable events.
[Voice] You will be tested in this world.
[Voice] We will bring order to chaos.
From the very beginning of this quest, the players will be tested by the harsh world of Elden Ring.
[Voice] They may try to walk away from the game.
[Voice] They may be sorely disappointed by the enemies and the obstacles.
[Voice] From the beginning, the rewards are uncertain.
[Voice] You may choose your own path.
[Voice] Your journey is ultimately your decision.
[Voice] You cannot predict what is going to happen.
[Voice] You will not know what awaits you.
This is the great uncertainty of gaming, but this also brings the excitement and the joy.
[Voice] You will


Features Key:

  • A Random Battle System that requires thoughtful decisions to unlock, allowing you to play with a sense of surprise.
  • A Vast World with a variety of unexplored places, and a concept that makes the experience as enjoyable as possible regardless of place or location.
  • Up to 50 Playable Characters that extend the Lands Between and increase the number of ways to play.
  • A Battle Style that allows traditional pvp and pve playstyles.
  • A Formidably Deep Crafting System that allows you to construct a variety of new items.
  • A Powerful and Graciously True Dialogue Engine that brings action to the platform RPG genre.
  • A Career Battle System that enhances the conversations and the beat of the story.
  • Engaging stories in which choices of action and character development determine progression.
  • Elden Ring will be available for the following platforms: Windows PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One (Xbox One) and Xbox One X (XB1X).
    If you can’t wait to play the game, you can pre-purchase it from both Destinia and Steam on 1.15.2017 (PC)
    and Amazon on 15.12.2017 (PC), PS4 and Steam on 18.12.2017 (Xbox)
    and Xbox One X.



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    Comments about this item:Weekend Reading, as Told by Zinesters

    The HUS blog is pleased to present the first of our new series of occasional “READINGS” from the zines of this blog’s authors. Please read them with care.

    Zine #1

    This week we offer a little practical reading from the man who invents zines (and zine-making) and runs a zine library, the venerable and legendary Chris Bohjalian. He sends this in his name:

    In my first zine, I wrote about a war I’d experienced: my fifth grade teacher killing his wife and then himself in front of me. I described the scene to my friends as “when my fifth grade teacher hit his wife.”

    The story was true. On September 11, 1992, I saw my life and that of several other fifth-graders at 5 Leanna Road in Winthrop, Massachusetts, ruined by a quadratic equation. All of us knew that our teachers were going to kill themselves. All of us knew that there was nowhere to escape.

    When I first learned the word “zine” my life shifted. It’s no exaggeration to say that a child’s understanding of the world is embodied by his or her zine. A child’s zine can say, “The world is a ball,” and act it out in a child-centered way, without the adult in the room ever realizing what the child has done. All of the zines I write are like that. They exist in a world of children.

    Zine Libraries

    Although I enjoy writing fiction, the real work of writing a zine is editing and managing. The zine library, or zinescape, I built on Cape Cod has been open to the public since it opened in 1996. We’ve published more than 1,300 issues, and the zine is divided evenly between fiction, nonfiction, literary and the arts, and political issues.

    We’ve sold some 30,000 copies through international importers and directly to libraries, coffee houses and bookstores, as well as online. So, we’ve been around longer than most zines. But our success has been modest. We’re neither a spiritual successor to the old NAMBLA zine in the 1980s nor a major literary force. We’re just a little old guy and his wife publishing


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    Unpredictable action and adventure.
    A fantasy world with a terrible history of conflict. A world in which the past still echoes. The world has long since been torn apart by fierce battles and has become a disturbed and dangerous place.
    As a fearless adventurer, you enter this world in search of your missing friends. Your job is to defeat giant monsters to open the way to other lands and find the people you know.
    • Free actions
    You freely choose what you want to do in order to further the plot.
    • Critical Action
    While you are fighting, your actions are displayed in real time, and when you miss a critical action, the flow of the battle changes, inflicting damage on your character.
    • Easy Controls
    When you are in danger, your own unique skills come to your rescue, so combat is easy.
    • Difficult Challenges
    You can deal with even the hardest foes with ease, using strong attacks and moves that even veterans cannot touch.
    • Unique Characters
    Each character has their own backstory and unique moves. You can customize your own personal story, so you can put your own unique personality on the screen.
    *More detailed information on features will be made available at a later date.
    *The official site/release date announcement may be delayed according to the development status.
    *The development of this product may be delayed until after Golden BrotherPunks’ overseas work has been completed.
    *This product is not associated with the 2008 film “GOLDEN ARMY”
    *May be a good game to play with your kids if your kids are like mine!

    ■ P


    Character Design:

    Wow!! What a beauty!!
    From Shinobu Shinohara, creator of IO-HO and artist of the Kingdom of Ragnarok FF, the vision comes alive.
    A pure-faced young man with a gentle gaze.
    The reason we are struck by the face of this high-class adventurer is his eyes.
    He has the eyes of a noble beast, and his gaze is filled with emotions that guide and support him.
    As with other characters, the proportions and facial expressions for each character have been carefully sculpted in detail.
    – Oooh, Shinobu Shinohara-san is creating a world of character design that everybody cannot


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Client needed to modify one of the csgo client functions in steam.
    I’m not too sure why the mods are needed, though
    One of the clients requests was being able to download games from steam.
    If you are logged into steam when you click on the steam button, you can already launch a steam games offline file.
    Client is made for mkswitch.exe mod file creator. This is a very stable plugin but if someone figured out a way to make cs go to spawn in a similar way then i wouldn’t mind.
    – changed |added mkswitch mod file.
    – added another patch plugin.
    Full thread:

    Countdown timer

    Auto download steam games

    Clan mode

    Patch plugin bug fix

    In this version, I’ve added Clan mode for CS:GO. This can be done by setting the attribute playerClan to 1 and removing the attribute playerClanOverride. You will need to add the attribute in the file playerClanOverride.
    There is no anti-cheat method for this and it can be abused so please use common sense and don’t abuse it.
    More patches are being added to the game by users.
    The latest patch can be found on


    CustomSkins / CustomDesig bam files


    SteamGamesPluginfor File Generator (Needed for clan mode)

    Parcht plugin


    Custom mkswitch.exe file (You can find it here:

    Country clonability

    Custom skins

    Password protection

    Steam like possitions (from arma 2)


    4 player configurable death counter


    Framerate configuration


    Counter strike radar

    Clan Mode

    ESP with proxy

    Download client from steam menu steam -> games and clicking on the offline button.
    When online is selected the game will download but won’t start yet, you will need to restart steam.
    This new function will be in the scoreboard where you see number of players, time, and the number of times that a game has been played.

    Connecting to the internet


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    9. Wait until all links are finished.
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    Sat, 07 May 2014 03:01:17 +0000Quaia1215225 at Season 2

    Elden Ring Complete Game


    • Exclusive DLC feature—The Curse of the Lodestone.
    • New premium raid boss—Night Elf.
    • Permanent sanctuary nodes added.
    • Permanent stat stat nodes added.
    • New pickup reward—Bird’s eye.
    • 7 new items added.
    • New legendary artifact added.