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『The Elden Ring』 is a fantasy action role-playing game developed by Sinon Studios. It was created on the basis of the ‘The Elden Ring’ Nintendo 3DS video game, which the developer collaborated on with Nintendo. The game is the first RPG developed by Sinon Studios, and includes anime cutscenes made by Polygon Pictures and character designs by the author Hideyuki Kurata.

The Elden Ring game is published by Sammy Hasegawa and will be released on July 29, 2018 for Nintendo 3DS.


Sinon Studios is a leading developer of mobile games, and a development company specializing in quality game development. We aim to produce a variety of creative games that appeal to gamers around the world, and develop games using our own proprietary engine. We will continue to implement a variety of new technologies and unique game systems to produce compelling and enjoyable game experiences to our players.


The Polygon Pictures Corporation, established in 2002, is a Japanese anime production company owned by Sammy Hasegawa. The company is known for its productions of the popular anime series One Piece and Dragon Ball series.


Hasegawa Sammy is the producer for The Elden Ring as well as a business executive. He has a passion for games and has actively been involved with the game industry since the ‘90s. He is currently the CEO and founder of Sammy Hasegawa Studios.


Players can freely explore a vast world where an unknown threat, the powerful mage Belias, is approaching from the north. In order to save the world, you must rise as a Tarnished—a character with incredible powers. Using the Elden Ring, a powerful artifact that can be possessed by a character, you will then raise an army of Tarnished, and travel together to defeat the forces of darkness.

Thank you for playing The Elden Ring!


The team behind this title are Hasegawa Sammy and Polygon Pictures Corporation.

© Sinon Studios / Polygon Pictures Corporation 2018

© 2018 ZUNTEC

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    ◆ Gameplay:

    ◆ Character Customization:

    ◆ Online:

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    ◆ Graphics:

    ◆ Conclusion:


    The lands between the ‘Lands Below’ and the ‘Deadly Islands’ exist, where the world of mortals is entrusted to caretakers of Elden; the spiritual Fae. In the Lands Between, who have not lost their souls, all sorts of scenarios take place. Creatures, monsters, and other dangers lurk in the depths of dungeons, and the reason that you must be careful is because you are not alone. What secret power of that other world still exists on this plane? Upon arrival at the castle, you must rise to face and defeat the terrible destiny that awaits you. Tarnished Fantasy is a VRMMORPG developed by Cryptic Cross. The worlds of the dead flow between the beautiful lands of the mortal world. Although in that world, there are the gods who watch the dead as Fae, deep beyond the clouds that hover above, the power of the dead became part of the living world through interdimensional space. If these gods become aware of the world, the dead may return to their world, and at that moment, there will be a period of intense warfare. Now, in the Lands Between, there are people who live in a world that hasn’t yet merged with the dead. This is where the greatest Fae (caretakers) have their bases. It is where the best warriors are, and it is where the people who are seeking rebirth in the reborn world can be born. In this game, you must be careful because you are not alone. Although the game takes place in the main town of a castle, there are a variety of areas to explore, such as a farm, a bustling town, and dungeons, to which there are areas to create an alliance with and explore. The game lets you freely control the character and freely upgrade the stats of your character through the day. You can freely create your character, and it’s the rare fantasy game where you can freely customize the appearance of your character. Not only that, you can freely mix and match the armor, weapons, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character, such as training to increase your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic. This game has a variety of story scenes in the main town, the fields and dungeons,


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    Elden Lords are the Elden’s most holy heroes. Each country in the Lands Between has one, who fights the forces of darkness alongside the Elden.

    Main Story

    The story of Tarnished takes place in the Lands Between, the enormous land that connects all the countries in the Elden Ring. It is a world in which every history is recorded in its own dialect and myths and a vast world full of opportunities for a hero to succeed. The story starts with the discovery of the holy Elden Ring by a young adventurer, at a place called the Dark Gates. Since that time, a conflict between the Darkness and the Light has endured.

    The fight

    The Darkness is the antithesis of the Elden Ring, the place where Oblivion and Vaalor reign supreme. A battle between the Darkness and the Light has been raging for eternity. As a hero, you will be called upon to fight for the Light. To be successful, you will need to protect and maintain the Balance of the Lands Between, which is the order created by the Elden Ring that keeps the Lands Between in balance.

    The Balance

    As a result of the fight between the Darkness and the Light, the Lands Between are out of balance, and a balance of good and evil has begun to grow. Should the lands continue in this state, more and more evil monsters will appear. An imbalance of good and evil will create a dangerous situation. The Elden Ring works to maintain the Balance by using the Elden Lords, who were once Heroes that saved the Lands Between, to now maintain the balance of good and evil in this area.


    The Darkness is the king of Oblivion, the realm of evil. This spirit constantly searches for ways to breach the Balance in order to destroy the light. Oblivion is ruled by a powerful king known as Vaalor. His rules are firmly in place.

    Main Characters

    Messala: A typical nobleman from the Imperial Capital of Vitosha. He was chosen as a Hero by the Elden Ring.

    Maiala: A young man who is the son of an adventurer from Silesia. He was originally chosen as an example of one who was born from the Darkness, but when he demonstrated his worth, he was chosen as a Hero.

    Mazadaka: The commander of the Imperial Capital of Sitros. He is the leader of the Imperial Army and the commander of the Imperial Capital of Vit


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    WHAT’S NEW (The Latest Version)

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    I’ll never forget the first time I saw a music video where people used animated pictograms of potions and weapons and were casually twirling for effect. It blew my mind, and I thought it was a new way of storytelling and a new way to present a brand. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. I started thinking about how, given the right tech, music videos could be the new-media equivalent of a commercial.

    I hoped that powerful, desirable, and tasteful interactive experiences would one day become possible. There were no good music video games in existence when I first started to think about this. So, I made one.

    – John Donais

    Another thing that went into the development of the animation department was to see how we could use our limited software to create more lively and expressive animations than was possible before we started. The launch of

    Queen’s Reign

    achieved all of this.

    – John Donais

    I’d been waiting for years to make a fantasy game. Every time I thought about it, I thought of how the point of swords and spells and ballistas and bows and huge castles was to ward off evil. And all of that felt so hackneyed and old.

    – John Donais

    I was the company’s first employee, and I felt lucky to start my career in the game industry so close to the beginning of the industry’s rise.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later.
    Windows 2000 or later.
    1024 x 768 display or higher resolution.
    Single player
    Multiplayer Gameplay
    When playing on either Mac OS X or Windows, a player must be logged in to the Multiplayer server before a match can be started.
    Please use NAT if you are using a server that requires it.
    When the game starts, press “OK” to start.
    There are two modes of play:


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