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I was born in the year of 2004.
I am a Game Designer, and I am from Itabashi City.
Indie Designer, independent of the industrial strength, I create games that are only myself.
Since I have more than a decade of experience as a Game Designer, I work on game design while thinking about what kind of game is more fun.
The objective of my game is to create an enjoyable and deep experience for me.
When I did my degree in Game Design, I aspired to make a game that will be more fun and approachable.
But, after hard work, I realized that it was not the case.
However, I have been working as a Game Designer for a long time, and I developed some brand-new ideas and techniques while working on it.
Now, we are starting our first experiment of the NEW GAME “Bonfire”
By the way, there are two more Game Developers, there is Tatsumi Goto from TACG2, and Hajime Kamei from Mr.Ting.
I will share the information of all the three of them.
You will be able to learn from it, you will be able to achieve your goal!
Hello everyone, I am Tatsumi Goto from TACG2
Crazy Games, Crazy!
I love making fun games!
However, after graduating, I have been working as a Game Designer in a quiet workplace, and even as a freelancer.
We often heard about V1.0, V2.0, and V3.0.
But, Bonfire is not just about V3.0.
It is a new exciting game, and we will be able to make the most of the newness and fun in the Bonfire.
We haven’t even prepared a logo for it yet.
This is a brand new game, and we want the people to have fun again with the new game!
I will give you the information about the development progress for the game.
We appreciate all the support from everyone!!
Read the First Development Report on Reddit.
Hello everyone, here is the development progress for the last period.
First, I’d like to introduce you, the artist and the VR Developer, Hajime Kamei, who will be an official VR Developer of the game!
He is one of the game developer who has been working really hard on the game.


Features Key:

  • Create your own wallpapers with an epic scenery
  • Gorgeous digital high-quality visuals
  • Gameplay with a well designed soundtrack.
  • Buy amazing items like Negligee Clothes, accessories and other Negligee
  • Enchant your world with amazing Bonus Items like Witch Hat, make you world safe for hours.


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Bowmen is a 2D character based action strategy game developed by HEXED STUDIOS. We’re focused on the health and fun aspects of the game, and are leaving the endless gameplay depth and strategy of previous HEXED games out of the product to allow for a more concise experience.
The Bowmen are a team of elite-trained Elven archers who have been charged with a perilous task: to battle hellish demons in order to save the mortal realm from destruction. Archers are limited in the number of projectiles that they can carry, so this game is designed to be easy to learn yet challenging to master. The game will include a single player story campaign, along with Horde mode and Endless arena combat.
A single player story campaign, as well as multiplayer co-op sessions.
“Zombies” mode:
A death-match-style mode where you and up to 5 others battle to survive as long as possible against waves of increasingly numerous onslaughts of hellish minions.
“Nightmare” mode:
A hard difficulty mode that lets you continue playing after the other players have been wiped out.
A multiplayer-only horde mode. Up to 16 archers join together and try to destroy a “boss” at the end of each round.
Endless combat:
You can fight endless hordes of demonic minions against increasingly formidable opponents in one-on-one arena battles.
Key Features:
Over 300 unique elven archers to choose from.
A combo-focused melee combat system.
“Skill tree” system where each archer will have a progression of powers they can unlock as they level up.
2 player online co-op offline
Horde, up to 4 players, plus 1 CPU
Game of the Week, August 2013
Top 10 Best New Games, August 2013
Top 10 Best Free Games, August 2013
Game of the Year, February 2013
Best of 2013 Steam Awards
Expert Score: 8.6/10
Diablo 3

Tough Shooter is a fast-paced, 2D shoot-em-up that emphasizes fun over realism. Tough Shooter’s goal is to bring you a great gameplay experience while not over-complicating things. Tougher than most other games on the market, the player is rewarded with simple controls that


