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Autoincrement attribute using Hibernate

I want to setup an autoincrement attribute to set the name of the java bean (a name which is an identifier for the Entity).
I want to have a name like (Where the id is the primary key attribute of the Entity).
Is there a way that I can do this?


You can get the corresponding column name for the column using:
PropertyInfo prop = entity.getClass().getProperty(“id”);
String columnName = prop.getName();

What you get back from this method will be the string which you can then use to set a name to a column. I usually set my column names to the names of the class properties I’m trying to set to, i.e.,
Regarding your comment about setting an ID to be the primary key, you do this using @GeneratedValue.
For example:
private int id;

Since Hibernate sets the id automatically, you never need to set the id yourself. You can then use id as a property of your Class to access the database in the way you want.


That is only my suggestion though, maybe you could find a way to get round this by making sure that you have a notification for your iCloud account at all times, therefore if you sign out of your apple ID you will lose the notification.

You can find this on your phone (iOS) by going to Settings > iCloud > Notifications. If you decide to disable iCloud for your app, you will only receive push notifications when users are signed into your app. This means that notifications and app users will be tied to your Apple ID account and the push alert will go to your device (as long as you are logged in) and alert the user that a notification has been sent from the app.

The notifications center will show the people on your iCloud list and those people who have been selected to receive notifications will be able to respond.

If you disable iCloud, you will have to check for new message in your app.

import { set } from’redux-immutable’;

export const DEFAULTS = {
defaults: ”,

export const setDefaults = (payload: any) => (
set(‘defaults’, payload, { optimistic: true })

export const getDefaults = () => (

export const resetDefaults = () => ({
defaults: ”

export const getValues = payload => ({
defaults: payload,

export const validate = payload => ({
defaults: validatePayload(payload),

const validatePayload = payload => {
return payload.includes(‘name’) || payload.includes(’email’) || payload.includes(‘password’)
? { name: payload }
: null;

export const validateValues = payload => {
return set(‘defaults’, validatePayload(payload));

export const getValue = payload => validatePayload(payload) || getDefaults().defaults;

export const save = payload => ({
defaults: savePayload(payload),

const savePayload = (payload: any) => {

export const createPayload = payload => ({

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it simply doesn’t show them when I press “Filter”
this is my code :

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