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▶ Become the ruler of your own fantasy world with Roblox, the free online platform where children of all ages can create, play, and share games together in virtual worlds.
▶ Roblox is designed for all ages, with kid-friendly themes, cartoon graphics, and games that encourage creativity and imagination. Play games in a safe, moderated environment on your own terms.
▶ Make new friends, play games, and have fun in a virtual world where everyone can get along.
GAMEPLAY► Start creating your own games now, completely free.
MAKING NEW FRIENDS THROUGH GAMES► Join millions of players in games that are safe for all ages.
▶ Create games with your friends. Invite them into your custom game, then join them in game using any device.
▶ Jump into games with friends in seconds, even if they’re on another device.
▶ Start playing games with your friends right away.
▶ Play games with millions of players around the world.
SAFE AND FUN FOR KIDS AND ADULTS► Play games with friends safely, in-between parent checks.
▶ Play games for hours uninterrupted, without needing to worry about logging back in.
▶ Play your favorite games, no matter the device you’re logged in on.
▶ Play on mobile with one account for your family, and once everyone is done, everyone will automatically be logged out.
▶ Relax and stay entertained while waiting for your bus or train.
▶ If you want to take a break from playing games, you can. No worries, we’ll keep playing for you.
CREATE YOUR OWN GAMES AND PLAY WHAT YOU WANT► Choose from thousands of user-created games and play what you want, when you want.
▶ Make new friends and play with characters of your choice in your own game.
▶ Customize your in-game characters to express yourself.
▶ Explore endless combinations of game genres, game types, and game mechanics.
PLAY WITH KIDS AND THEIR FRIENDS► Create a game, pick a genre, and customise your game.
▶ Play with kids and their friends in a safe and fun environment, and create memories together.
▶ Be the hero that kids love to play with and play with kids.
▶ Play games with friends and kids in the same room.
▶ Play with game avatars of


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7. Copy the code
8. Do Step 3 and 4 for every free gift you want to claim


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Even non-members can play Roblox for free. You just need a Roblox login.

There is a number of reasons a player might want to cheat on Roblox. The most common is to use cheats to avoid playing the same level countless times. Of course, you can also use this as a challenge and improve your skills. We even have cheats for weapon items!

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November 9, 2018

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Server Date: September 15, 2018

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