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* How to use sprite sheets for animation* Showcase of one of our game assets* Interactive scene editor with additional control sets and features* Scene setting to create powerful animations* Exports scene animations with easy to use tools* Works with all Unity game engines and plugins* Tutorial and demo projectWHAT CAN I DO WITH BIT ANIMATION EDITOR?Bit – Animation Editor gives you several powerful ways to create and compose a scene with animations. In the Asset Editor, you have all your assets under one window. Just go over them, select them and drag them to the Sprites area. It’s as easy as that! You can even set up Spriteset tiles so you can easily layer and animate assets of the same type. Are there any that are not visible?No, Bit – Animation Editor is a scene animation tool. Some have the odd attribute. You’ll be able to see all of them in the Scene Animations window. These are added as layers to create powerful sprite sheet animations. Add Layer A, B and C. Set a animation to A. Add C and set the animation to B. Create a transition animation with interpolation in between both animations.HOW ARE ASSETS FILTERED AND WHAT ARE THE RESULTS?Each asset can have its own settings. If you combine an asset that has no settings set, it will use all of them by default. Layers and transitions set up this way make strong symmetrical designs easy to design. You can also control transitions between sprites and even animation duration. Combine assets with special attribute set and use transition animations for a special look! Can you do any rotations?Yes, use the Rotations panel! Rotations move the asset’s positioning in the world along the y axis, z axis or around x axis. You can even interpolate in between your rotation speed!

CREATE ANIMATED AND PLAYABLE WORLDWith Bit – Animation Editor you can animate sprites and create playable worlds. A game project can have scenes with up to three assets and multiple animations for each scene. The Scene Animations Window allows you to create scenes with any number of assets and animations and includes tool to combine all animations in a nice transition.You can also use the Asset Editor to place assets into the scene and combine them to a playable scene! Every spritesheet image you import gets loaded into the scene and automatically imported as layers!The new Configurable Sprite Editor Panel allows you to change the visibility and positioning of layers and sprites. You can configure a row to include or exclude multiple sprites


What’s new:



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“My Inner Darkness Is A Hot Anime Girl! is an entertaining and relaxing RPG. It incorporates elements of a turn based action game as the player explores the world of the story. This game allows the player to take control of a very strong but dumb and clumsy looking protagonist. The player meets characters that train him how to survive and overcome the obstacles that show up in his path.” (Steam product description)

The protagonist of this game is a strong and confident but clumsy human being. He has the ability to take control of the world by his sword and can use it to find objects and solve puzzles. He’s also able to use his sword to slay his intrusive thoughts and bad memories. But, the more he defeats his intrusive thoughts, the more he gets trapped in the world of his bad memories, which is where the overwhelming ambiance comes in.

His inner darkness, Kard Sens, who likes her name, will keep playing mind tricks on him and it’s up to him to find the way out of his mind.
The game’s story is about a descendant of a legendary knight who goes to sleep and has a dream about a maid on a horse that talks to him. He’s taken on a journey to find his grandparents and the real maid’s home. Throughout the journey, he meets people who wish to help him, but he’s extremely reluctant to listen to them because he wants to face his own issues. He comes to terms with his dark thoughts with the help of his beloved maid, and they’re able to defeat some of his dark thoughts.

Features Include:
Story driven
Turn based gameplay
Unique 3D graphics and music
Draw your own weapon
Unique and inclusive art style
Explore a massive world with a robust story and 4-5 hours of gameplay
Discover a variety of weapons, each with its own set of abilities
A robust tactical combat system
Start off with a sword and gain new abilities as you progress
Build relationships with other characters
An addictive, enchanting and fun game

Release Date:

When there are things that scare you, nothing can protect you. When you find yourself in a situation where you can’t solve it on your own, you can lean on your friends. Looking for some people to check out this game, and add a bit of entertainment to your life? The release date for this game is July 24, 2019.

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How To Crack:

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  • Installing game itself
  • Setting up game & setting options

System Requirements:

We’ve made a few changes to our minimum hardware specifications to ensure you have a great experience on Steam:
Windows Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 7 64-bit or higher
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.2GHz or faster
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD R9 270 equivalent or better. For the best experience, we recommend the best hardware available from AMD and NVIDIA
Hard Drive: 13 GB free space
Storage: Minimum 8 GB available space for install
Recommended System Requirements


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