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This CustoPack is based on Aqua Inspirat visual style made by Stefanka, it contains iMod icons by Babasse and the background qp created by GuiTuX.
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista et 7, iMod Inspirat is a perfect demonstration of the CustoPack Tools software’s power.
Get iMod Inspirat and install it to give your system a classy look!


DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






IMod Inspirat Crack + License Key Free Download

Aqua Inspirat is a demonstration of CustoPack’s power.
In addition to providing a stunning main color, and a dark accent color, the module also provides two different iMod’s settings.
This means that you can use the original color to create a stylish look for your desktop.
But if you want to create a darker look, you can use the iMod settings to achieve the desired result.
Features of Aqua Inspirat:
Main Color: The main color is complemented by an accent color.
Dark Accent Color: When you click on this module, the background is darkened to provide a darker accent color.
iMod Settings: At the top left of this module, you can see the iMod settings.
iMod settings create three different color schemes, including white, black and true black.
All of the settings remain active all the time, only the color scheme will be different.
Background: The background will vary based on the color scheme.
This means that, when you change the color scheme, the background color will change.
You will be able to use up to 7 backgrounds.
Installation of Aqua Inspirat:
(*) With the help of the download manager, you can easily download the files you need.
If you do not have a download manager, you can download from here.
(*) Place the folder downloaded to the right here after downloading.
You can also customize the installation by replacing the files in its original folder.
(*) For Windows XP SP 2, you can use an older version of iMod that does not support Vista.
Check out the differences between Vista and XP in the table below:
Windows XP
Installation of Aqua Inspirat for Windows XP:
1. Select the downlaoded file you want to install, open the folder and double-click on the setup file. The process will begin.
2. When you see the message “File Pack is installed”, click on Yes to start the process.
3. Complete the process and apply the actions you want.
iMod Inspirat Settings:
1. Click on the icon with the three lines at the top right to access your settings.
2. After the settings appear, click on the blue icon to exit.
3. Click on the icon with the lines at the top right to exit.
Using the modules:
1. Click on the icon with

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As the title says, this is a very simple custo pack but packed with awesome features.

You have these two textures that are common to many custo packs out there. They are exactly the same, only the name is different. Well, it is the first texture of the pillow you choose to use. Now the thing that makes this custo pack different is the pillow shape. It is a typical pizza-shaped pillow, which is a combination between an owl and an emblem shape.

The second texture is the background. It is a solid color background that is highlighted by a blue textured square. The purpose of that square is to not appear as if it is actually a background. The pillows are actually aligned to the bottom of the square. Both those pillows are layer 7 brushes. They have a nice look, and after installing, you will see many custo packs that use these two pillows.

The custo pack has been made with iMod Inspirat visual style made by Stefanka. The icons used to be layered together with the pillows. There is not much to say about the custo pack. They work perfectly, they look great and they are compatible with iMod Inspirat. Please do not forget to leave feedback if you like the custo pack.

Stratos Plasma Gates is a very nice custo pack. It has been made with iMod Inspirat. The custo pack has been made with plasma gates, flames and a awesome background. The structure of this custo pack is very simple. You will find the style of each element in the custo pack.

It starts with the texture and the pillows. I guess you know what you are doing when you install a custo pack with pillows. The pillows are layer 7 brushes, very nice to look at. If you look closely at the pillows and the flame, you will find they are in the same position. That is what makes the custo pack so unique and not like a hundred other custo packs out there.

The structures of the flames are very similar to each other. The custo pack includes a plasma gate for each texture. They are supported by ‘>’ icons. The polayered icons look nice and there is no space between those icons. You will also find beautiful, powerful and detailed custom icons. They seem to be placed in a custom-like, dark colored square.

Please do not

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== A personalized copy of Aqua Inspirat ==
This iMod description is a customized version of the original Aqua Inspirat description.
== Install and use iMod Inspirat ==
Install iMod Inspirat from an.EXE installer package.
This is the fastest way to install iMod Inspirat, because it does not use an internet connection!
Please note that iMod Inspirat is a personalized software, that means it will have its own iMod icon and its own.exe file.
== iMod Inspirat Main Features ==
== iMod Inspirat Bugs ==
== Change your (mini)Mimimi icons ==
Create custom icons for you (mini)Mimimi from the iMod Inspirat main windows.
== Integrate iMod Inspirat into your Windows ==
You can integrate iMod Inspirat in your Windows Settings and Launch pad.
== Create your own (mini)Mimimi ==
Create your own (mini)Mimimi using the available iMod icons, including a few original custoMimimi icons.
== Create iMods ==
Create your own iMods and customize your iMod icons appearance as you want!
== AiMod for iMod ==
Make your own AiMod backgrounds, add it to your AiMimbi, and apply it to your iMods!
== Build AiMods and AiMods ==
Make your own AiMods and customize your AiMod icons appearance as you want!
== AiMimbi for AiMod ==
Make your own AiMimbi and apply them to your AiMods.
== AiMimbi Progress System ==
Assign AiMimbi progress to iMods.
== iMod Inspirat Compatibility ==
iMod Inspirat is compatible with all Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Because it is based on Aqua Inspirat, it will look nice in all these operating systems.
== iMod Inspirat Dependencies ==
iMod Inspirat depends on these programs and fonts:
== iMod Inspirat Languages ==
iMod Inspirat does not contain any language translations.
== iMod Inspirat Requirements ==
iMod Inspirat requires:
Minimum system requirements:
== iMod Inspirat MSDN ==
iMod Inspirat contains a lot of useful information for users on the help file. You can have a look

What’s New in the IMod Inspirat?

=== EDITOR’S NOTE: It seems that the official release of Inspirat is now out in beta… or how do you want to call it, a last RC/pre-release-version! We will wait for a more final release before updating this site!

By the way, Inspirat comes with a free version as well, which offers all the features as the full version but with a limited number of icons! (i.e. no round windows, no application shortcuts,…)
In case you want the full version, we also highly recommend to get Inspirat Pro, which offers many additional icons, themes and styles!

=== Ready to use Customization tool, built on top of the Virtula theme engine.
The use of this Customizer tool is not restricted to Inspirat’s Icons (currently available in the following themes: Aqua Inspirat, Calm, CustoPack Tools, FormatoLight), but in a general sense it is. The Inspirat Icon Customizer may be used for modifying or replacing almost any KDE desktop object such as scroll bars, toolbars, menus, K menu, ksplash and animated KMenu. This tool can also be used to replace or modify borders, icons and buttons.
Features of the Inspirat Icons Customization Tool:
-> Modify KDE objects such as scroll bars, toolbars, menus, K menu,
Ksplash and animated KMenu.
-> Over half a million icons, covering a wide range of KDE applications.
-> Two Special Menu Styles: Copy&Paste menu and Flat Manager menu.
-> Customize set of 150 icons to any size.
-> Customize color scheme of the theme.
-> Smart search functionality.
-> Configure, save and restore the customized theme settings.
-> Preferences to configure the tool.
-> Save themes in the Kolor package format, which stores color information along with the icon theme.
-> Export themes to Kolor package format.

=== Themes included in the Customizer package:
Aqua Inspirat
CustoPack Tools
Gnome 2
Gnome 3
Gnome 3 MATE
Gnome GTK
Gnome GTK 2
Gnome Gnome 2
Gnome QT

System Requirements:

Windows: Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
Mac: OSX 10.5 or higher
Linux: Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.04 or 18.04
Adobe Flash Player 11 or higher
Internet Explorer 10 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 10 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 43 or higher
Chrome 12 or higher
Safari 7 or higher
Android: Android 4.0 or higher
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