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Trees are abundant and ready to show you the way. But some may be more interested than others in teaching you a bit about the forest’s ecology.
Among Trees:
Discover the Woods
If you’ve never explored a forest before, this is your big chance. You’ll be guided by a cast of helpful characters and you’ll discover the woods as you explore them.
Beautiful and Easy to Navigate
Listen, we know you’ve seen hundreds of pictures of forests. You know the place.
In among the trees, you’re in for some of the most soothing and relaxing gameplay you’ve ever experienced. You’ll navigate the forest like a pro, all without putting a foot wrong.
About Our Visuals
Since you’re bound to play in spectacular 3D locations, we’ve made sure that Forest Prime doesn’t look like just any other game.
You’ll constantly be able to recognize which site is which through the use of gorgeous aerial perspectives. You might even find that you go out of your way to revisit the places you once explored.
You won’t find any busy looking menus either. You’ll only ever open up 3 simple information panels.
You’ll only have to deal with friendly, helpful and most of all fun characters.
Gorgeous animations on a jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery. And at last, a place to play that you won’t get tired of.
Set your alarm for the morning, you don’t want to miss any of the fun on the way there.
* * *
This game is rated “E10+” and is compatible with 3D displays.
* * *
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Developed by the creative minds behind the award-winning game, Among the Trees, The Question of Guilt is a story-driven crime game. ‘Guilt’ is the wrong word though, as despite being a main theme of this game, the word is quite misleading. ‘Innocence’ is a better word, as this game deals with the story of a young man, who is either a perfectly good person or a terrible person, as the case may be.
During this game, you will play as John aka ‘Johann’ – a man who is either an


Warhammer Quest Features Key:

  • Play both Danganronpa games released (Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair) on one account
  • Rate the game
  • Be a pixel Junkie like the ‘Explorers of Both’
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    LinuxMaximus 7 hath no fury like a FOU/yet another poor woman’s basement destroyed by a spontaneous… Read More

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    Open PVP. No place or structure is an invincible safe-haven.
    It’s your choice whether you’ll be a beast or a human being, in the end,
    the only thing that matters is your choice.
    Commandeer Other Players’ Structures, and Request Their Assistance.
    If you find that an enemy is hording a particular resource, or a profitable trade route, then ask them if they mind letting you use their structure to ferry your goods for you.
    I’m A Hero…
    Become a hero of your faction, or your group, as you battle, plan, outwit, and co-opt your allies, foes, and everything in between.
    It’s up to you to help, or hinder, your faction and allies to achieve their goals,
    or to oppose them if you hold stronger views on the matter.

    Customization “Gore” setting

    Survival Mode

    Player’s own Wiki

    EU/NA Server

    Server Details



    Play Time

    150-210 hours

    Release Date



    Server Ratings

    User Ratings / Bio

    Welcome to the forums!Please use your forum username throughout the forums or in-game. This will help people find your posts more easily.If you find yourself on a page that doesn’t have a username in it, you can create one here.

    Since many of you are probably looking for guides and tips for the game, I figured I would start a thread for that. I’m going to start with the general gameplay of the game.

    Gameplay / Mechanics1. The majority of the time spent in the game is in exploring different biomes as well as the questline. While you can return to any location and find resources already being utilized, some biomes have special types of resources or more of them than others.2. Make sure you have a good base somewhere in the world, as you will most likely have to collect materials to harvest.3. Don’t store goods in structures as they have a limited lifespan, so keep resources in the world accessible at all times.4. It’s helpful to create buildings before you plan on using them, as some require specific materials in order to become functional.

    Combat / RTS

    Combat / FTL


    Space combat can


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    The above first level scenario could be handled with a summary alone. This is about all you need to know. But if you have done the first level and now want to advance further, click here.
    Game “A Long Time Ago….” Gameplay:
    This scenario is placed at an absolutely epic scale. The entirety of the dark continent of Aventuria is traversed, spanning the great nations, cities and kingdoms. And even if the quest does not follow the same path, but is traveling along the winding paths and cities of the wildlands, the scope of the scenario is enormous.
    Game “A Fistful of Gold” Gameplay:
    The great southern kingdom of Vingard is threatened by a terrible forest fire. The residents have no time to flee before the world is engulfed by the flames. Fortunately there are agents on a mission to retrieve a large amount of gold from the opposing castle. The agents can clearly not do this alone; they need the help of Vingard’s army.
    Game “Nordland’s Wall” Gameplay:
    The dismal march westward in the endless cold winter is interrupted by the embassy of an Eastern Empire. The emperor is eager to establish a trading relationship with the Nordlands. However, a raven swoops into the campaign. The Nordland Nation is being invaded and the empire demands the Nordlands hand over their queen before she will attack.
    Game “Puddle of Water” Gameplay:
    The River Kingdom is on the brink of extinction. Farmers are being slaughtered, women and children vanish, and even the king is being attacked at night by a hooded figure. This is a threat to the very existence of the River Kingdom. However, those who can help the king defeat this threat are few and far between.
    Game “Chains to the Past” Gameplay:
    The fate of the small city of Kelvik is very much in the hands of a quartet of hobbits. The town is being overrun by monsters and everyone knows that the city is not going to hold out much longer. The good news is that this quartet has been magically transported into a dimension where they can witness all the action and save the world. But alas, they have to do this as goblins and trolls and similar creatures. The only hope is that they do not get eaten by these creatures, but they have no skills to defend themselves.
    Game “Floor of Fire” Gameplay:
    A mission into the iron gates of Gelegard. A black dragon has


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