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Teorija Zavere Dejan Lucic Pdf Download _VERIFIED_ 📤

Teorija Zavere Dejan Lucic Pdf Download _VERIFIED_ 📤

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Teorija Zavere Dejan Lucic Pdf Download

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Using dynamic array of c++

I have a struct declared as:
struct Point{
float x,y;

typedef struct Point points[4];


A pointer to this struct will point to the first element of the points array.
I define an array of four pointers like this:
points* ptr2 = (points*) malloc(sizeof(points));

The problem is that when I try to access the elements like this:
ptr2[0].x = 1.0f;

it gives me segmentation fault. What am I doing wrong?


Based on the code you posted, you are not doing anything wrong.
The problem is that you are not initializing the fields in the struct.
In the lines:

you have to initialize the fields with values, e.g.
points[0].x = 1.0f;
points[0].y = 2.0f;
points[1].x = 1.0f;
points[1].y = 2.0f;
points[2].x = 1.0f;
points[2].y = 2.0f;
points[3].x = 1.0

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Using bash variables as directory names

I am running a Python script on a remote server and attempting to use the output for other purposes. The problem is that the output is a list of directory names which I want to use as the directory for a recursion call. However I’m having trouble getting it to work.
The code being run is like this:
find $new-root -maxdepth 1 -type d > $output

I then need to use the contents of $output as the new root for my recursion call. To get this I do:
rm -rf $output
ls -A | grep “^d” > $output
ls -A | grep “^d” | cat -ve | grep “$(echo -e $output\;)” | grep -v ^$
rm -rf $output

This should output every directory within $output to a text file, excluding the $output directory itself. This works in the general case, ie replacing ls with wc will return an accurate count, however when the script encounters a directory called the output directory itself then it becomes a bit problematic. This is because the output directory is a loop back directory that just outputs the files of its parent dir. So the output directory itself then gets counted as part of the recursion.
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