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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.65 / 5 ( 3994 votes )
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The Elden Ring Activation Code is a fantasy action RPG game created for Android devices. It boasts an all-new story and gameplay that combine elements from the earliest version of the story published by Atlus. It has been developed with a great care for all of your expectations from a fantasy action RPG and you will find new and exciting gameplay that you cannot find anywhere else.

The Elden Ring is set in the Lands Between, an isolated area in an unknown world, where the racial make up is different from your own. As an adventurer who has lost his memories, it is up to you to help the Cleric figure out the truth behind the Lands Between. Do you have what it takes to become a hero of the worlds?

■ High-quality graphics
A rich, detailed world is recreated in high-definition graphics and allow you to experience new, exciting gameplay that you can only find in the Elden Ring.
■ A Completely New Story
The story presented in Elden Ring is rich in detail and focuses on character development. You will be able to experience a story that rivals the best RPGs of the past.
■ New Action-RPG Gameplay
A variety of gameplay systems are added in the game to offer a completely new experience. These elements will expand the world of the game and the characters in it, opening up a new space for stories to be created.
■ Multilayered Story
Elden Ring has the three layers of a story that the Lands Between requires. Each layer has its own story with its own setting and characters.
■ Exotic Stories
With the introduction of the role-playing that is second to none, Elden Ring players are invited to experience a variety of stories that range from role-playing to drama.
■ A World Full of Fun
Elden Ring is an action-RPG game that allows you to enjoy the world of the Lands Between that you find in the story, as well as all the exciting side quests that are introduced. It also includes fun elements such as PvP, monster breeding, and trading.

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Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.65 / 5 ( 3994 votes )
Update (9 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • CM-XG vs RBY: A balanced battle engine, which takes advantage of the lovely CM-XG universe, targets a hectic storyline, and is deeply balanced so that you can enjoy it at any level.
  • A VERY varied and significantly large play area in an 8-bit RPG style. It features open and connected 3D dungeons, fields, and other areas such as townspaces.
  • A Drama that reads like a novel, from the monologue dialogue to the interaction among the characters as they progress through the story.
  • In-depth Customization options such as character creation.
  • A bewilderingly large number of customization options for the game environment.
  • A battle system that supports touch-and-swipe controls, allowing for high levels of customizable and varied battles without any restrictions.
  • A rich battle history featuring 300+ heroes and 100+ weapons, full of a variety of tactical gimmicks.
  • Encompasses hundreds of scenarios with an overabundance of events.
  • Huge numbers of various enemies/monsters and a full inventory system.
  • Completely original characters and dialogue that are unparalleled in the industry.
  • Advanced AI and impressive graphics for a AAA title in the field.


    E3 2014 Official Charts: @e3feature
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    “Fantasy action RPG that is full of lots of fun!”

    “Some of the story seems like it could be fictional, but it is just so fun that I can’t help but believe that it is true.”

    “A fun game that lets you take on tough opponents in a fight filled with excitement.”

    “The music, while not the best RPG music, is quite suitable for an action game.”

    “The story is very confusing at first and hard to understand, but the game itself is very simple to get the hang of.”

    (Reviewed for Pocky&Fish, April 26, 2015)

    Previous Game:

    “An RPG with a simple, refreshing feel, and even simpler game itself.”

    “I recommend this game to all RPG fans as an RPG that is simple but has a lot of charm.”

    (Reviewed for Pocky&Fish, August 22, 2015)

    “I loved this game. It was simple and fun. Not a terribly complex game, but it kept me coming back.”

    (Reviewed for Pocky&Fish, August 27, 2015)


    「グランド ダイヤモンド」運営事務局

    © 2015 『Elden Ring』

    ©© 2015 The Pokémon Company/Creatures Inc.

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    Tap and hold the screen to hold your shield, release to raise it on the screen.
    Tap to shoot.
    Blocks are broken after a number of hits are received.
    Do not tap while using a weapon. Tap when you’re not using a weapon.

    What’s New in Version 1.03.02

    ★ Adjustments to improve the usability of the game.
    ★ The “Requirement for Requests” in the Support Case Report screen has been raised to “Confirmation Required” for ease of use
    What’s New in Version 1.02

    ★ Small improvements have been made for game stability
    ★ Users can now purchase food and/or beverages from NPC vendors in town
    ★ Access to our official support forum has been improved. Please make use of the support forum and submit your bug reports and requests
    ★ The “Illness” button in the Support Case Report screen has been removed
    What’s New in Version 1.01

    ★ Some of the old story articles have been moved to the “My Story” menu. You can also view them in the “My Story” menu and the “Manual” menu
    ★ An error that prevented the players from accessing the “Currency screen” in the Settings menu has been fixed
    ★ Fixed an error that made it impossible to purchase armor in the “Shrine” menu
    ★ Fixed an error that made it impossible to use the weapon equipped in the equipment menu after entering the barracks
    ★ Fixed an error that made it impossible to progress in the “Lands Between” after you entered the Black Knights’ Gate
    ★ Fixed an error that made it impossible to access the “My Story” menu after you entered the “Lands Between”
    ★ Fixed an error that made it impossible to use the weapons equipped in the equipment menu after entering the town
    ★ Added the “Events” page to the “My Story” menu to make it easier to view them
    ★ The autocast feature is now available for when you equip weapons and magic
    ★ Optimized the performance of the game
    ★ Optimized the loading of the game
    ★ Optimized the sound effects
    ★ Tons of other minor adjustments and improvements[Zonal distribution of the S-100 protein immunoreactivity in rat brain].
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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    An Elden is the first sword you receive. A priceless jewel of power!

    Feel the thrill of being able to save your princess and drive off demon invaders while unlocking new areas, both large and small. Experience smooth online play and the excitement of battling with others!
    Play your SWORDS!

    1. Key Features
    2. Key Features
    2.1 MMO System
    2.2 Online Play
    2.3 Detail of Characters
    2.4 Battle System
    2.5 Character Customization
    3. Beta Testing
    4. Status and Roadmap
    5. Revive the World’s Ancients
    6. Conclusion
    7. Opening to the Future
    8. License Content

    01 May 2019 19:37:49 GMTNew Event of Fantasy Swords Soul

    New Event of Fantasy Swords Soul
    Update May: 11, 2019
    1. Game

    The elfin sword Silverbreath gleamed in the dark after the twilight, it casts a gloomy shadow in the fade. Or was it the disheveled look of the gallant opponent who struck out at it before falling to the bottom…?
    What is the phenomenon of a sword that echoes across darkness?
    What are the swords that survive the ancient wars in return for their loyalty to the souls of the invaders?
    Will fortune favor these swords in the day of victory?
    Why are the swords from the olden times one of the best fantasy swords?

    Welcome to the Sword Among Swords., where the blades called fantasy swords owned


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    • In line with the provisions of the License Agreement for Online Services of the Rockstar website, I am aware of the fact that some of the copyrighted materials within this game are included in its online multiplayer features.

    • I understand that I may not download, modify, distribute, or create derivative works from this application without Rockstar Games’ prior approval.

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